In collaboration with Raum www, we asked our community to share projects that were canceled or postponed due to Covid-19 in our open call, ‘Unseen’. In addition to the first prize winner, Raum www selected nine honorable mentions. Check them out here, with a statement from the jurors.

Honorable Mentions

unseen honorable mentions

Sangheon Kim

Raum www: “We selected this project from Sangheon Kim for his distinctive way of combining shapes of colors clearly showing (groups of) people, yet without depicting them directly nor revealing their actual activity.”

More works by Sangheon Kim.

unseen honorable mentions

Anne Louise Blicher

Raum www: “Anne Louise Blicher deserves a special mention for her approach, with supposed mirroring, combining classical technology and the impression of new media. Is it an Instagram filter, is it a kaleidoscope? It is a painting. It’s hard to tell for sure and that makes it compelling.”

More works by Anne Louise Blicher.

unseen honorable mentions

Lois Harkin

Raum www: “We chose to highlight this project from Lois Harkin for the way she translates her surroundings and the stories she collects into paintings. Her work gives ideas about situations but at the same time leaves space for the visitors’ imagination.”

More works by Lois Harkin.

Ray Ewing

Raum www: “Ray Ewing’s photo series documenting the US-American approach is notable for reproducing ancient constructions as cheap replicas.”

More works by Ray Ewing

Lenia Hauser

Raum www: “We were drawn to Lenia Hauser’s work for the way it transforms urban perception into rough structures and blurred color fields.”

More works by Lenia Hauser.

Naoko Yamane

Raum www: “We very much enjoyed Naoko Yamane’s creative way of combining shapes and lines with figures and adding a second layer through short, poetic text.”

More of Naoko Yamane’s work.

unseen honorable mentions

Abie Franklin

Raum www: “We wanted to call attention to Abie Franklin’s work because of how he questions space, plays with inside and outside and stimulates imagination.”

More works by Abie Franklin.

unseen honorable mentions

Emma Missal

Raum www: “Emma Missal’s work stood out to us for her idyllic and dystopian visual reflection on her home country, put together with paper and magazine cutouts.”

More works by Emma Missal.

unseen honorable mentions

Hanna ten Doornkaat

Raum www: “We really appreciated how Hanna ten Doornkaat takes a neutral grey as her basis and manages to explore a myriad of textures and colors within that.”

More works by Hanna ten Doornkaat.