Alexa Maithe

I was born on 13 June 1993 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Since a young age, I developed a curiosity and dependency to transform emotions into diverse forms of art. After graduating "Discovery School of Tegucigalpa" I moved to Florence, Italy to continue my passion for Art and Design. In Florence, I culminated the career of "Interior and Product Design" at the "Accademia Italiana di Firenze," where I graduated in June 2015. After Florence, I moved to Berlin, Germany to continue studies in art and design. In Berlin, I interned at "The Adventures Of" for half a year as a 3D graphic designer and 2D assistan, additionally, I completed an art collective course at the BAI Institute of Berlin. Finally, I moved for some months to my birth country Honduras and finished a two-month freelance project designing a coworking space in the city center of Tegucigalpa. As an emerging artist and designer, I am in constant search for new projects and techniques that will add to my approach for art and design.

# interior designproduct design3d and graphic designphotographypainting and drawing.