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    Marga  ♦  16 Nov 18:08

    Dear friends....I'm living in the middle of NO WHERE....and is very nice!
    Last year I was in Berlin for more then 3 months..and was very exciting...but.....what more then a special location in Europe, fast to reachand quite cheap...compared to over ocean....
    Is possible to use it for painting project, sculpute, musicien who needs peace to compose, artist and actors who want to performe a nnew project.
    Very isolated, clean, peacefull, with all the basic stuff.
    I can help you with the language and the cooking.
    No need 4x4....almost...I have a normal city car (renault scenic):
    You can come by trein, bus, airplane,
    120km. from Bologna and 90 km. from Florence.
    18 km. from Bagno di Romagna (very touristic place)
    50 km. from RIMINI (also international airport connected with Berlin.
    We can talk on skype:
    Marga Salvi
    Let's be the first...even for Christmas.

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