New Digital Paradigms with Lucas Gutierrez

by Lucas Gutierrez

Published 26th Mar 2020, Written by veronica

Digital artist and industrial designer Lucas Gutierrez, is  exploring the new paradigms of digital culture. Dealing with subjects like social fears and dystopias with a colorful, chaotic and metaphysic language.

Lucas Gutierrez was doing design work, like flyers and calendars, already in primary school, and since then has spent years exploring different mediums. His diverse portfolio includes art in many forms; from video pieces to audiovisual performances, to 3D models. He’s showed his work at CTM Festival, The New Infinity and held lectures at UDK and Weissensee Hochschule. 

3D scale on red background by Lucas Gutierrez

All artworks in this article by Lucas Gutierrez

Installation by Lucas Gutierrez

How would you define your work?

My work is subversive, casual-ironic, but at the same time, formal and artisan regarding the presence and future of the digital culture.


What does your creative process look like?

My process looks different, depending on the art form. For example, my video pieces and graphics start as digital sketches. I do a lot of these – almost every day.

When I create sculptures, I start modeling in 3D and simulating in a game engine or rendering software. Later on, I manipulate the results through the production processes and the chosen material.

One thing all my creative works have in common, though: no mood boards!


How does your work as an industrial designer influence your art, and vice-versa?

Industrial design gave me the tools, and my art forced me to use them differently. For me, both disciplines collapse perfectly now. 

Pastel 3d artwork by Lucas Gutierrez

In your lectures, you speak about the new paradigms of digital culture – what are they? 

Often, people think that technology has confused everything. I like to bring these topics in my lectures, questioning if technologies are influencing people’s daily routines or vice-versa. New paradigms that I discuss are high digital emotions, privacy in post-privacy days, the idea of working, new digital ethics, and virtual/social validations. I also share the process of my latest projects as an approach to these topics.


Where does your art fit into these paradigms?

I like to point out on our self contained view of reality and how to visualize information (when loops and the random imagery predominates in contemporary art practices).

In the piece, ‘I Need A Break From Shining’ you are focusing on everyday Narcissism, what other social fears can be found in your work?

Some of the most prevalent I see are information overload, virtual hallucinations, short-term dopamine feedback loops linked to social media depression or, satisfaction.

What do you feel are the biggest struggles creatives face today? "We are all suffering from capitalism."

You have showcased your work at the immersive experience The New Infinity in Berlin, what is the process of designing such an art piece like that?

 I created the piece with sound artist Robert Lippok  – we made all the decisions together. After talking a lot about the philosophical aspects of the medium, we divided it into some old optical illusion methods. We also had workshops with the technical team of the planetarium, which helped us to get to know the infinite possibilities and, of course, our limitations. 

I never had a planetarium or an inflatable dome at home as a second screen. So, creating an immersive art piece like that, meant learning to understand the medium at a max, and that takes time. Everything you sketch on your laptop screen is flat. You need to forget the horizon and think omnidirectional.

Audience experience Lucas Gutierrez's art expeerience

Photo: Udo Siegfried

What are the key emotions you want to bring out of your audience when making an experience piece like that?

In times where new devices offer us individual experiences, isolation, and become exclusionary mediums, collective physical experience is the key.


What are you working on at the moment?

I’m preparing a new audiovisual show together with Robert Lippok. It will be an extended live version of our piece Non-Face part of The New Infinity/Immersion last year. Plus, I’m always updating my music album (which never ends).


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