• You love the First of May!

    Artconnect Berlin - First of May 2015 - Photos by Artconnect Berlin - 3
    You love the first of May because you love feeling great vibes. You love the first of may because you love colours. You love the first of May because you love feeling carefree. You love the first of May because you love being around Kotti and Görli. You love the first of May because you... Read more »
  • Spotlight on Torsten Schumann

    Artconnect Berlin - Spotlight - Torsten Schumann - Toward the Nature - 2009 - Copyright Torsten Schumann
    Interaction and communication. These are the most significant words Torsten Schumann associates with photography. We had the chance to meet him and the gallerist Eric Pawlitzky at the gallery Alles Mögliche, where we talked about photography, life and reality. It has been a great pleasure and I’m glad to share it with you. What is reality? How do we think we perceive it... Read more »
  • Staff Picks! #Collage Edition

    Artconnect Berlin - Staff Picks! #Collage Edition - Floating - Copyright Jorge Chamorro
    In the earlier years, the most divine collage artworks were already manufactured by artist like Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and Juan Gris. But this week’s Staff Picks! #Collage Edition will show you that collage art is still generating! So get yourself ready for an assemble of different forms, which together will form a new entity!  Floating by Jorge... Read more »
  • Review on Pictoplasma Exhibition 2015

    Pay attention because something very exciting is happening! You know that Pictoplasma Berlin Festival 2015 started yesterday? Well Artconnect Berlin managed to get an exclusive sneak peak at their exhibition at Silent Green, before it was open to the public. We also got to talk to two of the exhibiting artists, Yomsnil and Lucas Zanotto. Find... Read more »

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