Alessio Fangano

Alessio Fangano was born in sunny Sicily in 1979. Since an early age, he displayed interests in the applied arts. In 1997 he moved to Florence where he pursued a Master in Physics and freelanced as a Jewellery designer.
While there, he began to cook for his 4 house-mates and experiment in the kitchen.
In 2005 he moved to Bonn to continue his studies. Here, thanks to the support of his adventurous friends, he kept experimenting with even more audacious culinary creations.
On a cold January day of 2009, while in Paris following a workshop on Molecular Gastronomy, Alessio decided to open his food-blog "Recipe Taster". This is how his interest in Photography started blooming. From food-photography, he soon expanded his expertise to still-life and fine-art photography always experimenting with alternate ways to represent human-life.

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