• A Common Language for Teenage Refugees

    The music production workshop that's building futures How do you bring together teens from countries all over the world? Perhaps, with music. Music Unite, a music production workshop for unaccompanied teenage refugees living in Berlin, is doing just that.
  • Spotlight on Charlotte Keates

    Since leaving Falmouth University with her BA First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art, she has exhibited extensively throughout the UK as well as AAF Stockholm in 2016.
  • “Robin Rescue”, a Street Art Project With Heart

    Together with our artist Smile and the Municipality of Seixal, in Portugal, we had the chance to get to know “Robin Rescue”. Not only did we meet him, but we watched him grow step by step.

    Sébastien Notre is a young french artist, ex Central St Martins student and actually based in Milan. Sébastien does paintings, collages and sculptures. You can identify a signature style through his productions. His unique style is clearly reflected in his works.
  • Alba Giertz finds magic and healing in the natural environment

    Her work is deeply related to her own journey through the storms of life, acting as a tool for emotional release and a means of finding substance in a world that can seem empty and vapid.
  • Rearranging Reality: Britta Thie on media, satire, and reinventing the everyday

    “I actually feel like I’m getting more camera shy now,” Britta Thie tells us.

    Tubs is a Chicago street artist whose densely packed hand lettering creates distinct and energetic patterns in works ranging from mid-sized canvases to monumental murals. Beyond his public works and commissions, he has been exhibited locally at Galerie F. Read on to hear about his early influences, his experiences in the Chicago street art scene, and his advice on building a successful creative career.
  • “Don’t Quote Deleuze”: How to Write a Good Artist Statement

    Writing about art is hard. Writing about art that you made can be even harder. We hear artists say, “If I knew how to describe my work in words, I’d be a writer, not an artist.” While this may be true, what’s “truer” is the fact that at some point, you as an artist will be asked to write an artist statement—and whether or not it is good, will matter. So, what makes an artist statement “good”? Whether you're applying for a residency or grant, or you just want to perfect your elevator pitch, here are a handful of things not to include in your artist statement, plus a few tips to make the process a little less excruciating.

    #AnInterview – EROTIC is an ongoing project by artist Giovani Ngnoatto. The body is a constant companion in the various aspects of life, the path to joy, pleasure, sadness and pain. Not just a package, but the wrapping of the soul. It is erotic, it is spiritual and it is beauty. The nude has always been used in an artistic way with the aim of exposing this beauty, from Ancient Greece to modern times, where it became part of the popular expression.
  • Living From Your Art: The Pains And Gains Of Setting Up Your Own Business

    As a start-up, we know how hard it is to set up your own business and keep it running. We also know that it can be extremely rewarding and that it’s definitely worth all the efforts, money and time. While some of our artists cannot (yet) make a living out of their art, others managed to start their own business and live from it. We had an inspiring chat with two of them, trying to understand the key of their success. Whether you’re an artist looking for independence or anyone else interested in understanding the art world a little bit better, you might be grateful for the experience sharing by Mr. Milk and Innerfields.
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    • Staff Picks #TYPOGRAPHY

    • Opportunity by Artconnect

    • Submit your artworks for our weekly Staff Picks. Six to twelve projects will be featured on our blog under a different theme every week. The blog post will be also featured on the network, newsletter and shared on our social media. THEME TYPOGRAPHY It's all about the letters bby! Show us...
  • What’s going on in Bangkok? Museums and perspectives.

    Bangkok is the lively creative and cultural capital of the colorful Thailand. But does the art and museum scene of the town actually reflect the colorfulness of its country?
  • Staff Picks #About Light

    What would art be without light? Not much! Light has the ability to change a scene completely and set the tone for the whole artwork. Well, no need to turn the lights on today - these artists have done it for you!
  • Spotlight on Laura Adams

    Laura Adams’ process is deeply rooted in observation. It starts at the initial point of inspiration, where she is struck by the way in which a ray of light dramatically cuts across a section of wallpaper, the undulating curves of a headboard, or the ornate patterns of a British textile designer.

    Lauralee Benjamin is a NYC based illustrator and painter. She always has been interested in the ways women harness and express their sexuality. In her work, Lauralee explores the connections between sex, love, lust, pain, revenge and control, based on her own experiences. She uses images appropriated from pornography to hijack the patriarchal sentiments and flip them into feminist narratives.
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    • Open Call: Dark Habitats Dark Ecology

    • Human societies are based on the exploitation of resources. It has always been that way and there is no realistic way around. Within our generation it seems that humanity is reaching a point where the planet might be running out of essential resources that feed us all and let us live the life we...
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    • Binarium

    • Project by Bryce Willem

    • “No Bryce, plants don’t grow out of the ground; they grow into the air.” — Dr. Rudolf Becking (grandfather) All form and abstraction in this body of work is the result of physical gestures, movements, and performances (no Photoshop). Using a flatbed scanner, I choreograph each plant by hand...
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    • Aufgang A

    • Project by Sylvia Rybak

    • An entrance to a senior’s home in Kreuzberg appears abandoned, where only the sound of water dripping into a pond interrupts the immense silence. All is submerged in a thin layer of flora. The garden seems like an oasis hidden within the concrete buildings on Berlin. The area is covered with toys...
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    • Call for submissions for 2017 International Photo Biennale (China)

    • Opportunity by Isabel Gu

    • 2017 Songzhuang International Photo Biennale is now accepting submissions for the international call for photo artists/photographers themed “Live in This Moment, Return to the Origin.” If you are an art organization interested in participate in our Songzhuang photo biennale please visit our...

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