You’re an artist wanting to study in Germany’s buzzing capital? Then check out this list of the top art schools in Berlin.

Deutsche Film- und Fehrnsehakademie (DFFB)

At the time it was founded, the DFFB was the first film school in West Germany. Today, it is still one of the best film schools in the country. DFFB works mainly with freelance professors and professionals from the field to give its students a high-quality education in directing, cinematography and producing. The academy gives its pupils the chance to complete several projects for external commissions, thus providing them with highly valuable work experience.

Berlin University of the Arts

Also known as UDK Berlin, this institution is one of the few art schools with full university status. With more than 70 different courses, Berlin University of the Arts ranks among the most diversified universities of the arts worldwide. It is the biggest art university in Germany – one of the largest in the world – and one of the very few that unite art and music in the same institution. Not only does this university provide its students with a high-quality education, but it also gives them a taste of the cultural field by organizing numerous events and making space available for students to present their works.

The Berlin Weissensee School of Art

The Berlin Weissensee School of Art offers a unique approach to education in the arts, as it combines both theory and practice in the learning process. The school offers numerous programmes concentrated on arts and design, and provides its students with several workshops and studios to express their creativity. In order to make sure their graduates are prepared for the challenges of the field and can work across disciplines, all courses offered in the Berlin Weissensee School of Art start with an introduction to basic principles of art and design.

Film School Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

Located in Potsdam – just outside of Berlin, easily accessible by S-Bahn – The Film University Babelsberg became the first German film school to achieve university status in 2014. Also known as Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen, this institution offers courses in a variety of disciplines related to film making, within an environment that promotes teamwork, innovation and craftsmanship. Working closely with the film sector, the Film University Babelsberg provides its students with many unique opportunities for practical experience in the field.

Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin

Founded in 1950 under the name “Deutsche Hochschule für Musik”, Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin offers a variety of bachelor and master courses ranging from voice and direction to woodwind, brass, musicology and composition. The school is known for its practice-oriented education, which provides the students with knowledge based on their individual level. This is achieved by collaborating closely with renowned artists and the biggest cultural institutions in Berlin. The students can also gain experience by participating in the school’s choir, symphony orchestra, numerous music ensembles and various public events.

Lette Verein

Lette Verein is an institution that offers vocational training, with courses like Fashion Design, Photo Design, Graphic Design and Informatics Interactive Animation Design – making it an interesting alternative to academic education. The school values creativity as well as practical knowledge and teaches its pupils to be thorough and professional regardless of their chosen course.

New School for Photography Berlin

The aim of New School for Photography Berlin is to provide students with skills crucial to a successful photography career, regardless of the area they want to work in: artistic photography, coverage, non-fictional photography, fashion photography, etc. Pupils are taught how to execute autonomous projects in a creative and efficient way, not only including mechanical skills like camera and exposure technology, but also valuable knowledge in the fields of copyright and contract law, as well as business administration.

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