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    • Opportunity by Fy

    • PHOTOGRAPHER AND RETOUCHER * ABOUT US * Fy is building the end-to-end mobile marketplace for lifestyle brands. We have one mission: to build the the most addictive, visual and seamless mobile shopping experience - from app to delivery. We’re now looking for an innovative, photographer...
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    • RHIZOMAT. Mona el Gammal

    • Die Narrative Spaces von Mona el Gammal sind angefüllt und aufgeladen mit Geschichten und Informationen. Texte, Objekte, Gerüche, Klänge und Lichtstimmungen geben den Zuschauer*innen eine individuell erarbeitbare Handlung preis. Man schaut nicht distanziert zu, sondern ist mittendrin und setzt...
  • Review on Georg Ettl at Jiri Svestka Gallery – Early works from 1960s and 70s

    Jiri Svestka Gallery, a small gallery hidden on the 3rd floor in front of the Blain|Southern Gallery, is a fine gem. Since the 16th of September in the context of the Berlin Art Week, they opened their doors to the exhibition of Georg Ettl, a German artist born on 1940 who migrated to the US to return during... Read more »
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    • Woodmas 2016

    • Event by Fernanda Parente

    • Join Berlin’s second Woodmas and celebrate the spirit of Ed Wood – famed Worst Director of All Time. Woodmas is the Woodian Christmas, the biggest day of the year for Ed Wood fans worldwide. It is a celebration of what Wood himself stood for – following your dreams, being proud of who you are...
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    • Nova Scotia

    • Event by HilbertRaum

    • With the exhibition Nova Scotia, HilbertRaum is proud to introduce new, emerging talent from Scotland to the Berlin audience. The artists have been invited through a collaboration with one of the premier sculpture facilities of Scotland, the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, which provides studios,...
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    • Beaty Heart - Kantine am Berghain - Berlin

    • Event by Melt Booking

    • // Melt! Booking, Intro Magazin, Herzmukke und MusikBlog präsentieren: // BEATY HEART + Support: Bayonne 11.10. Berlin, Berghain Kantine // 13,20 EUR | TixforGigs: http://bit.ly/TFGBeatyHeart // 13,90 EUR | Eventim: http://bit.ly/EventimBeatyHeart Das Londoner Trio Beaty Heart bringt...
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    • Retune Festival 2016

    • Event by Maria

    • The Retune Festival is an experimental laboratory at the intersection of Art, Design and Technology. Retune transforms a school building from the past into a playground of the futures. The space will be turned into experimental design studios, workshops, lecture halls, and offline...
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    • Creative intern

    • Opportunity by betahaus Berlin

    • Looking to get more hand-on experience in design installation for events? We’re searching for a creative and proactive maker to join betahaus team! You will develop a physical design project for betahaus interior with access to create in the wood workshop and hardware lab. You will be able to ...
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    • Open Call for performance

    • Opportunity by fabio

    • Performance artist with a message you want to scream it out? Then get in touch with us! Vaseline Factory looking to create an solid group of performance to act during our KItkat party . COSTUMES are massively desired for this edition, (sensual expression, hard , colorfull) ALSO we...
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    • Officina

    • Space by Claudia C

    • Officina is a new shared atelier and workspace for artists, designers and creatives of all disciplines. We are opening November 1st 2016 in Neukölln (close to S-Neukölln) and we still have some free spaces. To be able to meet everyones need for a bigger or smaller space to work we have...

    It’s October; Time for the European Month of Photography and Germanys largest festival for photography. Since 2004, it has been a biannual event taking place in Berlin. The idea was born from a European network of festivals dedicated to the medium of photography. This year Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH organized in close collaboration with Berlins cultural... Read more »
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    • A Diverging Frontier (Russia and its Neighbors)

    • Event by UP Project Space

    • Guided tour through the exhibition A Diverging Frontier (Russia and its Neighbors) made by the artist As a part of the European Month of Photography UP Project Space is very happy to announce its upcoming show: A Diverging Frontier (Russia and its Neighbors) by Justyna Mielnikiewicz 27...
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    • A Diverging Frontier (Russia and its Neighbors)

    • Event by UP Project Space

    • A Diverging Frontier (Russia and its Neighbors) combines two long-term projects realised over the past decade, presenting an in-depth look at the Caucasus and Ukraine – two former regions of the Soviet Union that have struggled to break away from Russia’s sphere of influence toward Western Europe...
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    • Runes

    • Event by Zirkumflex

    • With the exhibition “Runes” (September 30-October 30, 2016), Grems opens the first chapter in a series, taking up a carte blanche invitation to make unrestricted use of the Zirkumflex space and culminating in a mural and a limited edition collection of printed illustrations in collaboration...
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    • Artist Talk Program: Color Dialogue, art and travel_Yoh Nagao

    • Event by KUNST TALK

    • ●Title: Color Dialogue, art and travel KUNSTMAL LAB invites Japanese artist Yoh Nagao for KUNST [말] - Artist Talk Program on September. 2016. Based on the entire theme ‘’Color Dialogue, art and travel’’, Yoh Nagao would introduce his works and share various experiences during his...

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Instagram Screen Memories by Veronica Los Santos. "Sigmund Freud called “screen memories“ a particular kind of childhood memories. He distinguished between apparently indifferent and circumstantial childhood memories, and those which he identified as striking, important and emotionally relevant. In this process, the latter are veiled by those less significant memories, and according to Freud, this effect can be attributed to a resistance in the conscious reproduction of memories. This can lead to mistakes and falsification of those recalls." #photography #berlin #art @veronica_losantos any more works to upload? We'd love to discover your art better on artconnect.com!