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    • Artist Talk Program: Color Dialogue, art and travel_Yoh Nagao

    • Event by KUNST TALK

    • ●Title: Color Dialogue, art and travel KUNSTMAL LAB invites Japanese artist Yoh Nagao for KUNST [말] - Artist Talk Program on September. 2016. Based on the entire theme ‘’Color Dialogue, art and travel’’, Yoh Nagao would introduce his works and share various experiences during his...
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    • Event by HilbertRaum

    • HilbertRaum is pleased to present a group of life-size paintings of rodeo bulls by New York based artist, Arthur Cohen. The exhibition is curated by Daniel Wiesenfeld. Cohen has created these works without the use of brushes or other traditional painting tools, devising instead a technique...
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    • Alexandre Haefeli | Company of Men

    • Event by The Ballery

    • The Company of Men 30 Sep – 30 Oct 2016 Opening, September 30th, 6:00 PM In The Company of Men, Alexandre Haefeli takes interest in the representation of the male body and its relation to eroticism. Playing with the spectator’s amorous and voyeuristic gaze, his photographs intend to...
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    • στην Πλαζ/ at The Beach

    • Project by Eva Giannakopoulou

    • στην Πλαζ/ at The Beach /Video, 3'31'', 2016, Ithaca, Greece I am at the beach of an island dressed with liturgical orthodox vestments, hugging my son and a video camera. Approaching the mother-son relationship as a necessary and ambiguous -yet implicit- erotic conjunction, I explore the...
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    • Photo and Videographer for Art Start-Up

    • Opportunity by coGalleries GmbH

    • Photo and Videographer for Art Start-Up Early-stage arts Start-up is looking for a photographer with a huge passion for the arts! Starting as soon as possible. This is a unique opportunity to participate and learn from a Berlin Start-up whose passion is to empower artists who in turn will...
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    • Office Manager/in / Buchhalter/in / Produktionsassistent/in

    • Opportunity by Rekorder

    • Wir suchen ab September eine motivierte Office Managerin/ Buchhalterin/Produktionsassistentin in Vollzeit. Einarbeitungszeit und Übergabe im August. Im Idealfall suchen wir jemanden, der all diese Aufgabengebiete übernehmen kann, können uns aber auch vorstellen sie auf zwei Positionen...
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    • Phil Collins: Delete Beach (Screening & Installation)

    • Lemming or Burner — how will they remember you? “Delete Beach“ is a futuristic tale set in the near future of a schoolgirl who joins an anti-capitalist resistance group. In a society in which carbon-based energy is outlawed but which continues to toil under the regime of expansion and growth,...
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    • Festival: The Aesthetics of Resistance – Peter Weiss 100

    • Festival with Judica Albrecht, AlexandLiane, Halil Altındere, Mareike Bernien, Boris Buden, Guillermo Calderón, Volkan Cidam, Phil Collins, Ekaterina Degot, DJ T**lin, Ion Dumitresco, Nicoleta Esinencu, Liz Fekete, Oliver Frljić, Bogdan Georgescu, Alex Gerbaulet, Enna Gerin, Fabian Hinrichs,...
  • Review on ‘World on Wire’ – Julia Stoschek Collection Berlin

    Artconnect-Review-on-Julia Stoschek Collection Berlin – Wu Tsang – Still of A Day in the Life of Bliss- Photo by Darja-Zub
    In June, Julia Stoschek opened a temporary satellite exhibition in Berlin. With ‘World on Wire’ (Welt am Draht), the collector from Düsseldorf Stoschek fascinates Berlin with an outstanding media show devoted to exploring the influences of digitalization on society and what we know as reality, identity, and the environment. Representing artists, such as the collective K-HOLE,... Read more »
  • abc – art berlin contemporary 2016 insides

    Artconnect -abc-2016 © Artconnect
    This years edition of the abc during Berlin Art Week represents 100 galleries from 17 countries and their individually curated positions towards contemporary art around the globe. Initially organized by Berlin based galleries as their free platform for art, the fair has become one of the most valuable, not only for the German market for contemporary art... Read more »
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    • Retraining

    • Project by Davide conte

    • Project against modern gentrification. The project sets a natural element like the moon to construction elements. The photos are manipulated using techniques of postproduction.
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    • Chat Noir//Momentary Continual

    • Project by Joseph Wright

    • I am proud to show you my newest release. A video for "Momentary Continual", from our new album "Nine thoughts for one word" by Chat Noire. Shot in Berlin. Directed by Joseph Wright Model: Valentina Culley-Foster Produced by: Grin & Bear Films Music by Chat Noir Michele Cavallari –...
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    • Oh Father [Douglas Dare]

    • Project by Ouroboros

    • Music Video by Ouroboros Direction: Jeremy Carne & Nikolas Kasinos Cast: Douglas Dare, Christopher Paepke DOP: Péter Garajszki 
Focus: Bastian Kempf Assistant Director: Camila Chaves Production Assistant: Alexandru Schiau Post: Jeremy Carne & Nikolas Kasinos Special thanks: Nicole...
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    • Torsten Schumann // MORE CARS, CLOTHES AND CABBAGES

    • Event by Torsten Schumann

    • BOOK LAUNCH & Exhibition Opening Friday, September 16th, 7pm @ 25books . Come and have a drink! ...and find many fantastic photo books. . Description by Hannes Wanderer, Publisher Peperoni Books: The ludicrous story about a black dot and a passport control that starts the book...
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    • Art Week Modernity

    • ART WEEK MODERNITY We are people of modernity. There are endless possibilities to express this. Modernity, in this context, refers to the urbanisation of the industrial buildings of the past. The original purpose of the buildings are forgotten and cast aside, leaving a vacuum and a space...
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    • GEORG ETTL - Early works from 1960s and 70s

    • OPENING RECEPTION You are cordially invited to the opening on Friday, September 16th, 2016, 6 - 9 pm ABOUT THE SHOW Contemporary art often asks the question: What are things and how do we co-exist with them in our world? It takes into account the autonomy of objects that are created, exist,...
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    • Single

    • The Galerie Guido W. Baudach is pleased to present Yves Scherer's second exhibition at the gallery. Titled “Single”, this show sees a development of his sculptural language away from the statical and a continuation of his interest in the porous boundaries between media, virtual space, and...
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    • Comfort Zone

    • Project by OLGA KOZMANIDZE

    • Idea The performance creates a surrounding for collective research, in which each participant, the artist as well as the viewer, is allowed to test the limits of habitual behaviorist models and assess their readiness to acquire new experience and assume a new role entailing unexpected reactions...
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    • Open Position: Managing Gallery Curator

    • Opportunity by Martin Reiche

    • Open Position: Managing Gallery Curator EN: (German below) We are looking for a Managing Curator for Green Hill Gallery in Friedrichshain (near U Frankfurter Tor), a young, up-and-coming gallery devoted to showcasing beautiful and thought-provoking contemporary and traditional art positions...

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