Artists Noor us Sabah Saeed and Ginna Alejandra Vélez Carrasco were selected by curator Brunno Silva as one of two winners in our open call competition ‘Correspondence’ with their work ‘A New Routine – We Need to Draw from Distance to Understand.’

Noor us Sabah Saeed and Ginna Alejandra Vélez Carrasco met during their studies at Bauhaus University Weimar, and have collaborated multiple times since then. In May 2020, they came across our open call competition ‘Correspondence’ and decided to work with each other again.

Based on interactive-performative exercises, their winning project was designed to understand the artists new routines during lockdown and explore new ways of communication from a distance. Sabah Saeed and Vélez Carrasco took this time as an opportunity to exchange ideas and share means of enjoyment, considering the context of each person — for instance, family heritage and folkways.

Video, A New Routine- We Need to Draw from Distance to Understand (2020) by Noor us Sabah Saeed & Ginna Alejandra Vélez Carrasco, Bogotá-Colombia and Karachi-Pakistan.

Congrats! How did it feel when you got the email saying that you were one of the winners of our open call?

Ginna: I was very excited and surprised; there were many participants with good proposals from different disciplines and countries.

Noor: Thank you! It felt very special because it was quite unexpected. I thought that we might not be able to win, but that we might get a special mention from the curator because we responded well according to the theme.


What were your thoughts on the theme ‘Correspondence’?

Ginna: When I saw the call, the first thing that came to mind was the word “collaboration” and to find someone with a common interest, with whom I would create something. I thought of Noor and quickly shared it with her. We have done other projects virtually and have remained in contact despite our distance. We actually haven’t met personally since 2015.

Noor: Due to the COVID-19 situation, the theme ‘Correspondence ‘felt urgent to reflect on. As a self-employed artist, I participate in exhibitions, residencies, and work with local cultural organizations as a consultant in Karachi. Suddenly all the cultural organizations closed their public projects, exhibitions and residencies got canceled. At the end of May, I was supposed to start my fellowship at Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral in Germany, which got postponed for a whole year.

It took me time to absorb and process the situation; there was a stage where I thought: “moving forward, what could be the way to keep connected with the art world locally and globally?” The open call ‘Correspondence’ came as an opportunity to reflect on the situation from a very personal space. And it gave me a chance to work with Ginna again; it has always been a learning opportunity to work with her.