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Daniel Hölzl

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(b. Austria, 1994) Currently living and working in Berlin.
Mart Stam / Deutschlandstipendium scholarship recipient 2020/2021.

For me art climaxes in tiny different moments offering to shift our relationships with the systems within we operate.

I work mostly on site-specific installations that contain an element of constant change. What is important to me are the dynamics, both between the individual materials of the installation and those between object, space and exhibition visitors. One of the reoccurring themes is the underlying cyclical nature of all elements.
How can sculpture navigate the dialectics between content and form, authenticity and seriality, difference and repetition, organic and mechanical, in the homogenising context of lived experience? Is the medium capable of embodying potentiality?
Having been interested in Hans Haacke’s early works, particularly his interest in system aesthetics, within my work I utilise the architectural potentials of minimalist sculpture to return to the larger question of ‘structure’ and its place in defining and confining human relational complexes.