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    • Omer Fast: "Reden ist nicht immer die Lösung"

    • Omer Fast (* 1972) gehört zu den markantesten Film- und Videokünstlern seiner Generation. Er kreiert in seinen Filmen eine Narration, die die Grenzen zwischen eigener und medialer Erzählung sowie aktueller und historischer Ereignisse in Frage stellt. Sein Werk verweist auf die Durchlässigkeit...
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    • Bartók Beyond Borders, Vol.2

    • Event by ensemble mini

    • mini-Lounge, DJ-Set & Late-Night-Premiere: British conductor Joolz Gale and his musicians let Bartók resonate in the historical catacumbs of the Musikbrauerei. The picturesque ruins, with their secret pathways, offer an ingenious backdrop to Bartóks Works. Spend a romantic autumn night by...
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    • Wedding Slam # 54 – Der Poetry Slam im Wedding

    • Event by Panke

    • Wedding Poety Slam Der nördlichste Poetry Slam in Berlin – MCs: Max Gebhard / Wolf Hogekamp DJ: Florian Forderschinken Einlass: 19:30 Start: 20:30 Eintritt: 5€ feature: • FELYX (Felix von Rautenberg) w/ • Danny Grimpe • Katharina Hubois • Moritz Schetter • Pansen • Lucas...
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    • The Alternative Art School Fair

    • Event by Iheap

    • Alternative Art School Fair November 17-19, 2016 Pioneer Works, New York The Alternative Art School Fair presents an introduction to alternative art schools from around the world. Art education is a reflection of social and cultural evolution; it engages with structures of...
  • Staff Picks # Art & Politics Edition

    The world is changing constantly – due to politics. On this week’s Staff Picks our network artists respond to global change at the heels of the current political debate in their art projects with a strong political message. Get inspired by our # Art & Politics Edition.   Climate Change by Evelyne Chevallier   Politics […]
  • One Night to Unite a City: Culture Night Belfast

    On any normal Friday afternoon, the streets of Belfast are sparsely populated, frequented only by shoppers and workers. At night they can be even quieter, with people just gathering around the pubs of the area. But one Friday in September is different.
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    • Made to Stray

    • Project by Owen Normand

    • Made to Stray is a series exploring the idea of finding our individual path through the unknown.
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    • Feministisches Theater Berlin

    • Opportunity by Ada

    • Wir gründen ein feministisches kleines Theater in Berlin. Wer unterstützt uns? Wir suchen Ideen, Schauspieler*innen; Leute mit Organisationstalent; Leute, die Lust haben sich mit Feminismus auseinanderzusetzen; und Strategien zu entwickeln, die Stücke losgelöst von Spielstätten aufzuführen,...
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    • Open Call for Berlin-based artists

    • Opportunity by BERLIN BLUE art

    • BERLIN BLUE art space is looking for up to 5 newcomers to show their works at our XMAS ART EXHIBITION + MARKET from Dec 9th-11th, Opening Dec 8th We are planning this as a casual event between exhibition and market with Glühwein, decoration, candlelight and music, where people can find...
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    • Open Call - GOING-INLAND 2 - contemporary art

    • Opportunity by GaleriaZero

    • OPEN CALL for Artists to participate in the exhibition GOING INLAND 2 in Tarrega ( Lerida-Spain) http://goinginland2.weebly.com _________________________________________________________ GOING INLAND 2 - TARREGA - will be realized in a large industrial hall of about 400 m2 situated near the...
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    • Streamers

    • Opportunity by Celeste Network

    • Show your project’s artwork and inspirational images, documenting online the relationship between artwork and its creative context. Each artist is free to choose the theme of his or her project. Join now, deadline is 7th December 2016. Full details:...
  • Waves, Sand, and Sunlight: Elizabeth McTernan on Mapping as Storytelling

      Elizabeth McTernan is a cartographer. Not in the traditional sense, but her artistic practice consists of intricate mappings of everything from the patterns of waves at the Baltic Sea, to the intensity of sunlight, to the ‘Death Zone’ in the Himalayas. At once scientific and diaristic, her solo show Altitude Sickness at Horse and […]
  • Review on Chiharu Shiota ‘Uncertain Journey’ at Blain Southern Gallery Berlin

    Chiharu Shiota´s bright red yarn installation in Berlin’s Blain Southern Gallery emanates a fascination you hardly can withdraw from. Not only because of the size and the unique character of the art piece itself (Shiota uses almost 360 000 meter of yarn) but especially because ‘Uncertain Journey’ crawls under the skin.  The yarn in red and […]
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    • Edmund Felson Gallery Open Call 2017

    • Opportunity by Edmund Felson Gallery

    • EDMUND FELSON GALLERY OPEN CALL 2017 The Edmund Felson Gallery is looking for project submissions from artists working across all disciplines in preparation for our 2017 programme. Successful submissions will be selected and shown on Auguststraße in Berlin. About Edmund Felson Gallery The...
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    • Che Spavento - Oh Schreck!

    • Project by Luca Di Battista

    • «Biagio vive lassù, ama abitare gli alberi. Meglio ancora se uno solo.» Children's Illustrated book Published by RAUM Italic (SPAZIO Corsivo) Text + Illustrations by me 21 x 29,7 cm | 32 pagine | disponibile in italiano e tedesco | ISBN 978-3-944858-24-1
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    • The Hunger series

    • Project by ITI

    • In the past, in order to feed themselves and their families and, thus, survive, men were hunters. In contemporary society, man has become both the hunter and the hunted. He spends an average 8 hours/day tied to his chair in his office, hungry to earn more so that he can afford a lifestyle...

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