Alik Vetrof

Painter & art curatorial Alik Vetrof (1971)
Paint a picture from 1989, in the style of abstraction, post-impressionism, post-modernist.
Create abstract images in the style of Impressionism from 2004.
To develop the concept and translate into reality information projects for replication and increase the audience of spectators art projects.
Create work on a topic that interests me and worries.
The views expressed in the works of his own interpretation of the images.
For me it is important to touch the viewer, to turn it into the new art object, to think and to make to become a partner.
2009 creative association "ASA ART randevu"
Painting art projects:
"Alluring suspense" (1989), drawing, illustration books (1993-2008), Nude (1995-2014), "The City and the people... " (2007 ...), "I give you a bouquet of" (2008), "From Inspiration" (2008 ...), "Assya - Assya" (2009), "Marine Expression" (1995-2012), " Punjab. Do not open yourself to the world "(2008)," Dance with the rain of fire "(2009)," Dance 2008-09 "," People and the City and not only ... " (2007-12), "Stop frame" (2010 ...), "Ballet 2012 Ballet" (2011-13), "city communications - tunnels" 2011-14.
Art curatorial projects:
2005-11 Library-E-Literature
2007-10 Journal of Art "Art Gallery"
2010-13 "News Contemporary Art"
2014 "Public Gallery Odessa"

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