• Rómulo Celdrán: 3D computer modelling

    Hi-RES is the title of a new series of works in sculpture and painting that explore visible reality through the analytical lens of 3D computer modelling.
  • “Still Life’s From The Real Life” By Francois Ollivier

    I'm a self-taught photographer, born in the south of France. I’ve lived and worked in Montreal since 2011. I wish I had a great story about inheriting my first camera from my grandfather or something like that, but no. I simply bought it in a store.
  • The Papa of Kotti

    He’s just doing his job: serving people from behind the counter of his small shop at Kottbusser Tor. He knows his core customers by name, and tries his best to help those in need. Meet Seydo Uzun, the ‘Papa’ of Kotti.

    Most of you know me. I’m an dealer/artist that manages Azucar and a dozen of other projects. My life is devoted to art, and it’s awesome. On a daily basis i’m in contact with amazing art pieces and am able to help artists mold their career. I take great pride in having offered most artists their first exhibition oportunity and, in many cases, their first sale. My focus is within emerging artists, and i love it.
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    • Opportunity by Artconnect

    • Submit your artworks for our weekly Staff Picks. Six to twelve projects will be featured on our blog under a different theme every week. The blog post will be also featured on the network, newsletter and shared on our social media. THEME - #PEOPLE We want to fill this week's staff picks with...
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    • Call for British Artists

    • Opportunity by The Ballery

    • Pop-Up Art Gallery Berlin is looking for British Artists based in Berlin for an exhibition in Autumn/Winter 2017 All artists are kindly requested to send portfolios or links to theballery@gmail.com Artists from all mediums are invited to apply.
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    • Call for Artists 2018

    • Opportunity by Gallery Korea

    • Apply to the Call for Artists 2018 from the Korean Cultural Center New York for a great opportunity to exhibit your work at the Gallery Korea next year! The Gallery Korea is a beautiful, versatile space located within the Korean Cultural Center New York; selected artists will be given a chance to...
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    • the dandy rose

    • Project by emmi bluhm

    • a portrait series– "In another life, I would be your girl We keep all our promises, be us against the world In another life, I would make you stay So I don't have to say you were the one that got away…"
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    • Solo Exhibition: Chunks of Soul

    • We're proud to present you our next artits Dario Jacopo Laganà with his exhibition "Chunks of Soul" which will be shown at our Coffee Lab on the 7th of july. Turning the crystal clear perfection of the matrix into a multi-layer imperfect portrait. To examine one's identity, one must place...
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    • Exhibition – Minute/Year (2017, January–June)

    • Minute/Year (2017, January–June) is an exhibition of outcomes from Minute/Year, a multi-year sound installation. This installation generates compelling sounds and images, for one minute every day, in an accumulating, automated process. Minute/Year (2017, January–June), the exhibition, will...
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    • FAV - BOOK RELEASE Friday, July 7 2017 / 19h @ Bücherei / Ackerstraße 18 / Berlin-Mitte Three years after the project ended we finally made it to finish the book to the project. A must read! Drei Jahre nach Abschluss des Projektes stellt das Institut nun das Buch "FAV" vor. Die...
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    • Event by AA Collected

    • AA-COLLECTED is turning one year old! To mark the occasion, we've wrapped up all of our favourite things into one extravagant affair and we're throwing a FASHION WEEK + BIRTHDAY PARTY! Come celebrate with us on the wicked Wednesday of Berlin Fashion Week, where we'll be having a photo...
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    • Limits of Knowing

    • Event by Gropius Bau

    • “Limits of Knowing” is an interdisciplinary programme exploring sensory approaches in art and science and merging these two fields. The selection of works moves beyond a solely visual focus and invites the viewers to enter different worlds of experiences that question and challenge our perception...
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    • Chris Salter + TeZ: Haptic Field (v2.0)

    • Die immersive Rauminstallation „Haptic Field (v2.0)“ ist ein multisensorischer Erlebnisparcours, in dem Tastsinn, Sehen und Hören zu einer gesamtheitlichen Erfahrung verschmelzen. Zunächst ziehen die Besucher*innen von dem Modelabel JNBY speziell entworfene Overalls an, deren semitransparente...
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    • Speisekino Moabit 2017 #9

    • Event by ZK/U

    • ∆ Film: ‘Paths Through Utopias’ by Isabelle Fremeaux, John Jordan & Kypros Kyprianou (Misc. with English subtitles) ∆ Menu: Utopian Surprise For food, please register via mail: speisekino@zku-berlin.org ∆ Curator: Virág Major Paths Through Utopias blurs boundaries between present and...
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    • You and the night // magazine launch & exhibition

    • Event by Lena Kunz

    • YOU and The night magazine launch& photography exhibition von jungen Fotografinnen und Fotografen des Lette-Vereins: Present Press 01 ist ein Nachtlager für Elena Breuer, Moritz Haase, Jette Hoop, Lena Kunz, Luis Nelsen und Kathleen Pt Pracht. PRESENT PRESS 01, „YOU and...
  • Staff Picks #Sand & Beaches

    For those who are not yet sipping some fruity drinks under a parasol on a beach, here is a little taste of summer dream. Put your shades on, it's gonna be sunny!

    Abbey Sacks is an Artist based in L.A. She is currently working on a project featuring queer/trans/non binary individuals and couples.
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    • Staff Picks #Pride

    • Opportunity by Artconnect

    • Submit your artworks for our weekly Staff Picks. Six to twelve projects will be featured on our blog under a different theme every week. The blog post will be also featured on the network, newsletter and shared on our social media. THEME PRIDE Be pride and submit before Sunday 2nd July...

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