And now for the final installment in our Taking Time series. Big thanks to everyone who participated in our call for submissions!

Read part two of ‘Anatomy of Time‘ by Nina Hanz, accompanied by Yvonne Lin’s performance, image scans by Karina Petrova, a collage by Marcia Pitch, sculptural work by Katja Deutschmann, photographic works by Simone D’Angelo, Inès Marandon, and Arnas Spakauskas, as well as drawings by Eva Terzoni. The header image is a jewellery design by Patrícia Harsány.

Check out the first installment in the Taking Time series to read the first half of Nina Hanz’s essay and see more projects from the ARTCONNECT community.

Hours passed like days as I reconfigured my internal clock to a new routine of sleeping and waking. My phone read 04:05, but it was not the screen’s blue light that woke me. There was a woman screaming. Her voice echoed down the hallway. It was sudden and the voice was deep, as if it had a life all of its own. Or maybe it was my own pain that had woken me. My body wanted so badly to join in and scream. I wondered if she must have been giving birth, for the screaming continued. We were mirror images of each other, inverted, flipped, and she sounded both close and far away from me. It was not my body, not a woman’s body, it was the body of us all. I tried to suppress my own pain as if it would help her. And I bit my tongue in fear of overburdening the nurses on the night shift.