In our latest call for submissions, we asked our community to explore the theme of ‘Systemic Change’. Here are the seven selected submissions – all reflecting on different aspects of society.

The selected works relate to ‘Systemic Change’ in different ways, from identity-based perspectives in the work ‘Studied Reflection 04’ by Laurène Southe to institutional critique in projects like ‘The Museum: Desktop Museum’ by Olivier and ‘Burning Police Truck’ by Ben Meyer.

So Jin Park explores algorithmic bias in ‘A. Text: a text, algorithmic text, artificial text’, whereas Wanda von Bremen’s photographic work ‘Holisis’ is about reconnecting with nature. 

In the performance piece ‘The Pro Stayer,’ Heesoo Cho is allegorically stuck in a society that keeps pushing some to the ground while elevating others. Kailas Sreekumar‘s piece ‘How to Kill the Fascist in You?’ was conceived as an absurdist response to the ‘milkshaking’ events in the UK 2019, where the artist argues that we all have dangerous structures inside of us.

Read more about each work in their project descriptions; you can also leave a comment and interact with the artists directly on our platform. 

Systemic Change

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