Xenia Gazi

Xenia Gazi has been living in various parts of the Arab World for the past 16 years – in Tunisia, Egypt and mostly in the UAE. This time has been an ongoing life changing and career-forming experience for her.
As an artist, but also as a curator herself, she is inspired by the culture, architecture and mesmerizing calligraphy and symmetry of the Islimi designs and patterns from across the Orient, Persia and the Arab world. Her art is her own story of 1000 and 1 nights, where the West meets the East and where mystique and beauty challenge each other. Every artwork is a window with a story behind where the interplay between thoughts, emotions, symbolism and meanings take place. Xenia focuses on details, which she believes are the signatures of her work in both; in her curatorial approach and execution and her sensitively planned expressionism of her artworks from the beginning to the last breath of emotion and passion that fill up space around her artistic being.

# curatorartist