If you’re interested in the work of young and emerging artists, as well as a dynamic program of exhibitions and events, these 10 international galleries are a good place to look.

Some galleries emphasize that working with artists early in their careers fosters long-term relationships between artist and gallery and the chance to grow together. The same can also be said of collecting work by young and emerging artists. In their tips for starting an art collection, the Royal Academy of Arts discusses getting to know new graduates from major art schools and their work, pointing out: “By building relationships with artists, you become their personal client and will get to hear about new works first.”

An article looking at buying patterns of the world’s top collectors during the pandemic published in ARTnews on October 13, 2020 reported an interest, and urgency, in collecting work by emerging artists. In their survey of the top 200 collectors, buying work by emerging artists was a common thread this year, further ignited by the Covid-19 crisis. Some felt it became especially urgent to support early-career artists due to the economic impact of the pandemic. While others said the shift to online platforms and digital formats helped them discover new artworks and buy more work by emerging artists.

We decided to take a look at some of the galleries focusing on young artists and emerging practices around the world.

Capsule Shanghai

Capsule Shanghai was established in 2016 and is located in a 1930’s garden house in the former French Concession of the city’s central Xuhui District. The gallery, also described as an ‘art laboratory’, places its primary focus on emerging artists, particularly those who have migrated between regions. The roster is made up of artists from China as well as international artists, some of whom had their work presented abroad for the first time via Capsule Shanghai.  

Gallery artist Leelee Chan was featured in the Newly Emerging category of The Artsy Vanguard 2020 — the third edition of Artsy’s annual list of promising contemporary artists. Upcoming exhibitions at Capsule Shanghai include Sarah Faux: Perfect for Her and Anthony Iacono: ‘Body Double’. From 20 – 29th October, Capsule Shanghai will also participate in Paris Internationale with a solo project by artist Huang Hai-Hsin titled PLAYTIME

Isla Flotante

Initiated as an artist-run space in Buenos Aires in 2012, Isla Flotante became an important meeting place for the local art scene, also known for presenting the work of young promising artists. The gallery grew through its participation in international art fairs, and in 2018 settled into a space of its own in the Retiro neighborhood. Over the years, Isla Flotante has maintained its commitment to supporting young artists. Its current roster includes 10 artists, mostly from Argentina and Bolivia. Artists Mariela Scafati and Andrés Pereira Paz are among the participants in the 11th Berlin Biennale — currently on view. 

Isla Flotante also took part in Frieze London 2020 edition online last week, with a solo presentation of Rosario Zorraquín’s sculptural paintings (ranging in price from $4,000 to $6,000).

Dominique Gallery

This Los Angeles-based gallery describes itself as an ‘incubator’ for emerging artists, with a particular emphasis on artists of color, female and queer artists. The storefront and virtual gallery was founded by arts manager and writer Dominique Clayton. 

Dominique Gallery recently presented SPOTLIGHT, a virtual photography series featuring the work of six artists, which unfolded from July through mid-October on Artsy. Through the end of this month the gallery is participating in Other Places Art Fair (OPaf), presenting ‘what was said to the rose’ in collaboration with Push Projects.

Galerie Anton Janizewski

Founded in 2018 in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Galerie Anton Janizewski supports the work of young contemporary artists. Galerie Anton Janizewski is part of BerlinViews, a solidarity initiative for the Berlin gallery scene that was launched earlier this year in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Currently on view through the end of the month is a group show curated by Mazlum Nergiz, titled Splintered subjects along the margin, featuring works by Manuela De Laborde (Mexico), Jenny Berger Myhre (Norway), Heiko-Thandeka Ncube (Germany/Zimbabwe), Mazlum Nergiz (Germany), and Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese (Lesotho). 

Nicholas Warburg, BRDigung. Photo: Sascha Herrmann.


VinVin is a Vienna-based gallery focused on emerging international practices. The gallery was founded in 2016 by Naples-born Vincenzo Della Corte, a former orchestral conductor and violinist — a connection that comes into the program through musical terminology, like CONTRAPPUNTO, the name of the gallery’s project space. Incorporated into the main gallery space but programmed independently of it, the project space is realized by artist Martin Hotter, one of the long-term collaborators on the gallery’s roster of Vienna-based artists. 

