• Review on Chiharu Shiota ‘Uncertain Journey’ at Blain Southern Gallery Berlin

    Chiharu Shiota´s bright red yarn installation in Berlin’s Blain Southern Gallery emanates a fascination you hardly can withdraw from. Not only because of the size and the unique character of the art piece itself (Shiota uses almost 360 000 meter of yarn) but especially because ‘Uncertain Journey’ crawls under your skin.  The yarn in red... Read more »
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    • Edmund Felson Gallery Open Call 2017

    • Opportunity by Edmund Felson Gallery

    • EDMUND FELSON GALLERY OPEN CALL 2017 The Edmund Felson Gallery is looking for project submissions from artists working across all disciplines in preparation for our 2017 programme. Successful submissions will be selected and shown on Auguststraße in Berlin. About Edmund Felson Gallery The...
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    • Che Spavento - Oh Schreck!

    • Project by Luca Di Battista

    • «Biagio vive lassù, ama abitare gli alberi. Meglio ancora se uno solo.» Children's Illustrated book Published by RAUM Italic (SPAZIO Corsivo) Text + Illustrations by me 21 x 29,7 cm | 32 pagine | disponibile in italiano e tedesco | ISBN 978-3-944858-24-1
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    • The Hunger series

    • Project by ITI

    • In the past, in order to feed themselves and their families and, thus, survive, men were hunters. In contemporary society, man has become both the hunter and the hunted. He spends an average 8 hours/day tied to his chair in his office, hungry to earn more so that he can afford a lifestyle...
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    • Opportunity by Matija Vojvodic

    • Hello ≈ We are looking for a Berlin based creative partner ≈ Motion Designer, to collaborate on short commercial videos.
 Currently we are a team of four ≈ two filmmakers and two music/sound producers. 
I myself am from Croatia, working in the fields of music production and sound design....
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    • emerging

    • Project by Matthew Coleman

    • from the series 'emerging', with the artist Victoria Hillestad http://matthew-coleman.com/emerging/
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    • Berlin tropical - Oscar Castillo

    • Event by TaktBerlin

    • Takt Kunstprojektraum and Gallery POSSUM are happy to present Oscar Castillo | Berlin tropical ERÖFFNUNG | OPENING DO | TH 10.11.2016 19 – 22 h AUSSTELLUNG | EXHIBITION 11.11. – 25.11.2016 ARTIST TALK FR 18.11.2016 18h FINISSAGE FR 25.11.2016 16h ÖFFNUNGSZEITEN...
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    • alamak! exhibition

    • The alamak! Gallery exhibition explores Asia as a driving force of the next art and design movement by bringing together 10 prominent artists and designers to present unique works and editions to be examined in a gallery setting. Curated by Yoichi Nakamuta, who has been behind some of the most...
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    • Steffi Deparade-Becker - Zwischentöne

    • Event by Peter Schikorra

    • artfein GALLERY präsentiert die neuen Werke von Steffi Deparade-Becker. Am 10.11.2016 ab 19 Uhr eröffnen wir die Ausstellung „Zwischentöne“ von Steffi Deparade-Becker. Freuen Sie sich mit uns auf die neuen Arbeiten der Künstlerin und tauchen Sie ein, in eine Welt der vielfältigen Malerei und...
  • Staff Picks # Sculpture Edition

    Dancing by Diana Beltran Herrera
    The sculpture. One word, diverse forms. What exactly do we know about this subject of art, how do we integrate it in our life and what does it express of our very inside? Delighted by the current exhibition ‘Giacometti-Nauman’ in the SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE in Frankfurt, we started to wonder how our Community artist are dealing... Read more »
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    • Passerby -/- Wyatt Mills

    • La Dolce Berlin is pleased to announce the solo-exhibition of Wyatt Mills at La Dolce Berlin art-space. After graduating from School of Visual Arts (New York), Wyatt Mills has since exhibited work in multiple solo and group shows in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. After working for two...
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    • CALIBRO 35 - Maschinenhaus - Berlin

    • Event by Melt Booking

    • // Melt! Booking, Soundkartell, Il Mitte und Berlino Magazine präsentieren: // CALIBRO 35 03.11. Berlin, Maschinenhaus // 18,70 EUR | TixforGigs: http://bit.ly/CALIBRO35Berlin // 19,40 EUR | Eventim: http://bit.ly/CALIBRO35Tickets Record Kicks präsentiert voller Stolz das in den Toe...
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    • PICTURE BERLIN Fall 2016 residents public artist talks

    • Event by April Gertler

    • PICTURE BERLIN is pleased to present the Fall 2016 residents public artist talks. The following artists will be presenting their work: Andrew Burford (UK), Bertie King (UK), Frederic Bigras-Burrogano (CA/IT), Ilyn Wong (US), Johanna Evans-Colley (US), Molly Garcia-Underwood (AU), Rafael Soldi...
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    • Auch Wenn es Flucht bedeutet...

    • Event by GlogauAIR

    • Eine Kurator*innengruppe junger Student*innen, Wissenschaftler*innen, Künstler*innen und Kreativen plant im November diesen Jahres in Berlin das Kunstfestival "Auch wenn es Flucht bedeutet...". Die eingeladenen Künstler*innen stammen aus Deutschland und Spanien. Viele davon leben in Berlin. Ihre...
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    • Event by Erratum Galerie

    • MAVI MELEK - Mathilde Melek An In her continual voyage between the waters of occidental and oriental, Mathilde Melek An, the Franco Turkish artist, questions cultural, sexual and territorial identity, memory both individual and collective, our relationship to legacy and its transmission...
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    • KOOKOO feat. PAUL PURGAS (Emptyset)

    • the harder we fight the higher the wall... :: music PAUL PURGAS (Emptyset) // www.paulpurgas.com MIEKO SUZUKI (Kookoo) // www.mixcloud.com/mieko ARA (Kookoo) // www.mixcloud.com/kookoo :: art DAVIDE LUCIANI (Mote Studio, projections & mirrors) // www.motestudio.net CHLOÉ GUERBOIS...
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    • kirk knight - st. georg - berlin

    • Event by Melt Booking

    • // Melt! Booking, splash! Mag, BACKSPIN und MZEE.com präsentieren: // Kirk Knight 04.11. Berlin, St. Georg 17,20 EUR | Eventim: http://bit.ly/KirkKnightTickets 16,50 EUR | TixforGigs: http://bit.ly/KirkKnightBerlin Kirk Knight fing als Teenager mit dem Rappen an, aber erst als er Joey...
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    • Bilingual Marketing Manager and Campaigner

    • Opportunity by coGalleries GmbH

    • Early-stage Arts Start-up is looking for a bilingual Marketing Manager and Campaigner with a huge passion for the arts! We accept the applications on a rolling basis. You should have proper experience in: - background in marketing and the arts (desired but flexible) - strong entrepreneurial...
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    • Art Grant Writing Seminar & Workshop

    • Opportunity by Ece Pazarbasi

    • Art Grant Writing Seminar & Workshop (7, 8, 9 & 10 November 2016) As the winter sinks in, let's get prepared for the upcoming funding calls... Berlin Art Grant Clinic offers grant Diagnosis Seminars, application Operation Workshops and a private Emergency Room to support your...

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