• Staff Picks #Party

    Put your fanny pack on your shoulder and glitter on your face, it's time to dance! The party is not finish yet, get yourself in the mood with our #Party staff picks selection.
  • The Life of a Jazz Legend and Auschwitz Survivor

    Berlin, 1950. This city’s most famous wall is still a decade away from existing, but the opposing sides of the Cold War are manning their ideological positions and settling in for a standoff.

    While covering the TOA Berlin I had the chance to catch up with @themostfamousartist, for those unfamiliar with his work he is 3 times startup founder turned artist.
  • Leighton Kelly at Athen B. Gallery

    Artists Statement - To create a statement as an artist has always been a difficult task for me. I am of two minds on the whole concept of what defines “Art" or who an “Artist" is.
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    • Staff Picks #Mirrors

    • Opportunity by Artconnect

    • Submit your artworks for our weekly Staff Picks. Six to twelve projects will be featured on our blog under a different theme every week. The blog post will be also featured on the network, newsletter and shared on our social media. THEME MIRRORS Mirror mirror on the wall who is the most...
  • #Instalove – a collective play about love

    Have you found the one? What pisses you off the most? Do you like what you see? Why did you break up your previous relationship? If you are ready to answer those questions - or even better, if you are curious to see what others answer under the spotlight, this is the right piece for you.
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    • Megan J. Archer, solo show

    • Event by Megan Archer

    • Megan J. Archer Solo show Green Hill Gallery Grünberger Str, 13, Berlin 14 – 30.07.2017 Opening : 14.07.2017 at 7pm Green Hill Gallery is glad to invite you to the opening of the first solo show of Megan J. Archer happening on the 14th of July 2017. Megan J. Archer (1988, NZL) is a...
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    • #Instalove

    • Remaining Dates: 13, 14 + 15 July, 8pm Is this love? Is this weakness? Hope or desperation? Why do we do it? Again and again. Let’s try it together. You and me. Tonight. Tonight will be our story. The story of how we met, how it was magical and easy, how we laughed. Your eyes, your smell,...
  • Merging the Unexpected with Megan Archer

    Megan Archer’s bedroom floor is a patchwork of landscapes, body parts, animals and flesh - pieces of paper soon to become pieces of art. She’s working on several collages at the same time. Moving the cutouts around. On what backdrop should this hand be placed? Are the parrots better with the bananas - or without? What looks right?
  • Staff Picks #People

    People, magical individual beings - we are all different and we have the ability to surprise each other beyond believe. Be inspired, amused, fall in love or repulsed by the people in these images.
  • “Extra Ordinary” By Mark Rammers

    On a daily basis we visit numerous places and take them for granted, acknowledging their existence yet failing to pay attention to the beauty they behold. ‘Extra Ordinary’ brings the viewer to these places and invites people to stop and stare, to come closer and to take in the structures they easily overlook. It encourages us to marvel at the world, ask questions about how it’s being created and what influence it truly has on our daily existence.

    Fernando Carpaneda is an underground punk artist. He works with clay sculptures and paintings. His main theme is always the human being. His sculptures and paintings capture subjects that reflect the extraordinary side of the human element. Homeless people, punk rockers, pop stars, unknown artists and outcasts are recreated to the minutest detail in his sculptures and paintings.

    Ukrainian chef Dinary Kasko has baked her pastry cakes in an unusual way after using 3-D printing technology. The inconceivable possibility has become true after Kasko revealed never seen before recipes on her website. Moulds made of food-grade silicone and collapsible plastic frames help maintain the form and shape on both the outside and inside of the cakes. Kasko’s artistic style is as much mouth-watering as it is eye-catching!
  • A Cult Filmmaker’s Radical Reputation: Bruce LaBruce on the power of provocation

    Bruce LaBruce smiles as he describes a screening of his first traditionally pornographic film: “When I showed Skin Flick in Toronto, a Jewish advocacy group called the police. The police came to the screening and they actually sat through it. It was the softcore version, but still pretty hard.

    Zeren Badar is hugely influenced by Dada and Neo-dada. In this photography project, he explores a peculiar combination of photography, painting & collage, by creating 3-dimensional collages from found objects and old paintings.
  • How TAPE OVER Created The World’s Largest Portable Tape Artwork

    When brainstorming motives, a key objective was that the topic of skin – which dermatology is all about – appears in the artwork. No problem for TAPE OVER, who interpreted the theme with two artworks. The one on the right depicts different layers of skin in an abstract interpretation.
  • William H. Thielen

    William H. Thielen was born March 18, 1954 in Pierre, South Dakota, where he grew up. He did his undergraduate studies in painting at Northern State University, Aberdeen, South Dakota where he received a B.S. in Art Education Comprehensive (Painting with minors in Fibers and Sculpture) in 1977. At that time he realized that in making his art he wanted a broader base from which to draw. Therefore, he enrolled in graduate school under M. Joan Lintault at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. He received his M.F.A. in fibers in 1980.
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    • Opportunity by Artconnect

    • Submit your artworks for our weekly Staff Picks. Six to twelve projects will be featured on our blog under a different theme every week. The blog post will be also featured on the network, newsletter and shared on our social media. THEME - #PARTY Bring out the 🍾 ! It's time to party! This...
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    • Miss Read: The Berlin Art Book Fair 2017

    • Event by MISS READ

    • Opening Hours: Friday, July 14th from 5–9 pm Saturday, July 15th from 12–7 pm Sunday, July 16th from 12–7 pm Opening Party @ Haus der Kulturen der Welt Friday, July 14th, 9pm till late The Berlin art book fair MISS READ will take place between 14–16 July at HAUS DER KULTUREN DER...

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