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    • through the surface

    • Project by Matthew Coleman

    • An ongoing series that looks at the interaction between the surface and the submerged, of reflections that can multiply individual characters into the sundry sides of our self that we carry around with us.
  • Staff Picks # Figurative Painting

      Have you realized how it’s hard to find figurative painting anymore? If you have a gallery afternoon walk and dive yourself in contemporary art, you will barely find any exhibitions showing figurative painting, and even less with people on it. Somehow, I can’t avoid to relate this fact to the fact that we do not... Read more »
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    • 45sqm gallery space

    • Space by WHITECONCEPTS

    • AUGUST35 gallery space direct on Auguststrasse offers a 45sqm studio or exhibition space with a big storefront, high ceiling, small kitchen and bathroom. Perfect for presentations, pop up or other creative inventions. The space is available on temporary basis in the heart of Berlin's old gallery...
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    • Space by pablo

    • Hi!!, My name is Pablo R. Benitez, I am an architect and painter, and I would like to rent my space. Is a 13 m2 part in a co-working space with more artists and designer. Really nice atmosphere to work in a great spot in Neukölln. The cupboard make really easy tor storage and gives great...
  • Berlin U-Bahn, an underground journey of typography and color

      Did you know that there are 173 U-Bahn stations in Berlin? Have you ever been to all the U-Bahn stations of Berlin? I can certainly say I haven’t, but after discovering this book, I’m more motivated than ever to go see some of them, the designs are amazing. Berlin is a place with an... Read more »
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    • Night Sweats Comedy Open Mic #64 - Go Bananas!

    • Event by santiagoangel10

    • https://www.facebook.com/events/1880490872163218/ *** What is it? *** Berlin's dampest comedy open mic on a Thursday night. Here you'll see new comedians try comedy for the first time and professionals polish up older bits and try out new material! If you want to perform on the show...
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    • Languages EP Release Party

    • Event by Matt Brismontier

    • EP Release Party from the Electronica / Chillwave duo Languages at the brand new Bakermoon Studios in Berlin. The band’s debut-EP : "连体双胞胎" will be out on december 2 on Days of Being Wild (including remixes from Ewan Pearson & Days of Being Wild) The event is limited to 50 persons and is on...
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    • LWG Designer Evening

    • Are you a designer looking for a supportive team of web developers who can bring your ideas to life? Then we'd love to work with you! We're building a network of designers that we collaborate closely with over the long term. Come along to our kick off event to exchange ideas, share best...
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    • There’s this saying that just because something is traditional, there’s no reason whatsoever to do it. A fitting statement for Urban Art in particular, as it is about changing the existing parameters of how art can be valued and evaluated. The last weeks proved though, that the lunatics have...
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres: Andy Leomar’s Symphoniacs

    Berlin is a city of contrasts. Cultures, people and ideas all jostle for space, rub up against each other, and occasionally clash. It’s an atmosphere that allows experimentation and creativity to bloom, for new concepts to be born. Within this environment, it makes perfect sense that the seed for Andy Lutschounig’s Symphoniacs idea could not... Read more »
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    • Photo Challenge and Exhibition Opportunity

    • Opportunity by BERLIN BLUE art space

    • 20 - 29 Jan 2017 : People in the City - Photography group show by GURUSHOTS at BERLIN BLUE art space PEOPLE IN THE CITY The Photos in this exhibition are selected from the GuruShots "People in the City" Photography challenge. The exhibition will present works of 400 photographers from over...
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    • On Confluence by Jasmin İhraç

    • "In the beginning, there was Jack, and Jack had a groove. And from this groove came the groove of all grooves. And then one day while viciously throwin' down on his box, Jack rose and declared, 'Let there be House', and House Music was born. 'I am you see, I am the creator, and this is my...
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    • Sell your works on our online shop!

    • Opportunity by Artconnect

    • If you’re an artist, photographer, illustrator, musician, designer, maker or someone who would like to have your work sold on our shop, please upload your work using our submission tool. Please note that not all works will be published, but we do take the time to look at all of them. Please...
  • The top 5 Christmas Markets in Berlin

    Last weekend was the last Advent Weekend and the Christmas spirit seems to have installed itself throughout the city. Soon enough we’re all going to be frantically running through the city to find that special gift we’ve postponed until the last moment. And this weekend is your last chance to visit the unique Christmas Markets and fetch... Read more »
  • Spotlight on Mele de la Yglesia

    Mele de la Yglesia
    Mele de la Yglesia is a Spanish artist from the south of Spain, Cadiz. She moved years ago to Berlin and as it happened to many of us in Berlin, life happened to her here and ended up growing a family and staying here. At Artconnect we first met Mele at the very beginning of... Read more »
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    • Willow Waltz by Pablo Benzo

    • Event by BC GALLERY

    • BC Gallery is pleased to present „Willow Waltz“ a solo exhibition by Chilean artist Pablo Benzo, showing his latest oil paintings and sculptures. The opening reception will be on Thursday, November 24th, from 6 – 10 pm. The exhibition is open to the public for viewing through February...
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    • Harm van den Dorpel – Death Imitates Language

    • Neumeister Bar-Am is pleased to announce Harm van den Dorpel’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. This is the Berlin debut of his ongoing project ‘Death Imitates Language’, in which the artist closely collaborates with a self designed artificial intelligence. Van den Dorpel extracted...

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Instagram Graveyard Project / Mausoleum Sculpture N0.5 by Galvin Harrisson "Every stack must fit in its space, only given the same room as all the other stacks. Yet there are differences in the amount of materials, the opportunities given in a short or long lifetime. Some materials are used in a well ­planned manner, almost implying a spiritual enlightenment. Others are stacked in a chaotic way, seemingly not given enough time and passion to create something loveable or at least sympathetic. There is room for desire and ambition, justice and injustice, anger and bliss, tragedy and joy, and though we are not all given the same amount of resources, we can try to make the best we can of what we have in the period of time that we are given." #art #berlin #sculpture https://goo.gl/hRYfpp