• Review on Alicja Kwade’s Solo Exhibition at Johann König

    Alicja Kwade is a unique artist who creates parallel worlds through her art, and unnoticeably guides your mind into thinking about matters of time, existence and the construction of reality. If I intrigued you with this description, read our review of her amazing solo show at Johann König, called “Something absent whose presence had been... Read more »
  • Where Creativity Happens @ Wednesday Paper Works

    Artconnect Berlin - Where Creativity Happens @ Wednesday Paper Works - Jenny & Chrish
    Two creative sisters, Jenny and Chrish, two worlds, bookbinding and design, one material, paper! From the winning combination of these elements Wednesday Paper Works has come to life. On a Wednesday (!!) afternoon we had the chance to visit their workshop, and we are happy to share now our experience and impressions with you! Wednesday Paper Works is a... Read more »
  • Spotlight on Nicolas Balcazar

    Artconnect Berlin - Spotlight - Walls 5 - Copyright Nicolas Balcazar
    Nicolas Balcazar, a great German/Peruvian photographer, deserves a spotlight! Nicolas stands on his own in terms of style and the way he uses the camera. He is always able to excite the audience with his concepts and quality. We admire his double exposure photographs and the magical way he works with light. Read on, get to know... Read more »
  • Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend!

    Artconnect Berlin - Selected Events - Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend - C:O Berlin - Pará State - Copyright Sebastião Salgado
    Are you ready for the next ’Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend!’? You better be! Because this weekend you don’t want to miss out on ‘GLITCH Vol.8’ a dark night in Cosmic Kaspar, an amazing exhibition opening at C/O Berlin, the solo exhibition by photographer Vincent Buller and you have the chance to meet artist Viktoria Sorochinski... Read more »
  • Staff Picks! # Secret Edition

    Artconnect Berlin - Staff Picks! #Hidden Eyes edition - Rian Davidson - Daniela
    They say our eyes are the mirror of our soul: in this Staff Picks! # Secret edition, a shade of mystery keeps us from understanding and coming closer to these souls, whose eyes are hidden from us. The portraits of these five artists will encourage you to imagine which secrets might be sheltered behind these fleeting glances. Keep on sharing your projects on... Read more »
  • Monday Opportunity: Supply for ART2GO at B.AGL art fair

    Artconnect Berlin - Awesome Opportunities - Monday Opportunity - B.AGL Art Fair - Copyright B.AGL Art Fair
    Berlin. Art Goes Live is an independent international art fair at Postbahnhof from the 30th of April till the 3rd of May! It introduces new concepts and shows international trends in art! ART2GO is one section of the art fair, and offers upcoming artists a spot to sell their artworks for an affordable price. So be part of B.AGL by submitting for ART2GO! But be quick, because... Read more »
  • Win a Lucas Zanotto Print by Pictoplasma

    Artconnect Berlin - Lottery -  Pictoplasma 2015 - Copyright Lukas Zenotto
    Berlin is once again the epicenter of character design in illustration, animation and art with the 11th edition of Pictoplasma Berlin Festival 2015, which will take place from the 29th of April till the 3rd of May 2015, at several locations in the city. Read further to find out more about the artists presented, the... Read more »
  • Selected Event: 26POSITIONS BERLIN

    Felix Schneeweiß -Isn’t Always a Bowl of Cherries, 115 x 60 x 8 cm, mixed media - Courtesy - the artist : cubus-m
    26POSITIONS is something to keep in mind! It’s a new platform for Berlin’s galleries and art loving visitors, where 26 stunning galleries are giving you insights of the current art scene in Berlin! 26POSITIONS is organized by POSITIONS BERLIN and takes place from the 1st till the 3rd of May. Discover more and enjoy Berlin’s art spring... Read more »
  • Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend!

    Artconnect Berlin - Selected Events - Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend - Artstars - Copyright Artstars
    Try not to work until late and start celebrating the end of a hard week with the most interesting and exciting events! In this weeks ‘Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend!‘ we picked for you a brand new gallery opening from Photocircle, a spectacular party by Artstars, an exhibition opening at District Kunst- und Kulturförderung and a nice Sunday walk on a cherry blossomed... Read more »
  • Staff Picks! #50

    Artconnect Berlin - Staff Picks! #50 - Melanie Ziggel - California Sun
    Hey Artconnect Berliners! For this week’s Staff Picks! #50 we’ve chosen some vibrant and super colourful artworks to pump your mood and flash your eyes. From organic-like forms and movements to amazing and surreal combinations of hues, make yourself ready for crazy technicolor dreams! California Sun by Melanie Ziggel Re:Birth by Joelle Arce Proyecto Pared by Sebastian Gallardo Wolff Untitled. Part... Read more »
  • Monday Opportunity: Participate in Berlin Art Detours

