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    • A Is Yellow

    • Project by Julija Goyd

    • A is Yellow is an ongoing collaboration between Anchovy (http://www.fromanchovy.com) and Julija Goyd. Born out of a simple curiosity of what language might look like, the collection of silk scarves suggests a literal way to speak through your appearance. Design of each of the pieces is defined by...
  • Diving Into Photographic Water with Matthew Coleman

    Water has always had a swirling presence in photographer Matthew Coleman’s life. From the childhood days spent on the south coast of England to now, standing in LiTE-HAUS Galerie’s bathroom in Neukölln photographing Julia Sabrowski in the bathtub water. The first time Matthew did a shoot like this he found the result too weird. Now, a couple of years later, capturing the interaction between his subject and water has become one of his biggest fascinations.

    Here to see the Eiffel Tower, baguettes or maybe some striped sweaters? Sorry (not sorry) to disappoint you - art is not about the cliches. Have a scroll and enjoy!
  • Spotlight on Teresa Duck by Create! Magazine

    Teresa Duck is a contemporary British painter, living and working in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England. She Studied at Northumbria University where she gained a BA Honours in fine art. Teresa’s work combines formal realist painting with abstracted elements, alongside working in sculpture and assemblage. Through which she explores identity and aspects of contemporary culture.

    Bárbara Moura is an illustrator natural from Lisbon, Portugal. Lately she’s been focused on digital drawing, and also striving for emotional drawings that can make the world a little better, therefore with much more political impact, concerning human rights, LGBT rights, feminism and world problems.

    Ilsa Brittain was born in the UK and led an international life for many years. She obtained her MFA from the New York Academy of Art in 2014. Then, after spending a couple of years in Vienna, Austria, she returned to the UK. Ilsa’s work has been exhibited with several galleries: the Flowers Gallery in New York, The Mall galleries in London, Lacey Contemporary Gallery in London, and has recently been selected to be part of ‘Art Rooms London 2017.’
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    • der Malfisch - Kinderkunstladen

    • Space by Der malfisch

    • Studio / gallery / pop-up store for sublet in summer 2017 93 m², € 1,700 / month (Incl. all utilities: electricity, water, telephone and internet) We run a children’s art space in the Weserkiez in North-Neukölln. In June, July and August 2017 (and possibly longer), we would like to sublet...
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    • Barcelona International Short Film and Video Festival 2017

    • Opportunity by BSF 2017

    • BSF is an international, juried short film festival based in Barcelona, Spain. BSF will screen outstanding short film, animation, docs, experimental and video art. We understand that some short film and video blur the lines of typical film festival categories, so we also enthusiastically...
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    • Opportunity by Natacha Le Duff

    • You are a musician / small band composing music in relation to colours ? You have a specific synesthetic approach of sound ? You are searching for an original place to play on the 21st of June ? Here may be our chance. The Museum of Colours organises its second exhibition in Flutgraben, Arena,...
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    • neverleavetheclouds - le voyage à nantes - photo production

    • Project by friedrich reip

    • every year, a citywide celebration kicks off the most recent edition of le voyage à nantes. a summer-long spectacle, the arts festival connects various performances, exhibitions, and installations, some of which are bound to stick around while most will disappear by the end of august. we roamed...
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    • Event by MAGIC BEANS

    • A Solo Exhibition by Stefano Bosis at Magic Beans Gallery By Frederica Maria Marrella “The only way to realize a dream is by waking up. Artists make people confront reality, that is why they have often been censored throughout history.” - Stefano Bosis Magic Beans Gallery is delighted...
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    • Algorave

    • The second Algorave in Berlin will take place on the 23rd of March at the Urban Spree (urbanspree.de), a venue renowned for its interest on the experimental and DIY scene. 13 algoravers from Berlin, Mexico, Norway, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium, Iceland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom will gather...
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    • deLight

    • Event by Dariya Susak

    • The deLight project is an environmentally-oriented light-art festival promoting sustainable lifestyles through contemporary art: we are establishing a new form of communication between eco-institutes, eco-initiatives, and audiences. Every year, the WWF movement called Earth Hour brings...
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    • Opportunity by OLIVIAKCOMPANY

    • LemoArt Gallery Berlin & the Cancan Brand (partnership company) are calling out for illustrators from all over the world to be featured as part of a new and exciting exhibition taking place in Berlin! The exhibition - Global Illustration Show 2017, aims to showcase illustration artists from...
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    • Upside Down Thinking

    • Opportunity by betahaus Berlin

    • What: Upside Down Thinking workshop When: 25th of March // from 11 am - 5 pm How to systemize audacious change In a complex and fast paced society, the impulse is to be “connected” with ongoing and rapid changes, moving faster and working harder. Contemporary issues, however, require deep...
  • Staff Picks #Inspiration Asia

    The cherry trees are blossoming in Japan right now and we're aching for some of that magic here. Get swept away by these artworks and let them take you across the globe!

    Despite, or perhaps due to its distinction some time in the mid to late-17th century, the dodo has enjoyed an almost mythic status in history, literature and pop culture. Known to us only through drawings and archeological findings, it began its rise to fame after its incarnation in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and now serves as a contemporary reminder of man’s ability to hunt a species to extinction. But dodo collector Rainer Dombrowsky, who has spent his life collecting dodo-related memorabilia, has found a way of keeping the ancient bird’s spirit alive. We talk to curator Lisa Gordon about her exhibition of his collection ‘Have You Seen This Bird?’ about the curatorial process, the bird as a symbol of colonialism, and the pleasures of collecting

    Gaëtan Lenain is an artist from France. After his fashion studies, it clearly appears to Gaëtan that he had a story to tell, visions to share, and so he began to draw « flashback of things that never existed » as artist Louise Bourgeois said once in Ode à l’oubli 2002. Gaëtan whole work is about boys, their bodies, and the way we represent and expect them.

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