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    • Creative cooperation

    • For an ambitious international film project to be shot in Berlin in the beginning of 2016, we are looking for some talented crew members in the following departments: production (assistance), set design, make-up, sound (recording and mixing), editing and marketing. We plan to go with this project...
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    • The second edition of the EMERGING ARTISTS series with lots of great pieces from Berlin-based artists. Opening: Nov. 20th, 6-9 pm Artists: Megan Archer, Ayça Ceylan, Annique Delphine, Nadia Petkovic, Marina Roca Die, Doménico C.V. Talarico, Kristopher Thomas Exhibition opening...
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    • INSTINCTS w/ Valentin Tszin performance in ACUD theatre

    • Event by Butoh

    • INSTINCTS. Primitive, crude, unrefined. Between and beyond life, pleasure, and death principles. Instincts that need to be released, expressed and defused. Performing is the medium for all impulses to manifest and materialise. Follow the structure of expanding forms and practices through all...
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    • Festival: Marx' Gespenster – Spectres of Marx

    • When so-called real socialism collapsed, Marx’ analyses were declared to be washed up and some spoke of finally reaching the end of history, of the victory of the market and democracy. But in 1993 the French philosopher Jacques Derrida reminded us that the spectre of Marx would not dissipate so...
  • Eyes on Pola Brändle

    Pola Brändle has travelled the world to pursue her passion for photographing posterwalls and exploring the art of collage – natural and handmade. Photographer Catalina Pérez López has visited the artist in her studio. Pola transforms poster with original advertisements, influenced by wind and weather, dripping rain, fading sunlight or human vandalism into something special, something unique. Usually the materials originate from the […]
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    • Finsternis

    • Event by GEDOK Berlin

    • Finsternis 6.11.2015 – 23.1.2016 Kuratorin: Sarah Frost Eröffnung 5.11.2015, 19 Uhr Katharina Albers • Christine Bachmann • Silke Bachmann • Evelyn Bauer • Jeanette Chavez • Birgit Clausnitzer • Rosa Dames • Inge Denker • Susan Donath • Tamara Ebert • Burghild Eichheim • Ellen...
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    • 木 Ki >>> Contemplation in flight

    • 木 Ki Contemplation in flight Black and white photography by Ishka Michocka Vernissage: Tuesday, 3. November 2015, 7-11pm, the Artist is present Exhibition: 3. - 29. November 2015 Open: Tuesday - Saturday 2-8pm and by appointment Limited edition: Six silver gelatin prints in two sizes,...
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    • Vogelsang

    • Project by Simone Marchetti

    • Shadowed by fear, consumed by guilt, somewhere in the contradiction of nowhere lies a forgotten city so secret only darkness and light know it’s there. A whole city without a soul. Curtains flutter nonchalantly through broken windows, backs turned on barren rooms and hollow corridors, while...
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    • HYPERSUITES feat. David Krakauer (NYC) and Murat Coskun

    • Event by Damian Marhulets

    • HYPERSUITES - zwischen Barock und Postmoderne: Das aktuelle Projekt von Marina Baranova basiert auf faszinierender Musik der Barockzeit – Originalwerke von Jean-Philippe Rameau, Georg Friedrich Händel, François Couperin und anderen bieten eine Grundlage für brillante Improvisationen und...
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    • Event by Melt Booking

    • Melt! Booking, Electronic Beats, ByteFM und GROOVE-Magazin präsentieren: DAVID AUGUST & ENSEMBLE - PROLOG 18.10.15 Frankfurt, Mousonturm 20.10.15 Stuttgart, Liederhalle (Mozartsaal) 23.10.15 Köln, Kulturkirche 25.10.15 Hamburg, Kampnagel K6 07.11.15 Berlin, Volksbühne Mit gerade...
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    • Rhye - Lido - Berlin

    • Event by Melt Booking

    • Melt! Booking, Vevo und Last.fm präsentieren: Rhye 07.11. Berlin, Lido Berlin Tickets: http://bit.ly/1DpLpoj Rhye - das sind der kanadische Produzent Mike Milosh und der Däne Robin Braun. Beide trafen sich in den kreativen Metropolen dieser Welt und stellten fest, dass sie die Vorliebe...
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    • Temporary Showroom is looking for interns

    • Opportunity by Temporary Showroom

    • The field of activities will range from customer service to press/PR work and sponsoring. -showroom presentation -online shop management & tracking -maintaining our database -creative work in flyer and newsletters presentation -organization of events -assisting PR consultants in daily...
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    • Cinemagraphs! New medium for photographers and videographers

    • Opportunity by lysamstag

    • We (the co-founders of gallereplay.com) are looking for cinemagraphers around the world who want to join our team of content creators. We recently launched our website, through which clients can license cinemagraphs or request custom content. We've secured early stage funding for the platform and...
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    • Coworking spaces 100€/Month

    • Opportunity by Renata

    • For artists, freelancers and people needing fresh air to work (out of home!) for a fair price and with nice community. We are an independent collective art atelier made by and for artists/public with children, since 2012. Not everybody working here has a child ;-) We have a Café open to the...
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    • Matthew Plummer-Fernandez – Hard Copy

    • Event by NOME

    • With Hard Copy, NOME presents Matthew Plummer-Fernandez’s first solo exhibition. The show challenges familiar notions of copyright and questions the point at which an original copyright ends and where a newfound ‘copyleft’ freedom might begin. Plummer-Fernandez shows a series of new...
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    • Writers Room at Takt

    • Event by TaktBerlin

    • Sharpen your pencils, plug in your laptops. Takt Writers Room is a space for 2 hours silent writing/typing. Created to support and bring together Berlin’s writers community who otherwise are house-bound or sitting alone in noisy cafes. No wifi, no meaningless small talk. Just four walls and a...
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    • Open Call For Ideas

    • Now it's your turn to show us how you are changing the creative world. For our next edition we want to hear what you have to say. Tell us about your great ideas and why they matter. Give us the chance to shine light onto you and give your work the visibility it deserves. You have until...

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