VinVin participated in the Vienna gallery festival curated by last month, and is taking part in Artissima 2020 next month, with a solo presentation by Ida Szigethy. This week Lewis Stein, Works Since 1971 also opens at the gallery.

First Floor Gallery Harare

FFCH is an artist-led gallery based in Harare, Zimbabwe, which also describes itself as an educational space — comprising a program of workshops and talks, as well as a first solo exhibition residency for emerging artists based in Africa. The gallery was founded in 2009 by music manager Marcus Gora and art educator Valerie Kabov, with the mission to support emerging artists from Zimbabwe in the development of their careers in the international arena. 

Over the years, the gallery has become a central venue for art events in Zimbabwe, gaining international recognition as well, through its participation in fairs and exhibitions. The gallery currently works with a roster of Zimbabwean and international artists. This year, FFCH participated in Investec Cape Town Art Fair, as well as ARCOLisboa Online, where it presented works by Gresham Tapiwa Nyaude, Richard Butler-bowdon, Troy Makaza, Pebofatso Mokoena, and Julio Rizhi.


Emalin was founded in 2016 in Shoreditch, London by Angelina Volk and Leopold Thun, with a focus on emerging multidisciplinary practices. Early on, the gallery participated in a number of art fairs — including the Live section of Frieze London, as well as Miart in 2016 — quickly establishing a strong international presence.

The gallery is currently presenting a solo exhibition, What is your |x|?, featuring new works by Vietnam-born, Berlin- and London-based artist Sung Tieu, who was also selected for the Newly Emerging category of The Artsy Vanguard 2020. Emalin also participated in Frieze London online last week, with a duo presentation featuring new sculptures by Daiga Grantina (€ 11,000 to € 12,000) and paintings by Nicholas Cheveldave (£ 3,500 to £ 5,500). In addition, their collaboration with Alvaro Barrington, taking the form of a performance series, was featured in the frame of LIVE — Frieze London’s showcase for Live Art and sound.

Emalin, Frieze Week 2020. Photo by Linda Nylind. Courtesy of Linda Nylind/Frieze


Based in Shanghai, AIKE aims to introduce contemporary Chinese artists to a global audience, and vice versa. The gallery works with early-career artists, building long-term relationships in the process. Founded in 2005 by Roberto Ceresia and initially based in Palermo, AIKE opened a branch in Shanghai in 2008. Currently based in the Xuhui district — now the gallery’s sole location — AIKE is co-owned and directed by Adrian H. Wang.  

For Frieze London 2020 edition, the gallery presented a recent two-channel video by Li Ran, titled Somewhat Abstract, Somewhat Realistic, as well as a series of new paintings by the artist — a number of which were sold over the course of the fair’s run.

Ada\ Contemporary Art Gallery

This one’s brand new — ADA\ Contemporary Art Gallery opened its doors on October 15, 2020, in Accra, Ghana. The gallery is initiated by contemporary African art advisor Adora Mba, with a focus on emerging artists from Africa and its diaspora. Through its program, the gallery seeks to offer opportunities for early-career artists to present their work, bringing it to the international market, while supporting the contemporary art scene in Ghana and beyond and bolstering its position in the global arena. 

The gallery’s exhibitions are to take place physically, as well as virtually — through multimedia online offerings. The inaugural exhibition is a solo show by Nigerian artist Collins Obijiaku, titled “Gindin Mangoro: Under the Mango Tree”, which is on until November 19.

Christian Andersen

Founded in 2010, Christian Andersen is based in Copenhagen and works with emerging international and Danish artists. Along with Oslo-based gallery VI, VII, Christian Andersen initiated the booth-free June Art Fair in Basel last year, as a less-hectic, experimental alternative, and a platform to promote the work of emerging and under-recognized artists. This year, the fair’s second edition took place online, in partnership with Hauser & Wirth and ArtReview. Christian Andersen also participated in Frieze London 2020, with new paintings by Julia Haller (ranging from €7,000 to €9,500) and photographic works by Lasse Schmidt Hansen (ranging from €3,800 to €5,400). The gallery’s next exhibition, a Rolf Nowotny solo show, opens on November 20.

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