Adam Popli

London based creative, trained in Digital Media Production. Currently looking for new opportunities in London and also abroad. Experienced in visual and immersive installations, curating and hosting exhibitions/events, directing and editing documentaries and performances.

Stephen Friedman Gallery – Gallery Invigilator and Intern 11th Feb – December 2016
I started my role at SFG as an invigilator and invited to become the six-month part time Intern. My roles include:
Invigilation, front of house, administration, research, art auctions, CV & bibliography and artist bio maintenance, website maintenance and personal aid to Stephen Friedman. I work closely with Directors and have developed my skills and knowledge of the high-end gallery world through tasks given to me.

Robbie Walters Studio Assistant April - October 2016
Studio assistant. Aid in development and organization for upcoming exhibitions. Maintenance of day-to-day studio running including ordering, representing RW studio, meeting clients, front of house & personal assistant to Robbie Walters.

Metro Imaging London – Internship and Exhibition 26th Nov – 18th December 2015
Bespoke printing, digital editing and scanning to gallery standard. Involved in inaugural exhibition at their new FOH gallery: ‘You Will End By Destroying The Earth’ an exhibition in line with COP21 the UN Summit on Climate Change.