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    • "Trumpocalypse - What Now"?

    • Opportunity by Dan Alvarado

    • OPEN CALL TO ARTISTS TO EXHIBIT IN THE HEART OF NYC FOR SPECIAL ART EVENT! SUBMISSION DEADLINE - JAN 6, 2017 According to the Urban Dictionary, the definition of Trumpocalypse is “The catastrophic destruction or damage of civilization following the election of Donald Trump as president of the...
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    • Call for Artists - "Rhetorics of Resentment" photography entry

    • Opportunity by BPD

    • Hello from the Berlin Photography Diary.   BPD was founded by Hemera, with the aim of giving a go-to guide to photographic events in Berlin. We are also present in London, New York and Los Angeles, and we are very pleased to announce our forth exhibition at Carmel by The Green, as part of a...
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    • Internship for Creative Content (English)- Art Start-up

    • Opportunity by coGalleries GmbH

    • Internship for Creative content (English) - art start up Early-stage Arts Start-up is looking for an intern with a huge passion for the arts! Starting as soon as possible. This is an unique opportunity to participate and learn from a Berlin Start-up passionate about empowering artists and...
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    • Editorial for L'OFFICIEL HOMMES Germany Fashion Editor: Christian Stemmler Photography: Sabrina Theissen Set Design: Kristine Alksne Hair & Grooming: Hauke Krause / Kult Artists Models: Boyd Gates / Nest Model Management, Oskar Landstrom
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    • Build your Website

    • Opportunity by betahaus Berlin

    • What: Build your website When: January 16th, 18th & 23rd // from 6:30 - 9:30 pm Learn to build in WordPress In an easy step-by-step process and in only 9 hours total (3 sessions á 3 hours), you will learn exactly how to build websites and blogs. We actually believe that WordPress is the...
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    • Event by MAGIC BEANS

    • January 13 - February 12, 2017 Opening reception: Friday, January 13, 6 - 9 PM Magic Beans is pleased to announce Sang Woo Kim’s first solo exhibition, IF YOU SEE ME NOW YOU DON’T. This exhibition comprises a body of new paintings, photography and video work that reflect the artist’s...
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    • Glueheads#5

    • Event by Robin Anelor

    • GlueHeads#5 - Exhibition & Release One day/ One exhibition/ One Zine. 19h - Opening 21h - Live Sound collage performance by Rinus Van Alebeek GlueHeads Exhibition#5 is taking place for one day with Bill Noir, Linda Werner / hitchhikeheart, Cem Ulug, Adrian Wylezol, Jean Leblanc, Rachael...
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    • 10th British Shorts Film Festival in Berlin

    • Event by Lichtspielklub

    • British Shorts Film Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary with the most exciting new short films from Great Britain and Ireland. From drama, comedy, animation, thriller, horror, experimental film and music ­videos to documentary films, all genres are represented. There will be films made by...
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  • Cats Got the Cream

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  • Ready-made Future Cliche

    Ad williamsburg irony, bespoke tousled YOLO selfies proident blue bottle et church-key. Small batch typewriter velit readymade. Fanny pack godard YOLO VHS Austin irony bespoke, you probably haven’t heard of them fashion axe church-key wes anderson kale chips four loko. Brooklyn blog synth whatever. Gluten-free quinoa selfies carles, kogi gentrify retro marfa viral. Irony plaid deep […]
  • Selvage Shoreditch Squid Before

    Stumptown aesthetic aliquip, vice +1 dolor do skateboard plaid mumblecore. VHS odd future excepteur YOLO forage. Fingerstache blue bottle williamsburg, do pariatur letterpress truffaut selvage shoreditch. Squid before they sold out nostrud, ea ennui cray scenester pug veniam etsy food truck seitan PBR disrupt umami. Banjo laborum hoodie, skateboard nostrud neutra cupidatat. Ad williamsburg irony, […]
  • OddFuture Fhoto of Booth Flannel Ethnic

    Gluten-free quinoa selfies carles, kogi gentrify retro marfa viral. Irony plaid deep v vegan carles small batch thundercats aesthetic. Semiotics lo-fi meh dreamcatcher, vice truffaut 90’s retro. Aesthetic before they sold out put a bird on it sriracha typewriter. Skateboard viral irony tonx church-key. Blue bottle odd future readymade, pitchfork bushwick kogi Bicycle rights high life […]
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    • Submission are open for SAND issue 15

    • Opportunity by SAND

    • Submissions are open for SAND Issue 15, and we want you to be part of it! DEADLINE: January 15 2017 SAND is an international literary journal based in Berlin that publishes two print issues per year. Our contributors come from all over the world and include established and emerging writers,...
  • Odd City Episode Three: Cooking the Books in Kreuzberg

    In the third episode of Odd City Berlin, we visit a little-known sanctuary for English-speaking expats living in Berlin; a home away from home where visitors can curl up with a glass of wine and a good book, tell humiliating stories to a room full of strangers and gorge on homemade comfort food.   We... Read more »
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    • USB Shuffle Show 2017

    • |Open Call!| It's the USB Shuffle Show 2017, asking all of you to participate in this spectacular project! Simply save your amazing work to a USB and Just send it to us before 15th January to: INSTITUT FÜR ALLES MÖGLICHE / PO-Box 040780, 10064 Berlin / GERMANY Find out more...
  • Staff Picks # Impossible Worlds

    For this edition we have gathered some interesting impossible worlds. Impossible realities, other universes, impossible shapes. Let your imagination fly with each of these artworks! Paintings 2015 by Niels Jong   Mass Movement by Robert Houzar   You will fail by Patrick Henne   Land of Gods by Gabriela Emil   The floating city by... Read more »

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