I consider myself both an artist and a scholar. I cannot disentangle these two endeavors and I believe that my artistic and academic works complement and inspire each other. I am professor of psychology and researcher in psychology of creativity and multilingualism; my scholarship has appeared in a book, edited volumes, scientific journals, and encyclopedias. I have developed a new Bilingual Creative Education program that combines foreign language learning and creativity fostering techniques in a unified curricular approach. I am a published poet; my book of poetry has been published in Russian. I am a multimedia artist working at the borderline of visual art and poetry. I am a curator at the Leize Jenius collective (Berlin, Germany), which has curated a number of exhibitions in various geographic locations.


VIDEO https://vimeo.com/harhur
PHOTO https://www.flickr.com/tovyharhur/
SCIENCE https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Anatoliy_Kharkhurin https://hse-ru.academia.edu/AnatoliyKharkhurin
POETRY (in russian) http://poetry.harhur.com
ESSAY (in russian) http://syg.ma/@harhur/