Esc is a bottom, a metaphor to explain a concept: “After an Exit follows an Entrance. An Entrance in a World, which interests a sensitivity excentric ambient, where a human being passes all the time living”. I chose this Art Identity to let stand this action out: ditching/getting out of a virtual, an aseptic, an ordinary and a solitary panorama to probe/enter in a real/actual, a bright, a strong/coloured and a multiple Land-esc-ape”.

June 2016 Collaboration with filmaker Vincent Moon:

Mag2015/ Dic2016: FreelancePerformance 5/7 days 1st Rail Padua Station, Italy. It's shaped around a research about “Semiologie de la Musique”; prexicily it's a post-action hereafter own university thesis titled: “Corrispondence or not Corrispondence between Intention & Perception” disclosed to the Bachelor's Degrees attainment in D.A.M.S -Padua-Italy
Preferably, Esc performs in olympic swim wear dress-code playing pieces by piano. Panta Rei Towards a Brilliant Future.

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