Top Projects – 1-7 June

Image by Polina Zinziver

Published 28th May 2020, Written by veronica

What better than some art from our community to bright up your day? This week’s top projects is a selection of paintings, a photographic performance art, a 3D video, and a photo essay.

B Pressure

By Polina Zinziver

The artwork explores the mental and physical pressure exerted on us by the standards of beauty, imposed through the media by the patriarchal society

A videoart made for an Digi_Gal Berlin exhibition “Interactive Identities” (

Sound by Davyd Blast.

Top Projects – 1-7 June
Top Projects – 1-7 June

Taking Time

By Simay Keles

I must admit being an artist in isolation was a blessing to me.
All the efforts, expectations, force , fear of embarrassment or failure just fall away in the face of a global crisis.
Taking a break of everything leaving only what is truly important.

Top Projects – 1-7 June

The Extension of My Body

By Ellen Gilbert

Photographic performance and video: ‘I wanted to capture my personal feelings of anxiety in having to navigate continuously through technology in our digital environment. How I feel trapped in my habitat such as the suffocating pressure of presenting your identity online to others. The performative experience of physicalising these invisible facets for the camera/video camera left me with an enormous feeling of satisfaction in visually expressing how I felt internally.’ 2018.

Top Projects – 1-7 June

Waiting Room 

By Simon Bervet

Waiting Room express an idea of being hold in a place, waiting for someone. Time goes by and people aren’t moving, the trace of different moments abolish the painting. It also reflects an era of people watching other, putting on her best “outfits”. This project have multitude character in living room, with basic furnitures and they all ask something, when will this move one?

Top Projects – 1-7 June

Unobtainable Rest, a Photographic Essay

By David Leshem

In this essay the images hover between reality and concepts to examine the way in which we view the world, our dreams and imagination fuelled by drives and desires. At the same time it intends to give the viewer space to delve into their own imagination and thus continue the story.

The domestic habitat is the ultimate known and therefore a context of uncertainty carries much more weight symbolising a rupture between the subject and the context.

The questions asked by the images in this essay are no longer about people, who seem to have vanished, but about its very raison d’être.

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