We put out a call for submissions on the theme of Transformation. Here’s part one of our article series featuring selected projects.

Read Everything Flows by Yaroslavna Sychenkova and The Butcher, The Baker And Margaret: The Maker by Ellen Kenyon Peers, and check out photographic manipulations by Superultraextra Art-Duo, a sound sculpture by Juan Hurlé, a performative research project by Sarah Ama Duah, kinetic fiber art by Michelle Rinow, and wearable art by Svetlana Ochkovskaya. The header photo is by Steve Braun.

Everything Flows

Everything flows in constant motion.
Like little particles
We flow
In a vast ocean of endless possibilities.

You flow and I flow and
at a light speed
we clash and merge into a bright explosion–

the night sky is lit by that light of beauty love devotion

and that same moment
we fall apart
like little particles in slow motion.

And years pass until that light lands on earth,
years of fog and dust
years of commotion
in which everything still flows
but we don’t see each other –
just a blurry notion
of what that light was.

Then the dust settles
So only light remains
And we see each other again.
There are traces of erosion on our faces
But they are lit.
I see marks of my body on yours.
And the change reveals itself irreversibly.

So we stay there for a moment
Admiring that light.
And then

You flow and I flow
And everything flows again ferociously.

Poem by Yaroslavna Sychenkova