• Monday Opportunity: Berlin Music Video Awards Open Call

    Artconnect Berlin, Monday Opportunity, Berlin Music Video Awards, winner quote
    Berlin Music Video Awards wants to send pop culture, elitist labels and mainstream to trash, rewarding grounded values such as originality, fresh concepts and quality instead. And what better way to illustrate this than locating a Kofta grill right next to the red carpet? The Festival Started in 2013, Berlin Music Video Awards is now at... Read more »
  • Event of the Week: Berlin X Reykjavik Festival by XJAZZ

    Artconnect Berlin - Event of the Week - Berlin X Rejkyavik by XJAZZ - Omar Gudjonsson - Copyright Ulla C. Binder
    If you were already counting the days to the XJAZZ Festival I have some good news for you. XJAZZ in collaboration with Extreme Chill is hosting the first ever Berlin X Reykjavik Festival. From 5 March till 7 March you can enjoy some of the best Icelandic jazz music presented on the stage of Neue... Read more »
  • Review on “Vivian Maier – Street Photographer” at Willy Brandt Haus

    Artconnect Berlin - Review - Vivian Maier - Willy Brandt Haus -july 24th 1954 nyc - Copyright Vivian Maier Maloof Collection, Courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York
    This week we have a real treat for everybody who appreciates street photography. For the first time ever in Germany you can see the works of Vivian Maier, the photography sensation that got everybody talking in recent years. Her captivating images and the truly fascinating story she has, made me feel the need to share... Read more »
  • Win 1×2 Tickets to Berlin Alternative Fashion Week 2015

    Artconnect Berlin, Lottery, Berlin Alternative Fashion Week, BAFW, Jylle Navarro
    Berlin Alternative Fashion Week is now back for a new portion of creativity and inspiration! Taking place between the 26th – 29th of March 2015, BAFW is not here to set trends, but to celebrate individuality and personal expression. Read more about the festival and try to win the 1×2 tickets to Alchemy with Artconnect... Read more »
  • Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend!

    Artconnect Berlin - Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend - MPA Fundraiser - DJ Aleator Photo - Copyright Der Capt'n der Farben
    Ready or not, here is Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend! If you thought that you will finally get an uneventful weekend so you can stay home and relax, you haven’t been more wrong. We have selected a workshop on bio-hacking and art practice, a super cool fundraising party, an introduction into composition via typography and to... Read more »
  • Staff Picks! #Painting Edition

    Artconnect Berlin - Staff Picks! # Painting Edition - My Painting by Carme Colldecarrera Codina
    This week we are focusing on painting and consequently, we have created our Staff Picks! #Painting Edition for you guys. Hope you enjoy these artists and that somehow they stimulate and encourage you to follow the hidden painter inside of you! Peace. My Painting by Carme Colldecarrera Codina Premature 2013 – 2014 by Giovanni De Benedetto... Read more »
  • Spotlight on Chiara Mazzocchi

    Artconnect Brlin - Spotlight - Chiara Mazzocchi -White Room Selfportrait - Copyright Chiara Mazzocchi
    Born in Italy and currently based in Berlin, the artist Chiara Mazzocchi fascinates with her photo/video self-portraits. She uses her body as a symbolic and psycho-physical mean to challenge controversial topics. Explore Chiara’s unique understanding of art and get inspired by this intriguing artist. Do you think you made the right decision when you left... Read more »
  • Monday Opportunity: Green Product Award Open Call

    Artconnect Berlin - Monday Opportunity - Green Product Awards - Office - SixE - Copyright Green Product Awards
    Are you looking forward to a greener future? Now is your chance to actively participate in the making of it by submitting your ideas to the Green Product Award open call. Channel your creativity to guide the course of sustainable development, and read on to find out how you can join the competition. Green Product... Read more »
  • Review on Kleister Weiber 2015

    Artconnect Berlin - Review - KLEISTER3
    Have you noticed beautiful photographs with a flashy pink frame yesterday, while walking in the streets of Berlin? With their event KLEISTER WEIBER 2015, Kaetha – the curatorial collaboration between hannah goldstein and Katja Haustein – creatively celebrated Women´s Day and this year´s UN theme “Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity: Picture it!“. Have a look at our review here. The invited photographers were asked to choose a... Read more »
  • Win 1×2 Tickets to “The Lake Presents #3: The Modular Synthesizer” at Roter Salon / Volksbühne

