David Mrugala is a German architect, educator and professional, currently living in Seoul, Korea. In general David works across and utilizes different types of media in relation to architecture and urban design.
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    • Nomads

    • Event by Studio Baustelle

    • short description: In the context of Berlin, a city where many live from one short-term lease to the next, Baustelle presents an absurdist arrangement of all the physical possessions of one Berlin resident with discussions of what our possessions mean to us and how they define our space and...
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    • "Feelings don't last forever"

    • Event by Soft Within

    • opening night: 7:00 pm /26th May 2017 Auguststraße 35, Berlin SOFT WITHIN gives the opportunity to emerging artists and curators to experiment, gain knowledge and share ideas. Through a series of exhibition opportunities and workshops SOFT WITHIN aims to highlight issues of social...
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    • Writers needed for Art Magazine

    • Opportunity by Samizdat Online

    • Looking for writers and collaborators to contribute with text pieces, reviews, essays, interviews to our art magazine. The lingua franca of Samizdat is English. We encourage all writers to use English in the original version of their writing. Visual Kontakt is based in Transylvania, Romania and...
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    • 3d artist wanted!

    • Opportunity by Marco Bagni

    • hey! I'm a motion designer / art director working on different things like 2d/3d/infographics/explainers.... I'm looking for a talented berlin-based 3d artist to join me and a small team: we'll have to create a series of motion graphics videos from now until December, the topic is super exiting...
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    • Labyrinth of Lies

    • Event by Sven Sauer

    • Labyrinth of Lies zeigt die Kami-Werke des Berliner Künstler Sven Sauers in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Londoner Künstler-Duos The Conner-Brothers. Die Ausstellungsräumlichkeiten werden mit 400 Regenschirme in eine Raumfüllenden Installation, durch die sich der Besucher bewegt. Die...
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    • Do Not Enter The Exhibition!

    • Event by LA_54

    • The LA 54 art association continues to be determined to put the disused buildings that make up Landsberger Allee 54 to good and meaningful use. To this effect, we are now preparing an exhibition/intervention/action in front of the building to highlight the absurd difficulties that we have had to...
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    • Staff Picks #Illustrations

    • Opportunity by Artconnect

    • Submit your artworks for our weekly Staff Picks. Six to twelve projects will be featured on our blog under a different theme every week. The blog post will be also featured on the network, newsletter and shared on our social media. THEME ILLUSTRATION Get your pencils out, this week we want...
  • Staff Picks #Water

  • Meet… Colectivo Licuado

    Licuado isn’t only the Spanish term for Smoothie or Milkshake. It is also the name that Florencia and Camilo gave to their graffiti collective. Why? You’ll have to read to find out! Meet Colectivo Licuado, live from Montevideo, Uruguay!

    Wednesday Kim was born in Korea, immigrated to America in her early teens. She is a multimedia artist whose work is in the medium of video, performance, installation, and sculpture.
  • Promoting with Purpose

    There’s a new collective in town, and this one is doing things a little differently. Promoting gigs, shooting live videos, running interviews – all with a twist.
  • Portraits Of Earths Surface By Cody Cobb

    These images were captured during an aimless and solitary drive through the American West. Some of these photos reflect my ongoing pursuit to capture portraits of the Earth's surface, free from the interference of humans while the others feature a collision of the two.
  • Discover Hillaree Hamblin

    Hillaree Hamblin is a fine artist and arts educator living and working in Houston, Texas.
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    • Available Artist studio in Paris for itinerancy work

    • Space by Cecilia Andrews

    • I am a visual artist and work and live in Paris. I would like to share with you our project of a "temporary art studio" to foreign artists wishing to spend time in Paris to carry out a personal project or who simply want to continue working while visiting and discovering the cultural life of...

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