Top Opportunities – 25-31 May

Published 25th May 2020, Written by veronica

This week’s selection of top opportunities from our platform includes calls for a residency, an online curation program, a festival, and more. Some of them have close deadlines, so pay attention!

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Top Opportunities – 25-31 May

Call for Artists in Residence

Call for Residency | Biofaction is seeking applications for new Artist in Residence programmes. Four artists will be invited to work for four to six weeks at various laboratories across Europe. The residencies will start in Fall 2020 and will conclude in May 2021.

For each artist, a stipend of up to 7000 € is provided by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation projects MADONNA, NEWCOTIANA and SINFONIA. It covers travel, local expenses, living allowance as well as (partial) support for the production and showcasing of the artistic prototype or finished work.

Deadline: 30.06.2020

Organizer: Biofaction KG

Photo Contest

Call for Contest | Starting from next week 25th May, PURPLEHAZE invites you to take part in a creative photography contest with fashion photographer Katya Wrapped supported by PURPLEHAZE Magazine, photo curator Irina Rusinovich, and

3 weeks and 3 tasks:
1.Fashion / Beauty / Art self-portrait,
2.Face Time / Zoom shooting,
3.Mixed Media photography (Collage, Digital etc).

Deadline: Weekly deadlines from 25.05.2020 to 14.06.2020.




Top Opportunities – 25-31 May

“Art and the Post-pandemic Condition” 

Call for online curatorial program and support grant | WCSCD is launching a one-month online program from July 15th to August 15th reflecting on the post-pandemic condition that we are slowly entering into. Through a series of workshops, the curatorial program will open discussions on how our work as artists and curators will be affected. The mentors leading the program are Maria Lind, Nataša Petrešin Bachelez and Biljana Ciric.

Deadline: 15.06.2020


$1000 Working Artist Purchase Award

Call for Submissions | Working Artist Org. offers an art purchase award to help serious artists keep working. The award is open worldwide to all visual artists, including but not limited to those working in traditional styles, ie., painting, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, sculpture, glass, installation, or with digital/new media, photography and film/video.

Deadline: 31.05.2020

Organizer: Working Artist Org.

Top Opportunities – 25-31 May

Call to Action: Be a Part of the 2020 Spider Festival

Call for Festival | Spider Festival invites artists, thinkers and arts professionals to contribute their project proposals and share a physical space in a natural environment – in compliance with the current set of health precautions – to invest knowledge and time in building a temporary shared space in 3 days of open debates, 20+ performances, 8+ (un)conference sessions and 3 debates on social theory.

Deadline: 27.05.2020

Organizer: Spider Festival

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