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    • Life goes on

    • Project by Katherine Leung

    • Inspired by the quote "life goes on" Role: Choreographer, Scenographer, Director & Lighting Dancer: Aline Derderian Isadora projection: Emi Tse Photography: Katherine Leung
  • Spotlight on Frank Höhne in collaboration with iGNANT

    For those who still don’t know Frank Höhne, we would like to introduce you to his funny and unconventional illustrations. Frank Höhne is a Berliner illustrator working and living in Kreuzberg and one of the most recognised German illustrators working today. He often works with magazines and newspapers such as Die Zeit, Stern Neon, Dummy or... Read more »
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    • ART SPEAKS OUT 2016

    • Opportunity by ikonoTV

    • A 24-hour Video Program on the Environment After the successful response last year with more than 400 submissions from 23 countries, we are glad to announce the open call for our upcoming Art Speaks Out 2016 – ikonoTV’s video program entirely focused on the environment. Open Call Who can...
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    • Kulturmanagement / Projektmanagement

    • Opportunity by Public Art Lab e.V.

    • Public Art Lab sucht ab September eine/n motivierte/n Projektmanager/in für die Bereiche Kommunikation / Kulturmanagement. Zu deinen Aufgaben gehören: • Koordination internationaler Kulturprojekte und kuratorische Mitarbeit an Medienkunstprojekten • Pflege der externen (Website, Blogs,...
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    • Opportunity by Lula Valletta

    • OPEN CALL for PROPHIT ART ZINE ‘40 YEARS PUNK’ After, in last issue of Prophit, we celebrated 100 years DADA we will in the next issue celebrate 40 years PUNK. All kinds of analogue made collages from national and international artists are welcome. ABOUT Often regarded as the lowest and...
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    • Vanitas. a contemporary vision - Free entry call for exhibition

    • Opportunity by LoosenArt

    • Call for Photographers and Digital Graphic Designers. Take part of the group exhibition in Cagliari, ITALY. 1 - 10 November 2016 FREE ENTRY Vanitas - an opportunity for reflection on an theme known to art history, a theme through which Loosenart asks a contemporary interpretation of...
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    • Movement & Process Lab "Formless Selfies" (Free)

    • Opportunity by Sanja

    • As part of Transart Triennial, we invite you to FORMLESS SELFIES: A PROCESS LAB Location: Uferstudios Badstrasse 41A (Gate 1), Berlin Time: Friday, August 5th, 12 - 3pm By looking through the lens of the ubiquitous selfie we can see without naming, becoming formless and finding pleasure...
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    • art Writers needed!

    • Azucar is a online magazine and Art Gallery It was born in 2012 as a catalogue for emerging artists, to be downloaded on smartphones and tablets. Using an bimensual open call the works for each edition. Under this format we launched 6 editions with over 300 artists. Looking for dynamic ways...
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    • ‘Custom Paradise’ Exhibition October 2016

    • Opportunity by SomoS Berlin

    • Organized in conjunction with the acclaimed Porn FilmFestival Berlin, now in its 11th year, SomoS Art House is calling for submissions for an open call for performative projects and ephemeral installations as critical responses to the notions of fantasy, consumption of images, and the...
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    • (E-E) Evgenij Kozlov - E-E WEIGHT. SLEEP.

    • Exhibition (E-E) Evgenij Kozlov E-E WEIGHT. SLEEP. 4 June – 30 July 2016 The E-E WEIGHT. SLEEP. cycle – pronounced Ye Ye Weight. Sleep., the Russian original being Е-Е ВЕС. СОН. (ye ye vyes. son.) – consists of two parts, each giving expression to a dual perception, with each part...
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    • Julie Mehretu: Epigraph, Damascus

    • Niels Borch Jensen Gallery & Editions are excited to present the print shop’s first collaboration with American artist Julie Mehretu. Opening 29 April 2016, the monumental work entitled Epigraph, Damascus will see its inaugural exhibition in Berlin. Julie Mehretu’s points of departure for...
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    • KwieKulik – The Monument Without a Passport

    • Event by ZAK BRANICKA

    • Opening: Apr 29, 2016, 6 to 9pm (Zofia Kulik will be present) Screening: KWIEKULIK – documentary by A. Zakrzewska and J. Turowicz (2011) and videos by KwieKulik Apr 27 – Apr 30, 4pm at cinema fsk, Segitzdamm 2, 10969 Berlin ŻAK | BRANICKA is proud to present, in the frame of Gallery...
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    • Cristian Andersen & Amy Brener

    • Event by Wentrup

    • Cristian Andersen & Amy Brener Opening: 02 July 2016, 6 – 9pm (with a little Summer Party and Gin Tonic Bar) Exhibition: 05 July – 30 July 2016 The work of the Dane, Cristian Andersen, and the Canadian, Amy Brener, are seen together for the first time at Wentrup. Cristian Andersen’s...
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    • Event by WHITECONCEPTS

    • Greg Murr is fascinated by the outer reaches and the minutiae of the physical world, things so extremely beyond the reference of human scale, that if it weren’t for the sciences, we would be left uncomprehending. In something as seemingly facile as a peony bloom, he finds suggestions of radial...

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Instagram Discover Frank Höhne's work and see how he uses the new Huawei MediaPadM2. Seems like a quite handy thing to use for #illustrators. ‪#‎Huawei‬ ‪#‎MediaPadM2‬ Thanks @ignant for the pictures and video! http://ow.ly/HT9h302CBPr #berlin #art #design # MediaPad