• Cats Got the Cream

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  • Ready-made Future Cliche

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  • Selvage Shoreditch Squid Before

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  • OddFuture Fhoto of Booth Flannel Ethnic

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    • Submission are open for SAND issue 15

    • Opportunity by SAND

    • Submissions are open for SAND Issue 15, and we want you to be part of it! DEADLINE: January 15 2017 SAND is an international literary journal based in Berlin that publishes two print issues per year. Our contributors come from all over the world and include established and emerging writers,...
  • Odd City Episode Three: Cooking the Books in Kreuzberg

    In the third episode of Odd City Berlin, we visit a little-known sanctuary for English-speaking expats living in Berlin; a home away from home where visitors can curl up with a glass of wine and a good book, tell humiliating stories to a room full of strangers and gorge on homemade comfort food.   We... Read more »
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    • USB Shuffle Show 2017

    • |Open Call!| It's the USB Shuffle Show 2017, asking all of you to participate in this spectacular project! Simply save your amazing work to a USB and Just send it to us before 15th January to: INSTITUT FÜR ALLES MÖGLICHE / PO-Box 040780, 10064 Berlin / GERMANY Find out more...
  • Staff Picks # Impossible Worlds

    For this edition we have gathered some interesting impossible worlds. Impossible realities, other universes, impossible shapes. Let your imagination fly with each of these artworks! Paintings 2015 by Niels Jong   Mass Movement by Robert Houzar   You will fail by Patrick Henne   Land of Gods by Gabriela Emil   The floating city by... Read more »
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    • Project Manager (m/w)

    • Opportunity by Susanne Schmitz

    • wirDesign bietet dir die Möglichkeit, als Project Manager unterschiedliche nationale und internationale Kunden zu führen. Werde ein Teil unseres Berliner Teams. Bewirb dich jetzt. Das bieten wir dir _ Wir übergeben dir die Verantwortung, Projekte von nationalen und internationalen Kunden zu...
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    • Noize Fabrik 1 Year Anniversary

    • Event by Noize Fabrik

    • The Noize Fabrik Team cannot wait to share this incredible moment with our community: Our 1 Year Anniversary celebration! And its going to be a big one folks. We have invited some of the best and most memorable acts (which was really tough to select) to rock our stage once more! We cant...
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    • Debbie Davies Exhibition at LiTE-HAUS Galerie

    • December 10-21 LiTE-HAUS exhibits the work of the owner, New York artist Debbie Davies in the rear room. The exhibition includes abstract paintings, paper assemblages, and photography from The I Love You Project which was conducted in Spain, Germany, and Ukraine. This exhibition might continue...
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    • Wahrnehmungen | Perceptions | Takt Winter Group Show

    • Event by TaktBerlin

    • Wahrnehmungen | Perceptions Takt A.I.R. Winter Group Show 2016 curated by Isolde Krams Freitag, 09. Dezember 19 – 22h at Tapir Sonntag, 11. Dezember 19 – 22h at POSSUM Ausstellung: .10.12. – 18.12.2016 Geöffnet: Freitag und Sonntag 16 -19h Curated by Isolde Krams Kunstraum Tapir |...
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    • Berlin U-Bahn Book Release Party

    • Event by kulturspace

    • **Limited space, must reserve ticket on Eventbrite** Come celebrate the release with us, and be among the first to discover this colourful underground journey. Claudio will speak about his experience documenting the stations, and we'll have softcover books on display, besides limited first...
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    • Open Studios December 2016

    • Event by GlogauAIR

    • Since it was founded in 2006 by the artist Chema Alvargonzález, GlogauAIR has been deeply committed to artistic experimentation, innovation and dialogue interchange. Open Studios December 2016 will expand this rich creative dialogue to the public, by allowing people to step inside the...
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    • PopUpKino #10 as Guest Event in the next GlogauAIR Open Studios

    • Event by Irene Cruz

    • The 10th edition of the Video Art Festival will be hosted by GlogauAIR (Berlin), a space where artists from different disciplines collaborate through artistic residencies. Pop up Kino will be the guest event in the frame of the last Open Studios of this year that is usually held every three...
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    • Blue Years

    • Event by HilbertRaum

    • In the exhibition "Blue Years", Feriel Bendjama examines the social consequences of a possible seizure of power by right-wing populists in Germany. What would happen if a right-wing populist party ruled Germany? This question is the starting point for Bendjama's future vision. Inspired by an...
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    • Opportunity by Artconnect

    • Artconnect is looking for a full-time Communications Intern! When? We need a full-time intern starting from April for at least 3 months. We are a small company full of new exciting projects! You will get a close insight into Berlin’s creative scene, we will pass on to you all our knowledge...
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    • Open Call : Connected by Fransastic - Artists

    • Open Call : Connected by Fransastic - Artists 2017 For all Artists Worldwide. Are you looking for your international breakthrough but don't know where to begin or who to contact ? Then join the Open Call : Connected by Fransastic - Artists for 2017. With Connected by Fransastic we will...
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    • Opportunity by ArtMaze Mag

    • ArtMaze Magazine is pleased to announce an open call for the February 2017 International print Issue! www.artmazemag.com
 DEADLINE: 20th December 2016
 HOW TO APPLY: please proceed via the online submission form http://artmazemag.com/call-for-art/ ArtMaze Mag's goal is to support the...
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    • Shark Light sculptures

    • Project by Marko Gavrilovic

    • Studying the nature of sharks, I became fascinated with the similarities between sharks and humans, portrayed through their common struggle for survival and predatory instinct. Although known as predators, sharks are a human pray now. They are beautiful, yet dangerous creatures due to their...

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