Nae Zerka

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ArtConnect Artist to Watch 2021

As a traveler of the analog digital synthesis, talented visual artist Nae Zerka never stops exploring. The artist's inspiration for his work are from digitalisation, along with graphic design and music. Himself he produced electronic music and became a techno DJ in legendary clubs. His work blends the design element with technology, graphic design with a painterly finish. His dynamic paintings represent opposites, they polarize and therefore they are rich in contrast. Things reflect each other and the explosive composition gives an expansive richness of shapes and forms. His work is a mixture of digital photography and painting, in conjunction with soft color gradients and gestural strokes and marks. Warmth, cool, frantic, quiet, dynamic lines and shapes are combined with colors and forms and finally merge into a overall explosive composition.

His abstract works of art challenge the viewer, the respective thought building of the viewer counts. In his works, which is often first created in painting and then digitally processed, Nae creates a transformed atmosphere that should let the viewer feel, sense and discover a new reality. His explosive and dynamic approach create a kaleidoscopic reality.