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    • The RPS International Photography Exhibition 160

    • Opportunity by Amelia Christmas

    • The RPS is calling for entries of engaging, visually striking and inspiring work across all genres for the International Photography Exhibition (IPE) 160. This year marks the 160th edition of the IPE, making it the longest running photographic exhibition of its kind in the world. Each year it...
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    • London Pop Up Art Fair

    • Opportunity by Sunny Art Centre

    • The London Pop Up Art Fair is hosted by Sunny Art Centre in the heart of the city London. This art fair is intended to be a launch pad for the very best young and emerging artists from across the UK and the world. You will be able to immerse yourself in a place filled with many different...
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    • 1997 „Società“

    • Project by Paolo Moretto

    • photo print on canvas complete installation 220 x 160 cm, total 25 canvases of 28 x 38 cm Ein::machen – IT= fare un:: EN= make a:: Einmachen – IT= conservare EN= conserve Gut… gehen wir jetzt in den Bereich der Imagination! Es kann sehr lustig werden, darüber nachzudenken, was es...
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    • Urbanscapes

    • Aesthetic attempt to unveil the city itself. Buildings, streets and humans were the subjects i’ve mostly focused on. The pics were either taken in CBD and suburbs too, following the signs of an exotic and savage nature. By wandering around, i perceived a vivid and raw materiality made of leaves...
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    • Project by Marie Weikopf

    • I landed at night, but when I woke up I immediately recognized that the light in South Africa was different. Special. There is a clarity and warmth in it I hadn´t seen before...
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    • Zero One

    • Project by Ruyin Tsai

    • 3 pieces of my works shown in Novelty Fun Pack a tiny art show Pratt Studios Gallery February 26th – March 6th 2017 A hidden poem of an imaginary modern day of life, separated in three forms and referring to different subjective perceptions of time. You wake up with sunshine or not....
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    • Art therapy

    • Project by LEA MORICHON

    • Stephanie Petit is a deeply talented Art Therapist, based in Rennes (France). She works mainly with disabled persons. The concept was to play with color to build her identity. We would create a warm atmosphere for her workspace with a selection of colored posters, and create simultaneously a...
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    • Project by LEA MORICHON

    • Built by Samuel Beaupain and Laëtitia Guittard, Edifice is an energetic and a very dynamic press agency based in Paris. They specialize in corporate and financial communication.
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    • Exhibition #10: Dark Technology Dark Web

    • EXHIBITION #10: DARK TECHNOLOGY DARK WEB http://spektrumberlin.de/events/detail/exhibition-10-dark-technology-dark-web.html • Friday (day-ticket 7-12euro up to your offer) 18:00 | Exhibition Opening 21:00 | Media-performance by Joana Chicau 21:30 | AV-performance by Svonica H7H •...
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    • Night Sweats Comedy #83 - 420 Special

    • Event by santiagoangel10

    • https://www.facebook.com/events/1224269311027522/ Berlin's most anarchic comedy open mic. Watch as a mix of newer comedians try comedy for the first time and professionals polish up older bits and try out new material! You never know what to expect at Night Sweats but you know for sure you...
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    • Event by ACUD MACHT NEU

    • The early 1980s saw an explosion in alternative moving image production connected to the post-punk and industrial music scenes. At a time when the commercial music video industry was just beginning to gather pace, independent labels began to emerge, stridently bypassing censorship and issuing...
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    • F/W SUPER SALE with designer bakeoff

    • Event by AA Collected

    • It's that time of the season again! A HUGE selection of products will be marked down at AA- during our Fall/Winter Super Sale, including pieces by in-house designers Mies Nobis, HOWL by Maria Glück, and Blank Etiquette. Shake off that early spring chill by trying on those fabulous pieces you've...
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    • Birth Rites Collection Biennial Competition for New Works

    • Opportunity by YIYI WANG

    • Submissions for our Birth Rites Collection Bi-annual award are now open! The Birth Rites Collection is the first and only collection of contemporary artwork dedicated to the subject of childbirth. The aim of the collection is to encourage debate and increase awareness around childbirth...
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    • West Bund X - Call for VI Design

    • Opportunity by West Bund

    • West Bund is an ambitious urban branding and development project initiated by Shanghai’s Xuhui District government. It seeks to bring together domestic and foreign pioneers in the fields of culture, art, media, fashion, design, and innovative finance to create a unique and vibrant world-class...
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    • Assistenz Studio Management (m/f)

    • Opportunity by Studio Chérie PRODUCTION

    • Ab den 1. May 2017 10 bis 20 Stunde /Woche (meistens Abends und Wochenende) Als Assistenz unterstützt Du unsere Management Team bei allen Aufgaben, die tagtäglich anfallen. Du hast bei den komplexesten Projekten und Details immer den Überblick und lässt Dich auch nicht aus der Ruhe bringen?...
  • 67th Berlinale Edition: Berlinale Talents

    In honour of the 67th annual edition of the Berlin International Film Festival, one of the leading movie festivals in the world, Artconnect had the opportunity to attend two speeches part of the “Berlinale Talents” programme.

    Artconnect is happy to present its first collaboration post with ArtMaze mag, a special interview with french-italian artist Juliette Mahieux Bartoli just for you.

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