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    • Johannes Mundinger – Unterm Nebel

    • Mit "Unterm Nebel" eröffnet Johannes Mundinger das Ausstellungsjahr der Urban Spree Galerie. UNTERM NEBEL - below the fog - The impressions we have aren´t reliable, it was a lifetime ago and now we have vague feelings of atmospheres, colours and smells; everything else remains inside a...
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    • Sales Manger

    • Opportunity by iGNANT Magazine

    • We’re currently looking for a Sales Manager for our Berlin office: someone who’s passionate about growing the iGNANT brand and developing its network of business partners. The ideal candidate will understand the iGNANT brand, find partners to match it, pitch them and develop partnerships with a...
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    • The Micro Phone Lens (Vodafone Sparks)

    • Project by Jan Rödger

    • Branded documentary for Vodafone Germany about the Micro Phone Lens developed by Thomas Larson. This amazing breakthrough will surely revolutionize the scientific world forever. His invention transforms the traditional, bulky microscopes into something no bigger than our own fingertips, giving...
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    • The Isolation People

    • Project by Lindsay Goranson

    • After ten years in New York City, a move to Nashville, TN with no friends, family, or support created a profound sense of isolation. In January 2015 a two week long ice storm paralyzed the city and left me with only the tools at hand to express an overwhelming feeling of creativity and...
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    • Christelle Noel Fashion Film #2

    • Project by Clementine Decremps

    • Directed by Clementine Decremps Produced by Manekino Collection "Retour vers le Cactus" by designer Christelle Noel MODELS: Vania Chinka, Eleanor Mary Strong, Charles Wyszogrod, Nicolas Giraldon MUSIC: Il Est Vilaine facebook.com/ilestvilaine DOP: Cyrpien Leduc, CAMERA ASSISTENT: Clara...
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    • Salvation

    • Project by Pollytikk

    • Salvation is a new track and music video by Berlin-based singer songwriter POLLYTIKK. Upcoming Shows: https://www.facebook.com/Pollytikk/
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    • Opportunity by PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin

    • JOB OFFER: PLATOON Cultural Development envisioned a global creative network aiming to change the world. In addition to our container spaces in Berlin and Seoul, the PLATOON MAGAZINE is another physical platform to showcase the visionary energy of our network. With the magazine we explore a...
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    • DesignEuropa Awards

    • Opportunity by ICWE_GmbH

    • DesignEuropa Awards: celebrating design in the EU Applications are now open for the inaugural edition of the DesignEuropa Awards, organised by the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), the EU’s largest intellectual property agency. The DesignEuropa Awards celebrate...
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    • Opportunity by MOMENTUM WORLDWIDE

    • Do you want to gain experience within the field of contemporary art: curating exhibitions, running an Artist Residency programme, and managing a growing Collection? We welcome applications for the position of CURATORIAL ASSISTANT (internship). Availability: 3-5 days / week Starting date: as...
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    • Five artists who work with abstract shapes, colorful or black and white, paintings, drawings, objects, installations, eye-catching, modular, playful and interactive. A fun, activating show! Artists: Silvia Binda Heiserova Carla Effa Alessandro Marogna Eleni Tongidou Eleana Stoikou ...
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    • Paradise Wow by FREIZEIT

    • PARADISE WOW by FREIZEIT The final exhibition of NON Berlin's 2nd CO LA BOR studio residency. Exhibition : 19th- 26th Feburary (Sunday closed) Opening hours : 12 – 6PM (Entry free) Vernissage : 19th Feburary 2016, 7PM (exhibition introduction by artists 7.30pm) NON Berlin's second CO...
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    • PROCESS by Irina Spicaka and Krisjanis Rijnieks Concept, 3D design, projection mapping by Irina Spicaka and Krisjanis Rijnieks Video, 3D animation and sound design by Irina Spicaka Kinect scanning, 3D printing and software by Krisjanis Rijnieks PROCESS is a generative audiovisual media...
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    • Event by ZK/U

    • The OPENHAUS is a regular public format that takes place every month in ZK/U, inviting audiences to connect with the hosted projects and to explore the process of its residency programme. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the artists in residency and explore ZK/U’s space and surroundings, to ask...
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    • Culture Journalism Intern on a Berlin Art Platform

    • Opportunity by coGalleries GmbH

    • We are a Berlin art start-up looking for a journalism intern who is passionate about writing and the arts! coGalleries is a hub of Berlin-based international artists. We organize art tours in Berlin that take our guests to the best galleries and directly to artist studios in Berlin. coGalleries...
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    • 'SALVATION' EP Release

    • Project by Pollytikk

    • LISTEN ON BANDCAMP: https://pollytikk.bandcamp.com Today I am happy to release my new two track EP ‘SALVATION’, produced by musician and a friend Nicolas Pannetier (Kater Kater). The first track you may already know from the video. The second one is called PASSPORT. Like this little book with...
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    • Takt Mentors Exhibition: non plus ultra minus multiverse

    • Event by TaktBerlin

    • Non plus ultra minus multiverse/ Takt Mentors' Show curated by Antje Görner Presence, the time of all events, is lighting up, oscillating between Herakles’ Columns and parallel worlds. Right behind the curtain however, time collapses providing fertile groundfor creating alternative worlds,...
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    • Works on paper

    • // Hiermit möchten wir Sie und ihre Freunde sehr herzlich zur Ausstellung „Works on Paper“ einladen. Gezeigt werden Arbeiten auf Papier von: Johanna Silbermann, Willem Julius Müller, Regina Nieke, Florian Schulz, Achim Riethmann und den Gastkünstlern Kazuki Nakahara ( Abb. oben )...
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    • Feb 19 2016 / 19-22h @ Hauptgebäude / Lützner Straße 91 / Leipzig-Lindenau  Russell Banx’s Applied Academics is an examination of object obsolescence as we move further into the digital epoch. In this age of information and rapidly evolving technology, he confronts his extensive...

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