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    • FIXATIONS - Mette Juul & Rasmus Søndergaard Johannsen

    • Event by Galerie Kuchling

    • At first glance the works of Mette Juul (*1977, Randers) and Rasmus Søndergaard Johannsen (*1982, Brovst) have little in common. Juul works with photography, film and ready-mades. Johannsen creates large-format woven tapestries and sculptures made out of nylon nets and metal. Their similarities...
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    • Le Grand Nu

    • Event by Jarek Lipski

    • Reinterpreted in various styles throughout history, the human figure celebrates its return with artists such as Jenny Saville and Shane Wolf. As human figure continues to inspire and challenge many artists, we are delighted to present the “Le Grand Nu” exhibition. The exhibit brings together the...
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    • Opening - Peau de silence

    • Event by BARBARA P

    • BARBARA P. solo exhibition Peau de silence 13.11. | 7:00 pm, | Opening 17.11. | 5:00 pm | Closing FROM 11.11 TO 19.11.2018 1:00 - 10:00 PM Barbara P.’s first solo show will take place at coGalleries in Berlin, from November 11th till November, on Torstraße 170, 10115 Berlin Mitte. The...
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    • Sophia Zarders Solo Exhibition -Tinsel Angels

    • Event by SomoS Berlin

    • SomoS presents Tinsel Angels, a solo exhibition of paintings, illustrations, and an animation from artist-in-residence Sophia Zarders. Opening: 13th November 2018, 18:00-21:00. With a tinge of humor, Tinsel Angels combines Sophia’s newfound daily life living in Berlin with her constant...
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    • Maisa Moi - M5B5W5Q

    • Event by galerie pleiku

    • 13.11.-1.12.2018 Maisa Moi - M5B5W5Q Five different colors of Black, Five different colors of White and five Questions Opening: 13.11. 19-21h, Welcome-Willkommen With my works I search for the manifold feelings that the world around me is generating. I usually express myself in something...
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    • SONIC SPACE: Natalie Sandtorv

    • The second installment of the exhibition series SONIC SPACE features Natalie Sandtorv's first work in the medium of sound installation, created specifically for Geoff Stern Art Space. For Sandtorv, the human voice has no limitations, and she builds a universe in her sound installation IT...
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    • Opening: Ulrich Gebert - Gestalt | Vera Kox - along the line

    • Event by Galerie KLEMM'S

    • We are pleased to present Ulrich Gebert's fourth solo exhibition "Gestalt" at the gallery. In our showroom, we will showcase Vera Kox' works in "along the line." Gestalt consist of 62 photographs that were produced in a period from 2010-2018 – the same number that renowned photographer Albert...
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    • Hybrid Talks XXXII "Learning"

    • Event by Hybrid Plattform

    • The idea of “learning” is omnipresent in the university setting, but in life outside of institutions of education and research humans learn as well. What exactly do we mean by the term “learning”? How can the process be assisted by means of specially designed learning spaces, digital tools and,...
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    • John Zurier | Etchings & Monotypes

    • Opening: 24 November 2018, 6 – 9 pm With artist talk between John Zurier and Mark Gisbourne (art historian and curator) at 7:30 pm Exhibition: 24 November 2018 – 2 February 2018 “What I like about etching is that it is a mental and physical construction involving both a direct and an...
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    • Echorauschen - Carla Pohl at LiTE-HAUS

    • Recurring, echoing, associative images revolve around the question: What does it mean to become a woman? They confront the viewer with a morally false sexuality, seduce him - echoing mythology - and lead him to share the melancholic and quite silent feelings behind and in front of the camera. The...

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