Lamija Halilagic


I am a professional artist working in Belgrade. I make art driven by the pleasure I find in constructing and deconstructing. My painting practice expended because I became bored with the way I painted before, so I started thinking about what it would be like if the painting itself is just another field of play with the materials, that I can later on use again in different contexts. And that realization changed the way I produce work. So the process itself started to be more important or equally important as the result itself. With this understanding, I went back to collage making (analog and digital) where I can fully practice this obsession of constructing and deconstructing and also play with different kinds of discarded materials such as old magazines, photos, books, catalogs, etc. And somehow naturally, I got into this whole idea of recycled art, and since I have a lot of waste materials on my display, I begin using it to create new art pieces, and all of a sudden I included this garbage into the discussion. It’s been around two years now that I worked in various media around this idea of green art.

I have an MA degree in painting and art theory from Academy of Fine Art in Sarajevo.