With a shared interested in investigating the nature of images and their changing associations, artists Nicole Kouts and Gabriel Pessoto decided to collaborate. The result is the work “trocando figurinhas“, which was selected by curator Brunno Silva as one of two winning projects in our open call competition, “Correspondence”.

Gabriel Pessoto studied cinema and visual arts in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and his work has been featured in numerous exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. Nicole Kouts received a BA in visual arts from Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo (2018), where she is currently studying set and costume design as a postgraduate course. Her work has also been featured in a number of festivals and exhibitions in virtual and physical space. The two artists met during the residency program 2º Temos Vagas! at Ateliê 397 in São Paulo, Brazil, earlier this year.

In our recent open call, we wanted to showcase the power of collaboration. In their submitted project, “trocando figurinhas” (2020), Nicole and Gabriel build visual dialogues from a sequence of digital images, exchanged one at a time. Their performance can also be joined and participated in via a set of instructions created by the artists.