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    • Landscape - Metropolis Exhibition

    • This large-scale exhibition of Finnish Environmental Art in collaboration with Irish curator John Power of G11, and a myriad of Irish/Finnish/Berlin-based artists takes place for the first time in Berlin’s Metropolis, creating a unique platform for the exchange of ideas. Opening Friday 10th of...
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    • Event by Caro Hawranke

    • TIME FOR T https://www.facebook.com/timefort Comprised of smooth eclecticism Time for T have risen from the creative centrifuge that is the southern UK city of Brighton. Their strange breed of sound travels through a rhythm of afrobeat, indie, folk and rock & roll to create waves that grow...
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    • Event by c.project

    • c.project and Bleu Avant-Garde Atelier would like to present our first collaborated event, ‘Wild Garden Party.’ With two artists Amy Alexander & Fannie Faivre both using watercolors and inks on their drawings and paintings, it would seem interesting to see how similar mediums can be expressed...
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    • Die 120 Tage von Sodom

    • nach Marquis de Sade und Pier Paolo Pasolini Der jüngste Reiter der Apokalypse Vier Libertins verschanzen sich an einem entlegenen Ort mit ihren Opfern beiderlei Geschlechts. Ihre Macht erlaubt ihnen, sie in jeder Hinsicht zu befehligen. Perversion, Erniedrigung, sexuelle Gewalt, Mord...
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    • Bee Generation

    • Project by Marco Ristuccia

    • This project tells of a piece of world whose roots lie in my childhood spent in Sicily, the place where I was born. It’s about one of the most precarious categories of workers who try to survive every day by making a living without certainty of tomorrow. They are street vendors, farm hands,...
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    • Haute Presents The Voyeur

    • Event by Hautepresents

    • Haute Presents brings you "The Voyeur." Traditionally, the voyeur remains hidden, surreptitously lurking, unbeknownst to the subject. Through mediums of a peep show installation by Ildikó Buckley, the photography of Michael M Stockton and Andrea Galad, we explore what voyeurism means in...
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    • Collage Workshop

    • Opportunity by ESDIP Berlin

    • COLLAGE WORKSHOP With Jorge Chamorro This workshop will be a full day dedicated entirely to the art of Collage! Jorge will begin with a review of the history of Collage, then continue to talk about techniques, authors, art and anti-art movements. The proceeding hours will then be...
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    • LOVE. - Lisa Stertz - Performance Series

    • Event by SomoS Berlin

    • LOVE. There is hardly any activity, any enterprise, which is started with such tremendous hopes and expectations, and yet, which fails so regularly, as love. Erich Fromm, “The Art of Loving” Love cannot be rationalized. Over and over again it is contextualized by society where one is...
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    • Drawing With Objects

    • Project by Jenny Core

    • The 'Drawing With Objects' series investigates the potential and diversity of drawing as a medium and not just a process. Instead of observing objects, I draw with objects, through a process of chance and play...
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    • Solo Show: June 26th - August 30th, 2015 l Tue - Sat 2 - 7 pm Chaos and accumulations of shapes, colors, patterns and lines form the driving force of Ulrike Stolte's artistic work. Through targeted interventions, these elements are resolved into energetic structures garnished with quotes from...
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    • Wall Dialogue

    • The exhibition WALL DIALOGUE presents the works of 10 well known graffiti and street artists living in Berlin and one guest artist from Rotterdam. WALL DIALOGUE is a juxtaposition of some protagonists of this versatile art form. The invited artists are known for their large scale murals and...
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    • 85°

    • 85° is the upcoming solo exhibition at Blond & Blond Contemporary from the artist Manolo Ty. Ty travelled throughout the world visiting no less than 85 different countries and bringing to this exhibition a single image from each. This culminates in not only a visual travel log but also a visual...
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    • 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival

    • 48 Stunden Neukölln ruft alle Künstler*innen in Berlin zu einer großen Solidaritätsaktion auf. Sendet mit uns gemeinsam am Festivalwochenende immer um 22:22 ein S.O.S. Blinkt mit Euren Lichtern, nutzt Eure alte Taschenlampe und vor allem holt Euch die kostenlose S.O.S.-App unter...

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