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    katherine sultan erminy  ♦  27 Apr 15:05

    hey my name is Katherine Sultan, im a Producer Designer/Art director base in Berlin since three years, i looking for an atelier studio where i can realize my art projects, paint, draw, build, post produce and design perfect if i could have some privacy, i can afort 250 top.
    i would be happy to know more about the studio and come by for a tea.
    Here you can find my bio and a few links to my previews works.

    Best wishes!


    After finishing her studies of audio-visual arts, master in mix media, Katherine worked on her first feauture film as Art director _ el peor hombre del mundo (2014).

    Katherine came to Berlin with the intention of starting her carrier as filmmaker. During this period she began to work as Art director/ production designer, Collaborator and Concept/Visual/ Artist for many productions from short films, music videos, corporate videos and documentaries.


    Her work consist in creating imaginary worlds, conceptualizing the aesthetics of the film into visual ideas, creating atmospheres, designing the characters and realizing a creative vision for sets and locations to give a unique visual identity to the project.

    At present Katherine is in the post production of her first feature film project which she has written and directed totled, "All cats are Black in the dark", a meta film about the Berlin filmmaking community.

    Portfolio: https://youtu.be/yLmUhtayxAg