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    • Project by TAPE OVER

    • This tape art workshop took place one week before Christmas 2015 at the Mehr! Theater in Hamburg. It was a special location combined with a very interesting concept. Our working surface were big white sculptures - a head, a hand and some trees - within a huge white room. Together with the...
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    • Project by Robert Herrmann

    • The project is a work in progress documenting urban space in various cities. Its goal is to capture how we humans share urban space and how it affects our condition and behaviour.
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    • LiTE-HAUS Galerie + Projektraum

    • Space by Debbie Davies

    • Beautiful renovated white box gallery space in Neukölln three blocks from the Sonnenallee S-Bahn is offering space to rent. Three exhibition spaces, bathroom, terrace, and kitchen. The front main room faces Mareschstr. and features a large window. A smaller front room is perfect for...
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    • OPEN CALL: Hardbakka 2016 :: Memento Mori

    • Opportunity by ON/OFF

    • In the 4th year of the Hardbakka Ruins Project, we invite participants to reflect on the death of industrial architecture. Several industrial and military sites around Bergen - including the Hegreneset grain silo designed by architect Per Grieg, military bunkers in Sandviken and the famous German...
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    • OPEN CALL: Co-Machines Mobile Disruptive Architectures

    • Opportunity by ON/OFF

    • Co-Machines: Mobile Disruptive Architectures It is very important to realized that the advertising and neoliberalization of our cities is trying to ‘clean the impurities’ in our modern cities, and we lose our share in the process of place-making, commoning, designing our cities and...
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    • Berlin Typography Contest

    • Opportunity by kulturspace

    • Show Us Your Type and kulturspace have partnered to present the next installment of the global typography contest in Berlin, Germany. The collaboration is intent on promoting design and supporting the evolution of cross-cultural artistic exchange. A central exhibition will showcase the jurors...
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    • Display Marketeer (m/f)

    • We are currently looking for Display Marketeer at nestpick. nestpick is a growing start-up that was founded to fix the problem of a broken rental market. We are the secure and convenient solution for a younger generation, offering a platform where you can rent or let your home entirely online....
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    • Cinematography / Lighting Assistant

    • Opportunity by Ouroboros

    • OUROBOROS are searching for someone with a solid, confident understanding of studio lighting and experience with green-screen. This is a PAID job for a music video on the 22nd of March. The set-up will involve lighting a model in both a blacked-out space and a green-screen, with both full-body...
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    • Culture Journalism Intern on a Berlin Art Platform

    • Opportunity by coGalleries GmbH

    • We are a Berlin art start-up looking for a journalism intern who is passionate about writing and the arts! coGalleries is a hub of Berlin-based international artists. We organize art tours in Berlin that take our guests to the best galleries and directly to artist studios in Berlin. coGalleries...
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    • Alessandro Twombly - Five Sculptures

    • Event by Aurel Scheibler

    • Opening: Friday 18 March 2016, 6 pm Aurel Scheibler is pleased to present new works by Alessandro Twombly (*1959) in his solo exhibition Five Sculptures. Working both with sculpture and painting, the artist continually explores the relationship between art and nature. In his newest works,...
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    • Unbreakable Beats Vol.6

    • Event by Panke

    • Presented by Perfect Entropy Productions & Ryôt A.Ct. EINLASS: 2200 / EINTRITT: 5€ bis Mitternacht. 7€ danach. 3€ with the codeword >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Unbreakable Beats<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Berlin’s beats, bass and lyricist-driven series celebrating hip-hop diversity through the culture’s genres,...
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    • Event by GlogauAIR

    • OPEN STUDIOS - GlogauAIR Resident Artists Sanghee Ahn // Marie-Louise Andersson // Michael Armstrong // Jonathan Bellés & Beatriz Heredia // Kuno Ebert // Elizabeth Laplace // Emma Michaelis // Ayumi Miyano // Yoko Naito // I-Chieh Pan // Katarzyna Wojtczak COME UNDONE - Project Space...
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    • Join us as the third edition of PLATOON MAGAZINE is exclusively unveiled at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin. Come out and get your FREE copy! With PLATOON MAGAZINE we invite you to explore our worldwide network through the outstanding projects of our over 8000 members across more than 50...
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    • alif – installation

    • Chiharu Shiota alif::split in the wall installation More than 50.000 keys, collected around the world and suspended from a densely woven network of spidery red threads covering the ceiling and walls – Chiharu Shiota’s recent installation at the Japan Pavilion of the Venice Biennial received...
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    • Uni * Form by Simone Aughterlony & Jorge León

    • Director Jorge León and choreographer Simone Aughterlony question our relation to power by gathering all the practices which tend to structure human behaviour. Seven performing artists of different ages, heights and pasts, are all dressed as police officers: they intra-act in a monochrome...
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    • The Long Now - 30 hours Kraftwerk Berlin

    • “The Long Now” is a place for the enduring present. A space in which time itself can unfold, where the sense of time can take uncharted paths and even depart. With a duration of 30 hours, “The Long Now” is the grand closing event of MaerzMusik − Festival for Time Issues 2016. Surrounded by the...
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    • "Tomorrow Is Always Too Long" by Phil Collins

    • Event by Lichtspielklub

    • Tomorrow Is Always Too Long is a love letter to Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city. Developed over the course of a year with various local communities, it paints a portrait of daily life as seen through the scope of human experience, from birth and youth through education and the criminal justice...

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