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George Koynov

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Throw a falafel in any direction these days and you’re likely to hit a copywriter… or a DJ. Finding a copywriter who doesn’t copy and can actually write, now that’s a bit trickier. DJs and copywriters are very different, of course. One works all night in a dark claustrophobic space, making it look like he’s creating something original and cool, and the other one is a DJ.

Hi, my name’s George.

I’m a native-level English copywriter (and part-time DJ) with an American-Bulgarian background, living in Berlin, Germany. I specialize in writing entertaining blog posts, scriptwriting for TV/viral ads, authoring headlines, slogans and long copy for print and web, as well as brainstorming for sticky ideas and concepting for full-blown 360° campaigns. I’m also skilled at writing magazine articles, ghostwriting speeches, creating PR and B2B communication, writing and editing academic dissertations. I can do excellent German-to-English, Russian-to-English and Bulgarian-to-English adaptations as well.

I also make a damn good cup of hot chocolate.