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    • Lydia Lunch's Medusa's Bed

    • feat. Zahra Mani + Mia Zabelka Medusa’s Bed ist eine Melange aus Mia Zabelka’s avantgardistischem Violinspiel, Zahra Mani’s Ambient-Klangwelten und den düsteren Lauten keiner geringeren als Underground-Ikone Lydia Lunch. Das Projekt erinnert an eine Art Krimispiel oder hypnotisches late-night...
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    • Laura Hritcu

    • Profile

    • Laura Hritcu was born in Romania in 1991. Laura works in the medium of collage and photography. The artist has always been interested in arts since she was very young. In 2014, she started creating her first collages making use of images from magazines and experimenting extraordinary...
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    • Play Eat!

    • Play eat! by Entretempo Kitchen Gallery 19.11.2015- 05.02.2016 Vernissage November 19, 7pm Entretempo Kitchen Gallery is pleased to announce PLAY EAT!, an interactive exhibition in collaboration with Lynn Peemoeller, Lenara Verle, Philip Hausmeuer, Tuca Paoli, Inés Lechleitner and Thomas...
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    • Opening: CLOUDBUSTING

    • KN celebrates its birthday with the opening of our newest group exhibition, Cloubusting. Inspired by a cloud machine created by artist Karolina Sobecka, Cloudbusting investigates clouds as both physical and metaphorical objects. Cloudbusting features 12 artists, musicians, filmmakers, and...
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    • Szymon Kobylarz | Fibonacci Chaos

    • Event by ZAK BRANICKA

    • ŻAK | BRANICKA is proud to present Fibonacci Chaos, the third solo show at the gallery by artist Szymon Kobylarz (b. 1981, PL). Szymon Kobylarz is an artist who likes to draw from the methods and accomplishments of science. He is not interested, however, in what science has proven and...
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    • Submit your Music Videos!

    • Opportunity by BERLIN MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS

    • Everybody has a chance to win! The first of 3 Deadlines for submissions this year is just around the corner. You can find more info about the deadlines on our website: http://www.berlinmva.com/main/how-to-submit/ Why should you send your entry earlier? 1. We will have more time to...
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    • Geometric

    • Project by Davide Tremolada

    • A serie of experiments, bringing together nature, mankind, awareness, technology, math and dreamstates. These surreal images embed different layers of perception and lecture, open to different interpretations.
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    • Enqelab Street

    • Event by ZK/U

    • “Enqelab Street” is the first exhibition of series Urban Hegemony project initiated by Studio for Contemporary Creation. Urban Hegemony project is about the rapid urban changes in cities of Iran and the socio-political implications of these transformations. Urban Hegemony project addresses the...
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    • Project by RENEGADE SCREEN

    • `THE HUMAN MIRROR´ Contemporary Portraits TO OBSERVE - TO RECORD and TO DOCUMENT - IS TO SEE ONESELF Myriam Abdelaziz - Lisbeth Johansen - Jouko Lehtolo - Kevin Broadbery - Sylvia Berton Jacob Aue Sobol - Gina Zacharias - Andre Lutzen - Kimme Persson - Joseph Rodriguez
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    • Studio Space in Brilliant Neukölln Community!

    • Space by Kathryn Gohmert

    • Looking for someone to take over my working space in a conveniently located creative center in Neukolln starting 1 Dec. Join a brilliant community at ENKLAVE with 15 other artists working nearby for only 200 euro a month - all inclusive [wifi, electricity, water, gas]. The space has high...
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    • Call for Membership

    • Opportunity by Space for Art in Context

    • We are KN: an international group of artists, designers, photographers, writers, dancers, and curators. We are currently seeking new members to join our eclectic collective and to share our beautiful gallery and work space in the heart of Kreuzberg. We support each other with a constant flow of...
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    • Tyger Tyger

    • Event by Janine Bean

    • "Lori Field crafts exquisite and wondrous worlds, dreamy yet unsettling, floating somewhere between Alice's looking glass and the Brothers Grimm's darkest forest. Here, part-creature, part-humans, nearly all tattooed, coexist among flowers, baubles, butterflies, and lace. Whether they are...
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    • Abendoned by cupid

    • Project by Patrick Henne

    • "Abandoned by cupid" 70x50cm Oil & Acrylic on canvas 2015 This work is based on an unfinished painting by the amazing painter Jacques-Louis David from 1795, called "Psyche". For me David is one of the best painters of this period, my works "You will fail" and "Blue Princess" are also based...

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