    Artconnect Berlin - Awesome Opportunity - Monday Opportunity - Berlin Art Detours - Copyright Mary Fang
    Berlin Art Detours starts a new season in May! They organize tours for those who are interested in art, and want to discover all the hidden treasures that Neukölln has to offer. If you are an artist or creative with a studio in Neukölln or Kreuzberg take the opportunity to be part of this project, and open up... Read more »
  • Event of the Week: Month of Performance Art Berlin 2015

    Artconnect Berlin - Event of the Week - Month of Performance Art Berlin - Fotini Kalle - Photo by Aleks Slota
    Month of Performance Art Berlin is here for a fifth and final edition. Between the 1st and the 31st of May 2015 MPA-B will go out with a bang by presenting the most amazing and intriguing artists, curators and movers from the previous editions of the event. As the saying goes you don’t know what... Read more »
  • Tips for Gallery Weekend 2015

    Artconnect Berlin - Gallery Weekend 2015 - Blain Southern - Francois Morellet
    Three days and 47 galleries! Once again it’s time for Gallery Weekend. From the 1st until the 3rd of May the art scene will show their best art selections all over the city. Each of them will exclusively open an exhibition for this event, making it a fabulous experience to stroll through the city and... Read more »
  • Win 1×2 Tickets to the concert of Jessie Evans at XJAZZ Festival 2015

    Artconnect Berlin - Lottery - XJAZZ 2015 - Copyright Ulla C Binder (2)
    The biggest jazz festival in Berlin, XJAZZ  is here to bring pleasure to your ears again. You will be able to enjoy the freshest sounds in contemporary jazz, from the 7th to the 10th of May. Check out our interview with the managing director of XJAZZ and learn how to win 1×2 tickets for the... Read more »
  • Artconnect Berlin Around and About #Berlin Bookshops

    Hidden in plain sight all over the city, cozy bookshops are an important part of Berlin’s cityscape and a great place to find inspiration. In celebration of the World Book Day we decided to see what five of our favourites have been up to. Check out more about these lovely bookshops and Artconnect Berlin’s day... Read more »
  • Review on the Exhibition “KLUB7. BEHIND THE BLOCK”

    Six artists with a common background, the mid 90s graffiti-scene in Halle (Saale), whose unique styles and creativity have come together into a mind-blowing collective: KLUB7. On the 28th of April we were at the opening of their exhibition “KLUB7. Behind the Block” and our art radars went crazy. Here are our thoughts and impressions! The... Read more »
  • Review on Pictoplasma Exhibition 2015

    Pay attention because something very exciting is happening! You know that Pictoplasma Berlin Festival 2015 started yesterday? Well Artconnect Berlin managed to get an exclusive sneak peak at their exhibition at Silent Green, before it was open to the public. We also got to talk to two of the exhibiting artists, Yomsnil and Lucas Zanotto. Find... Read more »
  • Staff Picks! #Collage Edition

    Artconnect Berlin - Staff Picks! #Collage Edition - Floating - Copyright Jorge Chamorro
    In the earlier years, the most divine collage artworks were already manufactured by artist like Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and Juan Gris. But this week’s Staff Picks! #Collage Edition will show you that collage art is still generating! So get yourself ready for an assemble of different forms, which together will form a new entity!  Floating by Jorge... Read more »
  • Spotlight on Torsten Schumann

    Artconnect Berlin - Spotlight - Torsten Schumann - Toward the Nature - 2009 - Copyright Torsten Schumann
    Interaction and communication. These are the most significant words Torsten Schumann associates with photography. We had the chance to meet him and the gallerist Eric Pawlitzky at the gallery Alles Mögliche, where we talked about photography, life and reality. It has been a great pleasure and I’m glad to share it with you. What is reality? How do we think we perceive it... Read more »
  • You love the First of May!

    Artconnect Berlin - First of May 2015 - Photos by Artconnect Berlin - 3
    You love the first of May because you love feeling great vibes. You love the first of may because you love colours. You love the first of May because you love feeling carefree. You love the first of May because you love being around Kotti and Görli. You love the first of May because you... Read more »

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Instagram Visual artist Jenny Keuter (@JennyKeuter) not only creates spacial explorations through fine colorful strings but also fascinates with her striking multilayered screen prints. In each of her works the structures and feel of lines is visible ✖️Have a closer look at her screen #prints that can be found on artconnect.com ✖️ #jennykeuter #contemporaryart #screenprints #paper #printing