Leonardo Rebooted: Open Call for digital art

Artistic fields
Digital, Video, Interdisciplinary, Photography, Visual Arts, Film
5000 EUR grant for artist fee and production
5000 EUR grant for artist fee and production
Da Vinci Labs will be a multi-disciplinary research centre, harmoniously and artistically integrated with its surroundings in the Touraine region of France, which combines three residential blocks and three non-residential laboratories in an avant-garde sustainable complex. This project aims to reconcile technological innovation with sustainable development by creating physical spaces allowing all stakeholders (citizens, entrepreneurs, researchers, industrial and decision-makers) to experiment with technologies that can address the major societal problems of our era. In the spirit of its founding philosophy, Da Vinci Labs is launching LEONARDO REBOOTED, a grant to support the production of Art & Science projects. Aimed to artists and artistic collectives who produce ground-breaking artworks at the intersection of Art and Science. Da Vinci Labs aims to engage critical contemporary issues and topics, and promote the experimentation and innovation of Art & Science practices. FORMS AND GUIDELINES: https://quoartis.org/
Touraine region, France
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Jury Members
Mónica Bello
Eduardo Kac
Manuela de Barros
Álvaro Véliz Osorio
Tatiana Kourochkina
Oron Catts
Vid Simoniti
Xavier Aubry
Nadège Grabowski
Previous Winners