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    • B&W Photolab Workshop - basics

    • Event by Csilla Szabo

    • PRINTING IN THE DARKROOM - BASICS WORKSHOP In this intensive workshop I will teach you the basics of making a black & white print enlargement from (optionally your) negatives. No previous darkroom experience is required and this workshop would also benefit someone who has not been in the...
  • Your Artconnect Weekend !

    Artconnect - Your Artconnect Weekend! - The Ice Cream Market
    Olé, Olé, Olé! It’s soon weekend again! In this “Your Artconnect Weekend” post you will find some fantastic tips for the next days. Make yourself ready for some great shopping, an unmissable “Californian” exhibition, a day dedicated to ice cream (I’ve been dreaming about this, finally it’s here!) and the concert of three guys from Edinburgh whose latest... Read more »
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    • Shared studio / office

    • Space by Vetro Editions

    • I am a graphic designer running Vetro Editions, a small publishing company. I currently search for a young creative professional or small company or start-up with whom I can share my beautiful studio space in the Schillerkiez. The space is two blocks from Tempelhof and closely connected to...
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    • Jorge Mañes Rubio

    • Profile

    • Born in Madrid in 1984, Jorge Mañes Rubio is a young artist based in Madrid and Amsterdam. He graduated in Design Products from the Royal College of Art London in 2010, where he confirmed his tireless eager to travel beyond the usual scopes of design. In 2014 he obtained the prestigious TED...
  • Staff Picks! # Drawing Edition

    Artconnect - Staff Picks! # Drawing edition - Marina Abramovic - Marina Abramovic & Ulay
    We all used to draw as kids, didn’t we? But at some point, for many of us, the strive to represent the world and express ourselves through shapes and colours was simply not there anymore. In this Staff Picks! # Drawing Edition, five talented women show us the beautiful outcomes of keeping that innate instinct alive and allowing imagination to find... Read more »
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    • Tides (2014)

    • Project by Cagla Gulsah Kabaca

    • It's about basically TIDES. When the sea goes and comes the sea creatures stay stable. Tiny shells stays behind without the salty water and the shades. The sand looks much dryer also the move of waves stays there on the sand with lovely edges. I captured the moments and looked at them...
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    • Event by Melt Booking

    • Melt! Booking, Missy Magazine, ByteFM, Intro Magazin und Vevo präsentieren: Austra 10.06. Berlin, Berghain (präs. von zitty Berlin und FluxFM) 11.06. Hannover, Musikzentrum 12.06. Heidelberg, Halle 2 Katie Stelmanis wollte eigentlich Opernsängerin werden, doch es kam anders: In ihrem...
  • Event of the Week: Berlin Design Night by Create Berlin

    Artconnect - Event of the Week - Berlin Desgin Night © Steve Bergmann (2)
    Oh my, it is a very design-intensive week, so I hope you are prepared for the fourth edition of Berlin Design Night a.k.a Nachtschicht, which will take place on the 12th of June. This year the event will be bigger than ever, so read more about it, and make sure you check it out on... Read more »
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    • Ve Arts

    • Profile

    • Ve Arts is the brand name for artist Eva Virag. Her works include paintings, accessories and clothing. Please check out our Facebook site at www.facebook.com/ve.arts.site or visit us at www.ve-arts.com for more details on our work!
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    • Looking For Industrial Exterior + Interior

    • Space by Zennstrom

    • Hello all Art Connectors! We're looking for a location in Berlin for a video production end of June . The mood is "Hinterhof + Loft" and the images attached are pretty much spot on for the mood we're looking for. (The images show the hinterhof of C/O Berlin and the interior of Kraftwerk)...
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    • Cinemorphose

    • Project by Francisco c.p. Vasconcelos

    • Continuing my "multiverse" exploration of Urban life and its environment, I decided to frame it through the anamorphic cinematic perspective, enjoying a DOF of a tele perspective and thus having a more balanced proportion of the city with an wide-angle view of the same.
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    • Event by Blond&Blond Contemporary

    • What awaits the viewer? The philosophical approach towards the given theme o the exhibition is blazing a trail through the diversity of working materials of the individual artists. The current exhibition shows collage like elements combined with acrylic, oil, paint and photography realized in...
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    • Online Editor

    • Opportunity by iGNANT

    • iGNANT is an interdisciplinary Berlin-based Online Magazine featuring creatives in the fields of art, design, photography and architecture. The team behind iGNANT is dedicated to the picture, to moods and esthetics finding expression in our in-house productions of photographs, videos and original...
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    • Exhibition Space / Gallery Space - Colonia Nova

    • Space by COLONIA NOVA

    • We offer a premium 500 sqm loft for various purposes. Our classy loft provides all You need to make your event a mayor success. The loft comes with a lavish 30 sqm kitchen/bar area created with finest materials such as copper, tiles and massive oakwood and is tastfully illuminated by handmade...
  • Spotlight on Emily Hochman

    Default Document Subject
    Emily Hochman is an excellent painter and we are really glad to present her expressive paintings, which we loved right from the start. We talked with Emily about her artistic style of painting and her passion for pop culture, and discovered her upcoming radio feature on Deutschlandradio Kultur. Read the Spotlight on Emily Hochman and dive into a colorful world.... Read more »
  • Review on Berlin Music Video Awards 2015

    On the 27th of May something crazily creative was happening: the opening of Berlin Music Video Awards 2015, hosted by K17 (and in the following days by Neue Heimat). We couldn’t miss the chance to be there, so here we introduce you to some of the winners of this year, as well as our thoughts and impressions... Read more »
  • Your Artconnect Weekend!

    Artconnect - Selected Events - Your Artconnect Weekend! - Norman Behrendt Exhibition Opening Urban Spree - Copyright Norman Behrendt
    This ‘Your Artconnect Weekend!’ is outstanding! We included an exhibition opening called ‘No Gaffiti Allowed‘, the grand finale of the two-year-long project ‘Should I Stay or Should I go?‘, a great portrait photo exhibition at Urban Spree and the really popular Open Air Gallery on the Oberbaum Bridge! THURSDAY Graffiti is everywhere in Berlin. But it’s not... Read more »
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    • New Paintings

    • Project by Nicolas Heiringhoff

    • Some examples of my new series of paintings.
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    • Seth Lower - Photographs and a Video - with Jason Grier (dj)

    • Event by Care Of Editions

    • Care Of Editions presents an exhibition of photographs and video by Los Angeles artist Seth Lower. Taken between 2005 and 2015, the images represent a range of subjects, from peripheral home furnishings to a lost sock. Though loosely held together, threads emerge to speak of unity and cohesion on...
  • Win 1×2 Tickets to Berlin Food Art Week

    Artconnect - Lottery - Berlin Food Art Week - 'Bread, Rock and Eyelid' by Raquel Nava - Copyright  Raquel Nava
    Attention to all foodies and everybody who sees food in art and art in food! The pioneer event Berlin Food Art Week is coming up between the 19th and the 26th of June 2015 with more than 60 events at 30 different locations. Learn more about it and take your chance to win 1×2 tickets... Read more »

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