In Tomorrow’s Snow (Übermorgen Schnee), photojournalist and artist Sonja Trabandt portrays her best friend A.’s fight against cancer. In still life photographs, anonymous portraits, medical scans, and landscapes, she tells a gripping story about overcoming the worst.

“I remember the exact moment when A. called me to tell me the diagnosis: Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, a very fast-growing, malignant but curable tumor right next to the lungs already 9 cm in diameter. My legs bent, and I burst into tears,” Sonja says. 

Six months after the diagnosis, when it was clear that A. would survive, Sonja Trabandt started documenting the road to recovery. “My friend’s cancer was so overwhelming to me. This project helped me to sort it all out, to distance myself a little and look at everything with an external view for a while, to get the bigger picture of what was happening.”

“Just as I needed the distance to be able to understand the bigger picture, these images might help the outsider to have a sober entrance and to deal with cancer more matter-of-factly without being absorbed in the story of this individual fate.”

The title Tomorrow’s Snow, or Übermorgen Schnee in the original language, is taken from a German children’s song from 1864 that Sonja’s mum used to sing to her when she was sick. “This song promises that, as the seasons change and time goes by, you will be healthy again. By choosing this title, the work turns into a hopeful lullaby. We were all waiting for the day when the snow falls, and A. would be fine again.”