We asked our community to portray life in quarantine. The response was overwhelming; maybe we are all craving a creative outlet right now? There were so many interesting and appealing submissions that we decided to turn it into a series. Here is the first part of our Life in Quarantine Series.

Here you can read Melanie Friedman‘s poetry journal The Big Grief, accompanied by images by Julie Hrnčířová, Marcia Pitch, germana STELLA sebastianelli,  Thiago Matos, Chiara Bruni, portraying portraying life in quarantine.


The Big Grief

[March 15, 2020]


i spit 3 times:




i spit from feet away

Life in Quarantine

Images by Marcia Pitch

[March 16, 2020]


video chats in quarantine:

maybe we will meet


or maybe not



bok choy held tenderly,

taking in the luxury of fresh choices

“it’s not that kind of shop,” he says

(he’s headed to the cans)

i savour it

These Half Full Shelves

This Calm Veneer

panic leaves our mouths a joke

something like a movie,

the world seems to big and too close

i hold my breath to get the mail

Life in Quarantine

[March 21, 2020]


COVID is like a big grief

everybody comes to it in time

similar stages

gentle depression

i sleep too late and think too much



when families scatter

we finds out things that permanent

of art, of trade, “you should be proud”

of love, of worth, of medicine

what will they say one day

when i’m gone and waters had its fill

Life in Quarantine

Image by Thiago Matos

[March 23, 2020]


so many things to fill a day;

partner works,

cat naps,

mother calls but now and then


a movement back to it

slow and sometimes sudden

i fail to keep a schedule



my love,

early on i knew, you

caught up in your time

already declared

gave me your ring, steady

hands and eyes and lips

my strength grew out of blackberries

while you

your kindness leaves a mark

a mark that mars me

makes me unusable 

a lock with just one key