• Must-See Festivals on Film and Drama this April

    Artconnect Berlin - achtung berlin - picture from the film CALIFORNIA CITY
    This April is booming with unique festivals in Berlin, and they all come together as celebrations of cultural diversity and international communities, placing a special focus on film and new drama. So why not take advantage of the newly arrived Spring and reserve your ticket to one of them? achtung berlin – new berlin film... Read more »
  • Event of the Week: Goth-Opera “Hören: Miscontinuum” at Volksbühne

    Artconnect Berlin - Event of the Week - Volksbühne - Miscontinuum - Copyright Volksbühne
    This time as Event of the Week we chose for you a curious concert performance from the program of Volksbühne called “Hören: Miscontinuum”. The show is labeled as Goth-Opera but in reality falls somewhere in the dark void between these two genres. Check out this elusive experimental concert at Volksbühne on the 5th of April... Read more »
  • Review on Berlin Alternative Fashion Week 2015

    After spending just a bit less than 12 hours at all the Alchemy show last Saturday, I came home inspired, entertained and with the enhanced wish to throw myself into a pile of glitter. Wow, I can barely find any words to describe what happened there: a big statement for fashion and art, the most... Read more »
  • Your Artconnect Berlin Easter Weekend!

    Artconnect Berlin - Easter 2015 - Kunkerkranich Copyright Kunkerkranich
    Many people are packing their bags and going away, but they are the ones missing out because in Berlin there is a super fun weekend on the horizon. For this Easter mini vacation ahead of us, Artconnect wants to make sure you don’t miss any of the super cool events going on in the city.... Read more »
  • Win 1×2 Tickets to the Secret Launching Party by KeplerStudios

    Artconnect Berlin - Artconnect Berlin Weekend - KeplerStudios - Secret Launching Party - Copyright Marie Staggat
    Kepler Studios are a mysterious newcomer in the Berlin underground music scene, who aims to deliver unique music experiences. With the occasion of their launch, they will be organising a very exclusive party that seems very promising: experimental electronic music, an amazing location (an abandoned cinema from the 70’s). Find out more about them and about... Read more »
  • Event of the Week: Performance Night at Martin Gropius Bau

    ZERO im Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin.Foto: David von Becker
    Everybody fantasizes about a night in a museum, but this one’s unique! This Saturday, you can take your chance to experience live performances in one of Berlin’s most absorbing buildings, the Martin Gropius Bau! The exhibition ‘ZERO’ will be open for twelve hours and you get entertained by dancers, opera singers and musicians! Find out more about... Read more »
  • Win 1×2 Tickets to Lakino Short Film Festival

    Artconnect Berlin - Lottery - Lakino Short Film Festival - 'Japonesita' Copyright Lakino
    Lakino Short Film Festival is back for its fifth edition this year and is aiming to prove that spring is too short to watch long films! Between the 22nd of April and the 26th of April 2015, Lakino is inviting you to check out their fresh and exciting selection of short films including the best... Read more »
  • Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend!

    Artconnect Berlin - Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend - Exhibition Robert Morat Galerie - Ax:Knife - Copyright Ron Jude
    Why holding your breath till Friday? Start off your weekend feeling on Thursday! This week’s ‘Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend!’ is packed with satisfying activities. The opening of the photo exhibition by Ron Jude, an electronic live-experiment in an abandoned 1970s cinema, the Open Day at BIMM Berlin and a screening at Sputnik Kino. So really,... Read more »
  • Staff Picks! # City- and Landscapes Edition

    Artconnect Berlin - Staff Picks! #Scapes Edition - Göksu Baysal - Istanbul Reloaded
    The photographs in this Staff Picks! # City- and Landscapes Edition evoke a sense of stillness, yet fatality, that will enchant your eyes and lead you to think further in the back of your minds. The interest in human presence within the environment bonds these five photographers’ representations, as well as their attempt in portraying distinctive perceptions of... Read more »
  • Monday Opportunity: ’40 Berliners’ by Michael Wickham

    Artconnect Berlin - Monday Opportunity - Michael Wickman '40 Berliner' - People series - Copyright Michael Wickman
    Michael Wickham, a very talented London based photographer, is looking for all kinds of artists to photograph in their own creative environment. His project ’40 Berliners’ will feature 40 different Berlin based artists, musicians, designers and other creatives! Read on and be part of this amazing photo project! Michael decided to become a photographer, when... Read more »
  • Win 1×2 Tickets to A MAZE.

