In our latest call for submissions, we asked our community to show us their mixed media projects for a two-part curated article series. In the first part: ‘Mixed Media: The Constructed Self,’ the selected projects create a narrative about identity – on an individual and collective level.

As you scroll through this selection of artworks, think about what shapes our identities as individuals and as a society. Is it our relationships, homes, the things around us, our memories, tragedies, societal expectations, oppressions, belief systems?

Thanks to all featured artists: Wojciech Feć, Karen Navarro, Kendall Pestana, Studio Iris Jacobs, Finn Teesdale, Chen Youli, Lena KrashevkaRafa Arrocha, Martin Müller, Antonio Miucci, Glorija Lizde, Katalin Száraz, Maïté Van Keirsbilck, Pedro Orlando, Anna Wieckowska (Ovska), Arthur Muller, Mustafa Boga, and Jenny Rafalson.