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    • Salon Pilot e.V. cordially invites you to the opening of Ludovic Duprez's exhibition "Stone Iceland", this Friday, 19th of May, from 6pm at Studio Chérie, Neukölln. Multidisciplinary artist and fervent traveller Ludovic Duprez will be presenting artworks inspired by his solo trip to Iceland...
  • Henry Landers and the Secrets Behind a Good Print

    The sun is breaking through the windows of Henry Lander’s apartment, hitting the golden frames on his walls and turning the rooms into spectacles. He’s a printer and artist, currently printing artworks for Artconnect Art Subscription.
  • Pictoplasma 2017 – Impressions

    Pictoplasma turned Berlin into a playground for creatives last weekend, spoiling its visitors with colourful exhibitions, interesting workshops and inspiring artist talks. The collaboration between artists, galleries and the festival was impressively smooth and made the exploration of the different venues as nice as the sun was warm.
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    • Staff Picks #WATER

    • Opportunity by Artconnect

    • Submit your artworks for our weekly Staff Picks. Six to twelve projects will be featured on our blog under a different theme every week. The blog post will be also featured on the network, newsletter and shared on our social media. THEME WATER Sun is out! Put your shades on and dip your...
  • Staff Picks #Music Videos

    Get your groove on, in honour of the Berlin Music Video Award we have put together our own set. Show time!
  • The 10 Absolute Worst Ways to Die in a Hieronymous Bosch Painting

    If you believe in Hell, the image you have of it is probably from a Hieronymous Bosch painting.
  • “A Form Of View” By Yoav Friedlander

    My Grandfather Kurt fled Austria to Israel immediately after the Kristallnacht, served in the British Brigades during WWII and later in the Israeli Army.

    We caught up with French Canadian photographer Benoit Paillé to find out more about the process and thoughts behind his hypnotic imagery
  • LOLA Recommends: Art Events in May

    A whimsical maze of umbrellas, an evening of conceptual dance, and intimately playful photography are just some of this month’s top finds.
  • Laurence Jones: “Night Works” at Rebecca Hossack Gallery

    "Night Works will be a body of approximately 15 paintings around the idea of constructed narratives, exploring the subtle links that connect the painted scenes.
  • Discovering Eco-friendly Art for Earth Day

    Today is Earth day and it is a reminder that we have a responsibility as citizens to take care of our dear planet earth.

    We met up at Art von Frei with Peter Ungeheuer, guest curator for the exhibition Into the deep end.
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    • Berlin Music Video Awards 2017

    • Four successful editions are already behind the Berlin Music Video Awards. What started in 2013 as a local concept, has now become one of the biggest international music video festivals in the world. The BMVA are now proud to celebrate their 5th birthday. The 4-day festival will include...
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    • 13th PICTOPLASMA BERLIN 2017

    • Event by Pictoplasma

    • International Conference and Festival of Contemporary Character Design and Art May 10 – 14, 2017 Babylon am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, ACUD MACHT NEU, Urban Spree and a series of exhibitions throughout Berlin-Mitte berlin.pictoplasma.com CHARACTER UPLOAD The annual Pictoplasma...
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    • Lifestyle und Fashion Praktikum

    • Opportunity by Olaf Minkus

    • Praktikum PR- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit bei MINKUS PR Dich begeistern Mode, Beauty, Lifestyle und Du suchst ein (Pflicht-)Praktikum im Bereich PR – und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit? Dann freuen wir uns auf Deine Bewerbung! Wir suchen engagierte Praktikanten: • die idealerweise...
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    • Land of Milk and Honey by M. Herrmann

    • 10.06.2017: *LAST CHANCE TO SEE* !! *With artist Talk Live from NY* FK-Kollektiv welcomes you to the exhibit of our first resident artist Marissa Herrmann. This presented body of work is a small edit of a larger on-going project that began in the autumn of 2011 and continues to be revisited and...
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    • Chromatic Explorer /// Sense of Purple

    • Event by Das Gift

    • Katherine Stokes a.k.a. Chromatic Explorer presents Sense of Purple, the third in a series of exhibitions entitled Chasing Rainbows. In each exhibition in this current series she explores a single colour, with the buildings of Berlin´s residential and industrial areas as her central subjects....
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    • Event by Tiffany graham

    • EXIST ART SHOW OPING RESPIRATION OPENING SHOW FRIDAY MAY 12 7pm - 10pm GALLERY MAINOEUVRE Meraner Straße 10 10825 BERLIN This exhibition presents an all-women’s art show about the indulgence of sensuality. It dives deep into the artists’ perspective of the female body and...

    Laurence Philomène, the Canadian photographer who is known for her work about gender free and diversity will have her first solo exhibiton, Non-Binary Portraits, in Berlin next month.
  • Connecting Strangers With Their Stories

    What started as simple curiosity about which qualities bind the sense of who we are, Project_Who(?) has now become an ongoing series that celebrates the significance of everyone’s individual story.

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