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    • Beautiful Office / Co-working space in Kreuzberg

    • Space by Atheist Shoes

    • Office / Shop / Deskspace available to sublet (short or long-term) in the IMA, near Moritzplatz. €1500/month for the full space, €240/month for a desk We have a beautiful space to rent out, in the middle of the vibrant IMA, in Kreuzberg. The IMA is home to an exciting variety of small,...
  • Haus der Kulturen der Welt – The House of World Cultures

    Artconnect - HKW - The Anthroprocene Project - Copyright Sebastian Bolesch
    What kind of a future do we want to live in? How do our respective living conditions impinge upon each other? Haus der Kulturen der Welt stands as a reference point to discover and discuss answers and possibilities through contemporary arts and culture and that’s why we want to introduce the HKW and its program to you. A cosmopolitan... Read more »
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    • Verfremdet=neu erfunden

    • Event by HilbertRaum

    • Next to his virtuous big sisters Figuration and Documentation, and with a hand in the pocket of his sincere older brother Abstraction, stands the cheeky little brat Distortion, already planning his next mischief. He is usually late for family gatherings, never getting the attention he feels he...
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    • Pole Position

    • Ready. Set. Go! Parallel zur „Berlin Art Week“ zeigt die Ausstellung „Pole Position“ neue Arbeiten von fünf aufstrebende Künstlern mit starken individuellen Positionen. Die Künstler stehen auf der „Pole Position“, bereit, die Herzen der Kunstfreunde zu erobern… // Stefanie Hohmer arbeitet...
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    • Event Venue

    • Spacious venue to rent, centrally located in Berlin Mitte. Accommodates up to 200 people. Perfect for PR events, shooting location, showroom, pop-up stores, art exhibitions, corporate functions, lectures, temporary work space / workout space, mini food market, birthday parties, meetings /...
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    • Opportunity by Fy

    • PRODUCTION AND CONTENT INTERN ABOUT US Fy is building the end-to-end mobile marketplace for lifestyle brands. We have one mission: to build the the most addictive, visual and seamless mobile shopping experience - from app to delivery. This is a three month, paid internship working within...
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    • USBéton the USB stick made out of concrete

    • Project by USBéton

    • USBéton: the USB stick made out of concrete Born from a collaboration between the french designer François-Xavier Loucheur and the german craftsman Michael Villanueva, the USBéton is the creation of the studio KIXBERLIN. The USBéton is available in 3 models S, M, L with a capacity of 4, 8...
  • Studio Visit @ Patrick Henne

    Artconnect - Studio Visit -  Patrick Henne - Photo by Catalina Pérez López-6
    We visited Patrick Henne and he is truly one of those artists whose paintings stay on your mind. The mix between dark old master’s style, pop culture and flashy bright colors is worth it to take a closer look. That’s why photographer Catalina Pérez López visited him in his studio to not only document his creative environment... Read more »
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    • Vernissage FAKSIMILE I - Fotografien von Ludwig Rauch

    • Event by kunstundhelden

    • „Faksimile I“ zeigt neue Fotografien von Ludwig Rauch (*1960). Die Werkserie reflektiert grundsätzliche Fragen des Mediums Fotografie, etwa das Verhältnis von Naturwirklichkeit und Reproduktion, Kopie und Original, Komposition und Abbild.

 Nach über 30 Jahren, in denen Ludwig Rauch als...
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    • Event by Various & Gould

    • CityLeaks @ 30works Galerie in Köln Vernissage: 04. September 2015, 19:00 Uhr Goodbye Summer, Hello CityLeaks! Zum Auftakt des dritten CityLeaks-Festivals präsentiert 30works in einer Sonderausstellung ein illustres Line-up der internationalen Street Art-Szene. Und so wartet CityLeaks @...
  • Spotlight on TAPE OVER

    Artconnect - Spotlight on TapeOver. Photo by Catalina Pérez López - 16
    When Robert met Lamia in 2011, he joined her in the artistic pursuit of turning any ordinary surfaces into magnificent tape artworks. The material that most of us consider as nothing more than a tool to stick things together has inspired the creative duo behind TAPE OVER to make the world a more colourful place. Come and... Read more »
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    • Lena Voutta

    • Profile

    • Lena Voutta is a berlin based freelance designer, working in fashion design, print design and knit design. Her expertise covers conceptional thinking, materials, textile surfaces, pattern construction as well as print design and illustration.
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    • Call for artists

    • Opportunity by Riot Art

    • There's a new art gallery in town! Riot Art is looking for artists. Whether you're a photographer, painter, performer or sculptor, we are looking for cool emerging artists to feature on our online gallery. Check out our website and send us a message at hello@riotart.co if you (or someone...
  • Spotlight on Meteoro

    Artconnect - Spotlight on Meteoro
    Mariana Camberos a.k.a. Meteoro is an artist that like to engage with a variety of art styles, from design and fashion to street art and painting. Learn more about her and her unique style full of color in this Spotlight! On your website you say that you are travelling a lot. How does it affect... Read more »
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    • Opportunity by Ouroboros

    • We're looking for a guy who could pass as 16-20 year old "normal" suburban teenage boy. Therefore no visible tattoos/piercings that can't be hidden. Will require very minimal acting, so models or people with little experience welcome. New beautiful ethereal song by British band Shelter...
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    • The Future of Fashion Design in Germany

    • Event by Elizabeth Delfs

    • Panel Discussion The Berlin shopping club brands4friends and ESMOD Berlin host a round table discussion on the topic of the future of fashion in Germany. Germany has so much potential. Many well educated, talented and committed designers complete their fashion education every year, but then...

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