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    • Kleine Präsidentenstr. 3

    • Diskutieren, präsentieren, neue Ideen entwickeln: in unserem Studio finden Sie den idealen Raum, um in entspannter Atmosphäre zu arbeiten. Die grossen Fenster sorgen für extra viel Tageslicht und einen wachen Kopf. Wir vermieten temporär (bis zu 6 Monate) ein Produktionsbüro (71,05 qm,...
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    • Space by Lea Strunk

    • Hello everyone, wir sind 10 Modedesigner, Künstler, Produkt-und Schmuckdesigner die zusammen im Sudio Hertzberg arbeiten und einen Laden betreiben. Da leider 2 von uns aus Berlin wegziehen suchen wir neue kreative Köpfe, die Lust haben mit uns hier zu arbeiten und ihre Produkte zu...
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    • Studio in a halfopen artist space [ 44m2 ]

    • Space by herbert sasse

    • Weichselplatz, Neukölln Atelier-Platz [ 44qm=400,-€ ] ab 01. Oktober 2016 in einer halboffenen 5er-Ateliergemeinschaft[Fabriketage[190qm] frei. Strom-Heizkosten-LAN/WLAN - Festnetz-Flatrate inclusive. Tel.: 030/664010-57 /-61 oder 0151.56113829 Mail: h.e.r.b.e.r.t@gmx.net PS: Anders als...
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    • Project by Galvin Harrison

    • The Mausoleum Sculptures are a hybrid project that has been created as part of the much larger GRAVEYARD PROJECT which is an ongoing installation piece that has its roots in the STACK SCULPTURES that Galvin Harrison has been engaged in for the past ten years. The Mausoleum Sculptures will form...
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    • Closeness

    • Project by OLGA KOZMANIDZE

    • The performance explores existential fear of loneliness. How does our nature combine the need of contact with others and the necessity to distance from them defending our borders? Can closeness even exist if everyday experience of existence makes a person sharp as a needle? During the...
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    • Editorial Internship with Exberliner

    • Opportunity by glassberg

    • Founded in 2002, Exberliner is Germany's largest English-language magazine. Based in and focused on Berlin, it covers culture, nightlife and politics with a monthly print edition, a website and editorial newsletters. We are currently looking for a Part-time intern (3 months, unpaid) As a...
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    • Synchronicities

    • Project by OLGA KOZMANIDZE

    • The site-specific performance Synchronicities took place at the abandoned mine on Cyprus as part of CIPAF International Performance art festival. Idea and intention: to synchronize with environment, objects and audience through action. Action: I chose to work around a small open-air pool...
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    • Art Consultant - London

    • For the opening of our new Hotel Art Galleries in London - this coming fall 2016, we are looking for an Art Consultant who would like to collaboarte with us in organizing the monthly art exhibitions at the various (hotel) locations in London. For this job opportunity we are looking for people...
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    • CALL for Creative Curious Travellers 2016

    • Opportunity by CCT-SeeCity

    • CALL for Creative Curious Travellers 2016 Be our special guest! Deadline for submissions: 16th September WHAT We invite all creative curious travellers to join this CALL for living and sharing a unique experience in Prato (Tuscany, Italy) — as our special guests: free accommodation for min 2...
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    • Grants

    • Opportunity by IUGTE

    • “ArtUniverse” in partnership with the International University ”Global Theatre Experience” (IUGTE) have announced several grants for accommodation and meals. Each grant covers up to 350,00 EUR - three hundred fifty EUR. The grant covers accommodation and three meals per day during...
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    • Studio Manager / Executive Assistant / Project Manager

    • Opportunity by Steele Studio

    • The position is full-time, multi-faceted and demands a flexible schedule. We are looking for a dynamic and talented individual who has has experience in Administration and Project Management and Executive Assisting and has strong leadership skills. This role is idea for someone who is polyvalent...
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    • My Abstract World

    • Die Begeisterung für intensive Farben und großen Ausdruck animieren Thomas Olbricht seit 30 Jahren zum Sammeln abstrakter Kunstwerke unterschiedlichster stilistischer Couleur. Aus den über 350 Arbeiten 90 verschiedener Künstler seiner Sammlung präsentiert er eine Auswahl seiner aktuellen...
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    • KUKUL Award for the Yucatan's Contemporary Art

    • The KUKUL Award: Some legends concerning to the origin of the universe (PopolVuh), saying that the Quetzal (Kukul in Maya) was born of divine murmurs of the Gods to the blue-green tree leaves "Guayacán", hence flew, and in flight they adopted the form of this wonderful long magestic bird...
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    • Marlena Kudlicka, Ignacio Uriarte, Diogo Pimentão | 3/1/1

    • Event by ZAK BRANICKA

    • ŻAK | BRANICKA is delighted to present the group exhibition 3/1/1, a collaborative project between the artists Marlena Kudlicka, Ignacio Uriarte and Diogo Pimentão. Exhibition: Sep 10 – Oct 22, 2016 Opening: Friday, 9 Sep 2016, from 6 to 9 pm In our contemporary world there are no pure,...
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    • The Limited League of Wannabes

    • Event by Erratum Galerie

    • Company Fuck & John Deneuve present The Limited League of Wannabes Exhibition Opening Friday 9th September / 19h Exhibition 10th September to 16th September Welcome to the working space of two Superheroes. Well, a space where they are trying to be Superheroes. Or Superstars. Or...

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