This Week’s Virtual Events From Berlin (a)live

Published 07th Apr 2020, Written by veronica

Not sure what to stream this week? We got your back! Here is our selection of screenings, live music, performances, and other virtual events from Berlin (a)live.



Book Launch: Der Blick der Staatsicherheit – Fotografien der Stasi

What: Presentation by Dr. Philipp Springer’s about the newly published book Der Blick der Staatsicherheit, which portrays DDR in an unusual way through images taken by Stasi, followed by a discussion moderated by Dagmar Hovestädt.

When: 17:00–18:00, 8 April 2020

Language: German

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Films: #DLatHome

What: Directors Lounge is choosing the movie for your movie night.

When: The selection of films is available at all time.

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Documentary: Ich bin Anastasia

What: Film screening of ‘Ich bin Anastasia’, which tells the story of the first transgender woman commander.

When: 20:15–22:00, 9 April 2020

Language: German with English subtitles.

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Live TV: Beige B*tch live from the Beige Nation

What: Take a seat in the live TV show, Beige Nation! As your provocative star and host*, the post-internet icon Beige B*tch scrolls through the saturated reality of her beige world and challenges the (sur-)real fantasy construct of “mixed race” women.

When: 20:00–21:00, 9 April 2020

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Virtual events from Berlin (a)live


Virtual events from Berlin (a)live

Music: Live to silent movies

What: Live music to silent movies – new one every night.

When: 22:00 – 23:00, every night

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Drag Performance: “Paillette geht immer” with Jurassica Parka

What: The Berlin-based Drag Queen, speaks about things you shouldn’t even think about and shares steamy details about this and that.

When: 20:30–21:30, 11 April 2020

Language: German

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Virtual events from Berlin (a)live

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