    Artconnect Berlin - Lottery - A MAZE 2015 -Copyright A MAZE (6)
    Video game lovers get excited because the fourth International Independent Videogames Festival A MAZE. is taking place in Berlin between the 22nd and the 25th of April.  They have prepared for you a super exciting four-day program so read the interview Artconnect did with the founder of the festival and learn how to win 1×2... Read more »
  • Spotlight on Angela Kaisers

    Artconnect Berlin - Spotlight - Interview by Lorena Juan - Constell 10 -Copyright Angela Kaisers
    In this Spotlight, writer and art mentor Lorena Juan did an exciting interview with artist Angela Kaisers! On the occasion of her solo exhibition at Kleiner Salon, opened the 9th of April, Kaisers answered some questions about her singular working method and the materials her dreams are made of. Read more and take a look into her mind. How... Read more »
  • Event of the Week: Michael Beutler at Hamburger Bahnhof

    Artconnect Berlin - Selected Events - Event of the Week - Hamburger Bahnhof - Copyright La Loge, Brussels; Michael Beutler
    We all love Hamburger Bahnhof! This Thursday evening, on the 16th of April, they are opening the solo exhibition by Michael Beutler in the historical hall of the museum. This installation-based exposition is like a sculptural intervention! The artworks completely transform the space, which will absorb you and give you an alternative perception! In this exhibition at Hamburger Bahnhof, Michael Beutler... Read more »
  • Review on Alicja Kwade’s Solo Exhibition at Johann König

    Alicja Kwade is a unique artist who creates parallel worlds through her art, and unnoticeably guides your mind into thinking about matters of time, existence and the construction of reality. If I intrigued you with this description, read our review of her amazing solo show at Johann König, called “Something absent whose presence had been... Read more »
  • Where Creativity Happens @ Wednesday Paper Works

    Artconnect Berlin - Where Creativity Happens @ Wednesday Paper Works - Jenny & Chrish
    Two creative sisters, Jenny and Chrish, two worlds, bookbinding and design, one material, paper! From the winning combination of these elements Wednesday Paper Works has come to life. On a Wednesday (!!) afternoon we had the chance to visit their workshop, and we are happy to share now our experience and impressions with you! Wednesday Paper Works is a... Read more »
  • Spotlight on Nicolas Balcazar

    Artconnect Berlin - Spotlight - Walls 5 - Copyright Nicolas Balcazar
    Nicolas Balcazar, a great German/Peruvian photographer, deserves a spotlight! Nicolas stands on his own in terms of style and the way he uses the camera. He is always able to excite the audience with his concepts and quality. We admire his double exposure photographs and the magical way he works with light. Read on, get to know... Read more »
  • Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend!

    Artconnect Berlin - Selected Events - Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend - C:O Berlin - Pará State - Copyright Sebastião Salgado
    Are you ready for the next ’Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend!’? You better be! Because this weekend you don’t want to miss out on ‘GLITCH Vol.8’ a dark night in Cosmic Kaspar, an amazing exhibition opening at C/O Berlin, the solo exhibition by photographer Vincent Buller and you have the chance to meet artist Viktoria Sorochinski... Read more »
  • Staff Picks! # Secret Edition

    Artconnect Berlin - Staff Picks! #Hidden Eyes edition - Rian Davidson - Daniela
    They say our eyes are the mirror of our soul: in this Staff Picks! # Secret edition, a shade of mystery keeps us from understanding and coming closer to these souls, whose eyes are hidden from us. The portraits of these five artists will encourage you to imagine which secrets might be sheltered behind these fleeting glances. Keep on sharing your projects on... Read more »
  • Monday Opportunity: Supply for ART2GO at B.AGL art fair

    Artconnect Berlin - Awesome Opportunities - Monday Opportunity - B.AGL Art Fair - Copyright B.AGL Art Fair
    Berlin. Art Goes Live is an independent international art fair at Postbahnhof from the 30th of April till the 3rd of May! It introduces new concepts and shows international trends in art! ART2GO is one section of the art fair, and offers upcoming artists a spot to sell their artworks for an affordable price. So be part of B.AGL by submitting for ART2GO! But be quick, because... Read more »
  • Win a Lucas Zanotto Print by Pictoplasma

    Artconnect Berlin - Lottery -  Pictoplasma 2015 - Copyright Lukas Zenotto
    Berlin is once again the epicenter of character design in illustration, animation and art with the 11th edition of Pictoplasma Berlin Festival 2015, which will take place from the 29th of April till the 3rd of May 2015, at several locations in the city. Read further to find out more about the artists presented, the... Read more »

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