In ‘Message 9574′, artist Annamieke Engelbrecht and architect Anna Mańka initiate a long-distance conversation between the analog medium of painting and three-dimensional digital renderings. Corresponding in this way, they open up different dimensions of a shared abstract visual language. 

The title of the project is a reference to the distance, 9574 km, between the two — Annamieke is based in Cape Town, South Africa and Anna in Eindhoven, Netherlands. They initially connected over Instagram, when Anna undertook an intensive search for contemporary artists to collaborate with in reinterpreting their work in three-dimensional renderings, and vice versa.

The artists were immediately drawn to each other’s work. Annamieke accepted Anna’s proposal right away, recalling, “marvelling at her crisp, clean composition of form and space, my mind going a million miles an hour imagining the possibilities of renders she could create out of one painting of mine.”