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We built Playform to make AI accessible for artists. We want artists to be able to explore and experiment with AI as part of their own creative process, without worrying about AI terminology, or the need to navigate unguided through the vast ocean of AI and GAN-like algorithms.

Most generative-AI algorithms are mainly developed by AI researchers in academia and big corporate research labs to push the technology boundary. Artists and creatives are not typically the target audience when these algorithms are developed. The use of these algorithms as part of an artist’s work is an act of creativity by the artist who has to be imaginative in how to bend, adopt, and utilize such non-specialized tools for their purpose. At Playform we focused on building AI that fits the creative process of different artists, from the stage of looking for inspiration, to preparation of assets, all the way to producing final works.

We created Playform for you. What will you create with Playform?