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    • Project by RENEGADE SCREEN

    • RENEGADE SCREEN is a joint venture started by Galvin Harrison and Kevin Broadbery working respectively in fine arts and photography. They have teamed up with Paolo Sturiale from Sturiale Contemporary Arts based in Italy and Humaid Al Bloushi of the UAE who will assist RENEGADE SCREEN in its quest...
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    • Visual graffiti or any artistic painters to art paint our logo

    • Opportunity by Davit R.

    • HI CREATIVES!!!! We are looking for a visual artist ( Graffiti artists, painters, etc..) to paint our logo in a black plastic PVC fabric of 1.80 x 1.70 that we will carry around in our live shows. You want to have our logo there, and if this person wants to add something else and make a...
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    • transfect designsystems!

    • Event by designtransfer

    • The results of this years master program in fashion and product design of the Berlin University of the Arts are exploring the working process, ways of production and distribution, the social implications and responsibility through subversive design and will be presented in an exhibition at...
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    • Beatriz Crespo Solo Exhibition

    • Event by beatriz crespo

    • The Ballery invites you to a Journey though the Iconography of Beatriz Crespo. Ubiquity, Transformation- Adaptation, explores the concepts of presence and absence trough time and space. The capacity of Abstraction and Mimesis of the Human being while Transforming and Adapting to his...
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    • Johanna Ketola VALLEY L447

    • JOHANNA KETOLA Valley L447 An installation consisting of a two channel video work, photographs and sculptural elements. Valley L447 borrows its name from a green industrial paint, that the manufacturer has called L447, Valley. The exhibition addresses relations between humans and nature in...
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    • Christelle Noel Handmade Fashion Film

    • Project by Clementine Decremps

    • --- Produced by Manekino, directed by Clementine Decremps --- http://www.christellenoel.com/ --- DOP: Adrien Le Lorier, Edit: Margot Le Lorier, Stylism: Cristina Monras, Christelle Noel, Photos: Louis Vignat, Jewelry: DBR, Hair & make up: Abra Kennedy @blossommgmt, Models: Irma@M4,...
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    • Event by The Coup

    • 13th October 2015 Special Screening in Berlin: WE WANT YOU TO LIVE - Liberia’s Fight against Ebola On the occasion of The World Health Summit, the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting invites you to a special screening of: WE WANT YOU TO LIVE A Film by Carl Gierstorfer & docdays...
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    • Nova Heart - Lido - Berlin

    • Event by Melt Booking

    • Melt! Booking, Intro Magazin, zitty Berlin und Aupeo präsentieren: Nova Heart + Support: Shao Aka Dead J 11.10. Köln, Artheater 13.10. Berlin, Lido Tickets: http://bit.ly/1LuvxBp Voodoo-Disco und Psych-Rock, zwischen diesen Genres begreift Helen Feng, Mastermind der 2011 in Peking...
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    • Blaine L. Reininger (Tuxedomoon)

    • Blaine L. Reininger wird den meisten wohl in seiner Rolle als Mitbegründer des Legendären Post-Punk Schattenquintetts Tuxedomoon sein, welches sich bereits in den 80ern ins europäische Exil flüchtete und bis heute aktiv ist. Reininger wurde 1953 in Pueblo, Colorado geboren und übte sich schon ab...
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    • Seiofossi

    • Project by daniela spoto

    • Illustrations for KOKORO , issue 11, october 2015. http://revistakokoro.com/seiofossi.html
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    • Scope Session #48

    • Event by Panke

    • Scope Session #48 ++++++++ Klara Ravat https://klararavat.wordpress.com/ Klara Ravat was born in Barcelona. In 2009 she moved to the Netherlands to study at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, where she started working as an experimental filmmaker. She also creates media and...
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    • Green Product Award

    • Opportunity by Green Product Award

    • The Green Product Award is an annual international competition for innovative and sustainable design products and concepts. In 2015 the exhibits were presented to more than 250,000 visitors at international fairs and design festivals. Countless participants were able to acquire investments...
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    • Minimal Collagen

    • How many elements do you need in the art of collage to create powerful and evocative new images? At this one-night only group exhibition twelve Berlin collage artists explore different ways of minimal collage. The idea: Use as few elements as possible to come up with a new world. Friday, Oct....

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