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    Coco Huang  ♦  20 Feb 02:18
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    Jono Gooley  ♦  18 Feb 20:55

    Vertex Vortex is a colorful examination of the patterns and structures in nature that govern earth and life; the Platonic solids, the Fibonacci sequence and the torus. http://www.artconnect.com/projects/vertex-vortex

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    troy mighty  ♦  18 Feb 16:27
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    dannyhoutkamp  ♦  18 Feb 13:08

    Hello! We made a very colorful and eclectic music video using organic motion vectors that we're very proud of. Thank you!

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    Elke Foltz  ♦  16 Feb 20:29

    #open call #color
    Hi Art connect,
    This is my submission for weekly Staff pick, color! :)

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    Ladislas Chachignot  ♦  16 Feb 19:28

    Hello Artconnect, Here is my entry and contribution to this theme about colors:


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    Natasha McDowell  ♦  16 Feb 18:04
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    Artconnect  ♦  16 Feb 14:28

    # open call, colours - submission for weekly Staff Pick, thanks:


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    Julian Fahrenholz  ♦  16 Feb 14:18

    Do you miss a color in this digital collage? :-) http://www.artconnect.com/projects/zu-auf-close-open

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    Zhanna Dryha  ♦  16 Feb 13:12
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    HEXceramic  ♦  15 Feb 21:20

    Green fly. Not much to say but I do love this little ceramic dude. Not enough positive imagery of flys n art.

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    Jessica Holt  ♦  15 Feb 17:32

    Hi Artconnect,

    Thank you for creating this opportunity to engage with the art community. I am always looking for new inspiration. Here is my oil painting Speaking in Rainbows, I think it would be a perfect fit for the Staff Picks #coloredition


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    Helena Kauppila  ♦  15 Feb 17:10
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    Owen Normand  ♦  15 Feb 14:58

    Flowers know where it's at when it comes to colour. Enjoy!

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    Ana Rita Canhão  ♦  15 Feb 12:35
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    Patty Dimo  ♦  14 Feb 21:02
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    Patty Dimo  ♦  14 Feb 21:00
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    Gloria Ciceri  ♦  14 Feb 15:10

    What do you think about this super colorful Animation? ^.^

    Enjoy the Sun!!!


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    Jack Snow  ♦  14 Feb 14:10

    Hi there!
    Would love to submit two color projects to yuor current theme:
    Have a great day!

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Instagram Fashion! Turn to the left. Fashion! Turn to the right. Oooh, fashion! Surreal Futurism by @juliartet #fashion #collage #berlin #art #surreal #photography #color