    Artconnect Berlin - Lottery - Volksbühne - Driftmachine - Copyright Tanya Mar
    The third event The Lake Radio hosts at Roter Salon/ Volksbühne is all about the modular synthesizer. Some of Berlin’s finest acts in the genre, will use this early ancestor of the electronic music to immerse you in an infinite world of sound where space and time have no meaning. Win tickets to this unique... Read more »
  • Event of the Week: A Book of Burning Matches at me Collectors Room

    Artconnect Berlin - Event of the Week - A Book of Burning Matches - Phyllida Barlow Expanse Installation 1987 - Copyright Edward Woodman
    ‘A Book of Burning Matches’ is the new extraordinary exhibition presented at me Collectors Room. Taking numerous forms, the displayed artifacts take you on a choreographed movement through the archive of the curators Nicolas de Oliveira and Nicola Oxley. When we heard about this exhibition, we had to share it with you! We all like... Read more »
  • Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend!

    Artconnect Berlin - Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend - ESDIP - El Bocho - Copyright ESDIP
    Had a hard week so far? Let us cheer you up with ‘Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend’. In this week’s selection you will find opportunities for a movie night out, partying till dawn and two great exhibitions to increase your status of an arts enthusiast. So check out our weekend suggestions and re-charge your batteries with... Read more »
  • Spotlight on Wolf Berlin

    Artconnect Berlin - Sportlight - Wolf - Copyright Wolf
    Wolf is a new film space in the heart of Neukölln. They started this project with the great idea and mission to encourage exchange between people who love cinema and also give attention to non-commercial projects and films that you will not find in regular theaters. However they are still in the midst of their... Read more »
  • Monday Opportunity: Art Aurea Offers a Paid Internship in Marketing/Social Media

    Artconnect Berlin - Monday Opportunity - Art Aurea - Copyright Laurens Grigoleit (2)
    This Monday Opportunity is for everybody with interest in applied arts and artistic design. The magazine Art Aurea is offering an amazing opportunity for students looking for an internship in Marketing and Social Media. Find out more here! Art Aurea is a bilingual magazine with focus on artistic design and sustainable manufacturing culture. It is... Read more »
  • Spotlight on Jan Rödger

    Artconnect Berlin - Spotlight - Jan Rödger -Freak in me - Copyright Jan Rödger (3)
    Berlin based videographer and director Jan Rödger definitely knows how to indulge the eye. He works on projects in many different fields like documentary, music videos and commercials but he always manages to give a new outlook to the regular. By playing with color and light Jan recreates reality in his videos and makes it... Read more »
  • Event of the Week: Festival Mythos Berlin

    Artconnect Berlin - Event of the Week - Festival Mythos Berlin - Copyright Corbis Images
    Most of us enjoy a wild rave but a celebration with class, oh well, that is a whole other thing! Konzerthaus Berlin is aiming to give you exactly that by taking you back to the roaring 20s and showing you the glamorous side of Berlin, with their exhilarating music and stylish fashion. Immerse yourself in the... Read more »
  • Win 1×2 Tickets to the Concert of Toro Y Moi by PUSCHEN

    Artconnect Berlin, Lottery, Toro y Moi, Puschen © Andrew Paynter 1
    Toro Y Moi started out as a graphic designer and came into the music industry in a sort of unplanned way, back in 2010. Right now he is about to release his fourth album, “What for?”. Read our article to find out more about him and take your chance to win tickets for his concert... Read more »
  • Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend!

    Artconnect Berlin - Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend - Super hero - Copyight Manuela Luise
    Spring is officially starting this week, so lighten up and check our fresh suggestions for “Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend!”. We have selected for you a fun event celebrating colours, a though-provoking exhibition, a very nice folk-rock concert and to finish off the weekend, an interesting course on photography. Take a look and enjoy! The 19th... Read more »
  • Staff Picks! #Ladies Edition

    Artconnect Berlin - Staff Picks! #Ladies Edition - Ines Kotarac - Drops against oblivion - 2014
    Staff Picks! is back, this time with the special #Ladies Edition ! In these beautiful and meaningful artworks, seven women allow you to have a glimpse into their lives. People, relationships, interactions and (dis)connections. The story told by their works will remind you of your own experience and inspire you to find the best creative way to express your own. Don’t forget, we are... Read more »
  • Spotlight on Halea Isabelle Kala

    Artconnect Berlin - Spotlight - Halea Isabelle Kala - Loved Ones Serie1
    Halea Isabelle Kala is a Berlin-based photographer, filmmaker and creative director of MUSÉ, a platform and community for creative and visionary exchange that she founded in 2013. Her works reflect an exploration of multiple realities and revolve around the concept of Transmodernity as the new era we are now entering into. Let her art and words touch... Read more »

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