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Belen Resnikowski

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My art seeks to generate feelings and emotions in people to remind them of their experience of being human: being fragile and strong at the same time, celebrating both life and death. 

I play with the time and space through the reconstruction and deconstruction of the image and sound, creating new memories, dreamlike sensations, an environment between the conscious and the unconscious, finding the space of union between these dualities.

I work with various media, such as video, collage, animation, and performance. These resources allow me to refect on my own life experiences, how my internal world is related to society, making me wonder about what is established in terms of sexuality, being a woman, the political body, the nostalgia of history, and my spiritual development. I feel that through my closeness I can get closer to others.

Born in La Paz, Bolivia and studied cinematography move to Berlin and am currently study at the Berlin Weisensee School of Art.